Top 10 Home Remedies For Constipation Relief

Having a problem of constipation is really a hectic thing in life. It is a condition in which a person unable to empty his bowels comfortably. This problem usually exists with hardened feces. In order to get rid of this situation or problem, there are a lot of remedies available in your dwelling. Constipation is not an issue to embrace about and if you are suffering from this situation then you must follow some tips or remedies in order to get rid of this problem. Due to reliving or preventing constipation you can get rid of many other diseases like lower back pain, stomach ache and other.

There are several kinds of things which could help you in getting rid of constipation, but we are highlighting top 10 effective remedies which are as follows:

Olive Oil

Using pure olive oil is a best medicine for those people who are suffering from constipation. Olive oil is tasty and healthy. The texture and consistency of magic olive oil really help to stimulate your digestive system and the waste product stored in your colon easily comes out.Tablespoon of olive oil use really prevents the problem of constipation.


As we all know lemon is one of best vegetable for those who want to get rid of fat but at the same time it is very much effective for the problem of constipation too. According to doctors, research the citric acid present in lemon helps in reliving your stomach emptying bowels.

Remember one thing that, always take lemon with water so that the presence of fluid in your body will help in moving things again.

Use of Molasses

Do you know that use of molasses is one of the best remedies for those who are suffering from constipation? Molasses is an essential element for your stomach problem, but it depends on how it is made it. In order to make it effective for constipation purpose, it should be boiled thrice in which the crystallization occurs but stores sufficient amount to vitamins and minerals which act as a natural cure for your constipation problem.


Coffee is one of the best medicines for your stomach problem. The presence of caffeine in it acts as a stimulant for your digestive system and helps you out in perk up. Remember one thing that, do not overdose the use of coffee because sometimes it can have the reverse effect too. Intake of early morning coffee is very useful for the problem like this.

Exercise/Get Moving

If you really want to avoid the problem of constipation then you should have to perform exercises in order to make your stomach active. Actually, the main reason for having constipation is our lifestyle because everything is limited and we do not move too much. Doing routine exercise will surely help to get smooth muscle in the colon moving as well.  Remember one thing that, do not try to perform heavy exercise after taking your meal.

Maximise the use of Fiber

You must have some experience about hearing experts that balanced diet will help you in preventing constipation. Our body digests natural things fast than artificial things. Fiber is an essential element for our body, our body unable to digest fiber easily but it acts as a sponge in our body and helps to clean our bladder. In the meantime, fibre collects water from the surrounding due to which our stool become softens and it comes out easily. There are a lot of vegetables & fruit which are rich in fibre like Beans, Berries, and Apricots, broccoli, nuts and lots more.

Aloe Vera

You must be shocked that how Aloe Vera could relieve constipation? Basically, it is very well known for acne, cuts & burns but in the meantime, it is very beneficial for those who have the constipation problem. The Gel which comes directly from the plant is more beneficial than processed Aloe Vera. In order to get rid of this problem, must take 2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera juice by mixing the Gel in water or any kind of fresh juices. Consume this juice in the early morning in order to achieve the best result.

Baking Soda

The use of baking soda is not just limited to cakes and other bakery items. This item is also very useful for your constipation problem. The composition of baking soda will help in relieving your stomach aches and constipation problem up to 95%. The presence of bicarbonate in it will surely help you out in release trap air inside your body due to which your stool comes out easily.


Prunes juice or Prunes is an essential thing which helps in preventing your constipation. This fruit has a high content of fibre and works as a laxative. It also contains sorbitol which helps in soften your bladder. So if you really want to get rid of constipation problem then must use this useful fruit as a cure.

Healthy Bacteria

This must be shocking to you that how bacteria help in relieving constipation problem. According to doctoral research, healthy gut flora bacteria are an essential source for relieving constipation. In our routine life, we consume sugar and lots of processed foods and these healthy bacteria eat those artificial foods and help to relieve constipation.

You can intake these healthy bacteria via yoghurt. So in order to get rid of this hectic problem, you must eat yoghurt in your routine life. You can consume it in your breakfast or in your lunch.

The perfect amount of yoghurt is from 1 to 3 cups.

These are some effective and highly workable remedies for your constipation problem. There are lot more things which surely helps you out in preventing constipation. So, do not embarrass on your problem and no need to go for a doctor. Just follow the basic rules and sources mention above and you can get rid of constipation up to 99%.


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