Ways to Slip into a Sound Sleep Straight Away!

In today’s world, we come face to face with hectic schedules, appointments, meetings, work stresses, etc every day. Thus it becomes very important to stay fit and healthy to battle these daily stressors. A good start to a day is dictated by the way your night went. Waking up fresh everyday has a great role in directing the way your entire day will go.

Why having good sleep is so important?

When you take a good sleep in the night, your body gets a boost in immunity and an increase in the capacity to do more work. Your organs maintain good health and you feel lot more energised.

Thus, a good and sound sleep in the night not only recharges you for the next day but also help you achieve all your targets for the day. So, here are your ways to get that good rest while sleeping if you are facing problem falling down to sleep.

1. Make a sleep chart

Try going to bed at the same time every night so that your body gets into a sleep cycle. Following the daily time table, your body automatically sets your biological cycle into a rhthymic sleep pattern. You will automatically get up around same time everyday thus getting a good time in the morning to plan your day.

2. Avoid consuming caffeine after lunch

Cut down on cold drinks, tea and coffee after lunch time. Caffeine keep the brain active as it has a stimulant action on brain. It stays in body for approximately 8 hours after intake. That is time enough to take you away from sleeping in the night.

3. Avoid alcohol

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol within certain time of its consumption starts giving a wake- up call to body as its levels come down. Avoiding it within two hours of sleep should be kept in mind if you are looking for a good rest at night.

4. Quit smoking

Quit smoking

Like caffeine, there is a substance called nicotine which is present in tobacco. So, smoking will stimulate your mind and will keep you restless enough to fall into a good sleep. Research has also shown that non-smokers sleep better and wake up well as compared to non-smokers.

5. Prefer warm milk

Prefer warm milk

Our elders have this tradition of drinking warm milk before sleeping. It helps you fall down to sleep easily. So guys, sip some warm milk at night to fall into a peaceful sleep.

6. No exercise in evening

Though exercise keeps you fit and is good for health but certainly exercising in time before sleeping is not a good idea. Body temperature rises after strenuous exercise and it remains high for some time. This will inhibit your body to easily slip into sleep.

7. Remove bright light sources from your sleeping area

Having bright sneaky lights in your bedroom is a great source of inhibition of sleep activity centre in your brain. You will be deprived of enough sleep hormones released from your brain.

8. Eliminate unnecessary sounds

Noise from loud music sounds from Television, mobiles etc may make you irritable and pose you with a hard time to sleep. Switching off your mobile phones and laptop and remove all such noise from in and around your sleeping area can help you sleep better.

9. Check your night medication

Certain medications are sleep inducers while others act as stimulants for the brain. Keeping a check on the medicines you are taking will help you out of sleeping problems.

10. Say bye to pets at night

Say bye to pets at night

You love your pets but surely your sleep too. As pets can disturb you with the different sounds that they produce like sniffing, scratching their body etc, it is a good idea to keep them away from your bed while you take a calm sleep.

11. Soothing music can be a turn on

A light and soothing music will not only relax and calm your mind but also will trigger your body to easily sync with sleep pattern. 12. Amicable surroundings –

12. Amicable surroundings

Creating a pleasant atmosphere around your can give you a quick and wonderful sleep. Having a quiet and dark area can relax your body and brain.

Also, check that you have a good and comfortable pillow and mattress. Putting a sleep-friendly sprayer in a room at night can be a great aid to slip into relaxing sleep quickly.

13. Bedtime storytime

Yes guys, this we all must have done in our childhood. Listening to a story in bedtime helps you sleep better. With so many gadgets being easily available, you can put on an audiobook from your mobile, tablet etc.

14. Relax and stay calm

Meditation and deep breathing can calm your muscles and help you relax. Just including them into your night time schedule before sleeping can help you drift into a good and deep sleep gradually.

15. Keep a sleep diary

Try making notes of the time you fell asleep, the food you ate before sleeping, the number of times you wake up during the night etc. Tracking your daily activity before and during sleep can give you a fair idea about understanding your body’s sleep pattern.

Night time is the time when you want to shed off all your worries and give rest to your brain and body. So, surely it should be your best time every night. I wish these tips help you in giving your body a good and sound sleep! Have a great sleep time!
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