5 Situations Where Waterproof Heavy-Duty Tarps are Must-Use Items

Polyvinyl chloride tarpaulins are commonly known as “heavy duty tarps” because they’re meant for heavy-duty usage. These industry-grade tarps have very strong construction quality. They feature vinyl coatings that can withstand moisture damage and abrasions. That’s why PVC tarps are most commonly used in the construction industry.

These tarps are used to create temporary shelters against wind, rain, and sunlight at construction sites. They can also be used as groundsheets. Tarps are so strong they’re used to protect building materials like masonry and brickwork at construction sites from weather damage. However, tarpaulins are useful in various situations, not just in construction sites.

In some situations, the use of heavy-duty PVC tarps is mandatory as no other item provides as much protection. Here are five such situations –

Cargo Transportation

A major challenge that all transportation companies face is cargo damage. Weather-related conditions often permanently damage goods that are being transported across long distances. Be it ships or trucks – rainfall, snowfall, or even sunlight damage can ruin the cargo traveling on these vehicles.

To defeat such extreme threats, transportation companies use heavy-duty PVC tarps as protective coverings for their cargo. The tarps completely shield the cargo from external threats. Despite being super-durable, heavy-duty PVC tarps are relatively light and easy to store. They don’t up too much space on the vehicles. But, they offer maximum protection.

Temporary Refugee Shelters

Heavy-duty PVC tarps are very cost-effective items. That’s why refugees or migrants with economic challenges often use them to create protective shelters. For example, the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh have been residing in temporary shelters made of PVC tarps for many years.

Similarly, people who undergo homelessness also use heavy-duty PVC tarps to create temporary shelters. These tarps are waterproof, so they keep people protected in all weather conditions. They’re also widely available. Constructing tents or shelters out of these tarps is also very easy.

Sports Activities

The heavy-duty PVC tarps used in sports stadiums and facilities are typically called “field tarps.” Field tarps have many uses. They can be used to create temporary, on-site shelters. They’re also used to cover sports grounds during rainfall. Tarps used in sporting events and activities are typically very big and can cover entire grounds.

Residential Storage

Although heavy-duty PVC tarps are technically “industry-grade” items, their ease of use makes them very consumer-friendly as well. Many homeowners use heavy-duty PVC tarps in their homes for protective purposes.

  • People who don’t own garage spaces use high-strength tarpaulins to protect their parked vehicles from sunlight damage.
  • While moving, homeowners use heavy-duty PVC tarps to cover the items they’re transporting.
  • PVC tarps also help homeowners protect their household items when they leave their homes for long periods.

Tarps prevent the accumulation of dust/debris on cars or household items. They also prevent sunlight and moisture damage.

Livestock Management

Farm owners in regions that receive extreme rainfall or intense heat/cold frequently use PVC tarps to protect their livestock. They use PVC tarps to create weather-resistant shelters for their livestock.

Even if you don’t find yourself in these situations, owning a PVC tarp always comes in handy!

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