Tarte Tartelette 2 in Bloom Palette – Reviews & Swatches (Updated Jan,18)

Every girl nowadays uses eyeshadows but finding that perfect eyeshadow palette which gives you all the shades you wish to wear on your eyes can be a challenge. But girls, we have this one palette named Tarte tartelette 2 in Bloom Palette for you which is nothing less than a jackpot as it fulfills all your desires of getting a palette with such gorgeous shades.

Here we will discuss the review of my favorite eyeshadow palette that is Tartelette in Bloom Eyeshadow Palette. The product named Tarte Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow palette had an earlier release in 2014 which had great matte shades. The palette was announced after that and has almost the same shades. Then what makes it unique and why should you try this one out? Let’s check it out in this articles. Be it the shades, packaging, colors, swatches or the pros and the cons we’ll discuss every bit of the palette.

Tarte Tartelette 2 in Bloom Palette

The new Tarte tartelette 2 in Bloom Palette for spring was launched in 2016 at Ulta.com. It is a new version of Tartelette Amazonian clay palette which ad warmer eyeshadow shades.
The initial one was all about matte pinks, purples, and creams whereas, the new palette contains richer, warmer shades of creams, taupe, and browns, in a miscellaneous collection of finishes including metallic and mattes. This palette has the same structure as earlier one and has 12 eyeshadow shades, but the design is different as this time it is decorated with magnificent and eye-pleasing floral designs in a watercolor-like print. The format is something that is rare to find in eyeshadow palettes, and this palette has got that.

About the product

This palette is an eyeshadow palette with 12 brand-new shades in a mix of lustrous and matte shades. This palette costs you around $45, and each shade of shadow is of the same size that is 0.053 oz. Listed below are the shades you will get in this palette:

Tarte Tartelette 2 in Bloom Palette

• Rebel (chestnut brown)
• Smoke show (black brown)
• Activist (dark brown)
• Smarty Pants (tan)
• Firecracker (bronze copper)
• Jetsetter (warm taupe)
• Rocker (shimmering taupe)
• Flower Child (peachy nude)
• Funny Girl (champagne)
• Sweetheart (peach)
• Charmer (off-white)
• Leader (aubergine)

What It Does and What Makes It Unique

The optimum ratio of matte-to-shimmer shades makes this palette stand out and makes it unique. Simply make your eyes look exquisite by using this palette with 12 on-trend shades. It has nine gorgeous mattes and three shimmery lusters which makes you capable of creating that magic in your eyes and make them look stunning and alluring.

This time the palette also looks appealing as it has a beautiful floral design. Simply pick your favorite shadow to and create your own blended bold smoldering eye or the subtlest looks for any event. This palette also includes a step-by-step guide for creating different looks be it a vibrant eye, glamorous eyes to Smokey eye.

If you are a makeup lover, then you must be knowing that majority of palettes available in the market offer a lot of shimmery shades, with a very few shades of mattes sprinkled in. Nowadays we don’t like shimmers blended up to our eyebrows and ladies are more into mattes. So if you are also a matte lover than this palette is for you to create that classy yet straightforward looking eye. There are palettes which are entirely matte, but that does not give you the freedom to explore more and girls we definitely need something which has both so that we can play with our eyes.


This palette is unique in every way be its fantastic set of eyeshadows or the packaging. We have never seen a palette look this beautiful as it is stylish and we just love the delicate flower petal print. This design makes this palette look girls, very feminine and makes you feel pretty when you carry it with yourself. We like the earlier version as well as it had a minimalistic approach but after looking at this palette, you will seriously enjoy the floral burst and definitely love its presentation. And the best part is you can quickly recognize the shade you want as the name of each shadow is there below each shade. This palette also has a mirror which makes it an ideal choice while traveling.

Tarte Tartelette 2 in Bloom Palette

The outer case of the palette is made of hard plastic and has a limited range hinge so that mirror stands on its own without having to hold it. This feature makes this an ideal choice for doing makeup on the go. The measurements of the palette are 4×4.75 inches and are 0.5 inches thick. The size is compact and still gives you a variety of options within neutral color family making it perfect to carry anywhere with you. The case closes appropriately, and you don’t have to bother about it opening up in the bag. The packaging is super durable, and there are no chances of breakage of the palette.

We like the way the shades are arranged in the pair of fours, and they are in a sequence which can match up to create a perfect look. You need not think which shades to mix and match to create a look. There is a look card as well which comes with the palette which has the instructions to create and experiment with different looks.

Texture of Tarte tartelette 2 in Bloom Palette

Tarte has been known for its quality of product that they lived up to the expectations of many. The eyeshadows are super smooth and have a beautiful & silky texture. Not just matte but the shimmery shades do not feel too gritty and are easy to use. The shimmers are good, but the matte shades are irresistible. The matte shades work well alone but work best when applied over the primer. The shadows in the palette last for long time on lids without any creasing. These eyeshadows are tried & tested with different eyeshadow primers, and they go very well along with them. The blending ability is superb, and none of the colors stuck to the eyelid or refuse to move. At times it happens when you blend an eyeshadow it vanishes into the skin and seems like nothing is applied, but this is not the case with this palette.

Shade and Pigmentation

The original Tartelette palette had more cool tones and all matte shadows; however, the new palette in Bloom has neutral-warm tones as it has warmer shades and has three shimmery shades so that one can experiment with their eye makeup. These shades will give you the versatility to wear them for special occasions.

Tarte Tartelette 2 in Bloom Palette

Trust me you can never have these many mattes as when ladies create an eyeshadow look they wish to use some matte brow bone highlight, a matte crease shade, a matte transition shade, a dark matte outer corner shade and a shimmery lid color or inner highlight. Click here to check the eyeshadow basics everyone should know.

Basically, ladies prefer to use more matte shades than shimmers, but mostly palette has more shimmers and fewer mattes. But ladies here are the eyeshadows range which is the one-stop solution that matches all your needs as this palette features an impressive array of matte shades to blend, layer along with the trio of shimmers to choose to add the pop to your eye.

Row1 (Cool Colors)

Tarte Tartelette 2 in Bloom Palette

The first row of the palette consists of four cool toned colors. Starting from left to right the colors include Charmer, Jetsetter, Rocker, and Smoke show. You can refer the above swatches for figuring out the shades. They are pretty true to color.

Listed below is some more detailing about the colors in the first row:

Charmer (Off-white shade)

This color is a light colored matte shade which is creamy white. This color is excellent for highlighting the inner corners of eye and also the brow bone. From appearance, it may feel a bit chalky and dusty, but still, it blends well into the skin when used. However, the Pigmentation is decent but, not as good as some of the other shades in the palette.

Jetsetter (warm taupe)

It is also a matte shade which of warm taupe-y brown color, it has fantastic pigmentation and texture. It works well as a crease or as a transition.

Rocker (shimmering taupe)

This is amongst the three shimmery shades which are present in the palette. This is an elegant greyish taupe with a frosty sheen. Although it is a shimmery shade, it does not look glittery or shimmery on the eyes. It simply catches the light and makes your eyes pop. This one is an ideal choice for night parties to add that pop to your eyes in the party lights. The pigmentation of the shadow is good, and it makes it an excellent choice for lid cover.

Smoke show (black brown)

This one is a sexy color, and if you are a fan of Smokey eye then you can use this shadow to get the look. It is also great to use for lower lashes to complete the look. This is a deep brown based black eyeshadow which has excellent pigmentation. If you want to have a deep pigmentation, then you may have to use it a couple of times. As compared to others it has a dry feel and it bit stiff when you check the swatch.

Rocker and Jetsetter are one of the best out of these four shades. These two will make you fall in love with the look you’ll get in your eyes after using them. Both of them are super pigmented and buttery and are not dusty. They thoroughly blend on the skin, and you can play with them by mixing matching them with other shadows as they go very well with them.

Row 2 (Warm colors)

Tarte Tartelette 2 in Bloom Palette

This row has all the warm toned colors, in this row you have a matte medium crease shade, a dark matte eyeshadow, a matte highlight shade and a mid-toned shimmery shade.

Listed below is some more detailing about the colors in the second row:

Flower Child (peachy nude)

This shade is a warm shade of pink undertone. You can use this shadows to set your primer or also hide harsh lines of eyeshadows. Despite being chalky, it is easy to use. The pigmentation of this shadow is not as good as the charmer, and also it does not show up well on the skin. It works excellent if used as pre-transition shade when you want the extra spark to your look. This shade is the bit dark to use it as a highlight.

Smarty Pants (tan)

This is a warm orange based tan shade. This shadow works best as the transition color for warm looks. You need not use the shadow heavily in layers to show up, and the pigmentation is also okay. This shadow works best as a crease shade and trusts me it will become your favorite. The texture of this shadow is same as the jet-setter, and it blends in so smoothly to skin that it creates a perfect gradient look.

Firecracker (bronze copper)

This is the second shimmery shade present in the palette. This is a fantastic bronze copper shade with a golden touch. It is excellent all over the lid color, and the pigmentation is also excellent. This is a gorgeous shade of bronze and has a similar feel as of rocker.

Activist (dark brown)

This is A deep dark brown color. This shade is similar to Smoke Show, but the only difference is that it has more brown than black. It is also used to create Smokey eyes, and this one is the stiffest of all shades available in the palette.

Row 3 (Rosy colors)

Tarte Tartelette 2 in Bloom Palette

Funny Girl (champagne)

This is the Third and last shimmery shade present in the palette. This one does not seem like a flashy one instead, a beautiful, subtle, natural-looking light shimmery gold-champagne color with a frosty finish. This one is perfect to use for inner corners highlights. The intensity of shimmer can be increased with multiple layers as the pigmentation of this shadow is quite ok. When you apply this with a finger, the shimmer blends well with the skin. This can be used with other eyeshadows and make a good overlay. Some people don’t like this shadow much, but I love using it.

Sweetheart (peach)

This one is A warm peach shade. This shadow is Similar to smarty pants when it comes to pigmentation and performance, and this can also be used as transition and crease shade. I would have to say this that Sweetheart is the best eyeshadow in this row, as it not just makes a pretty transition shade but also its texture is so smooth that you will love it just like the jet-setter. Whenever you feel like you want a delicate rosy look for your eyes, go for this one.

Rebel (chestnut brown)

This one is an alluring earthy reddish brown shadow which is perfect for creating warm looks. Talking about the pigmentation and texture both are just great. Rebel is an appealing terra cotta color. When you dip your finger in this shadow, you can feel the smoothness, and the way it blends into your skin is just fantastic.

Leader (aubergine that is a color of purple)

This shade is a more in-depth sister shade of rebel and not exactly the shade of aubergine. This shadow has more of brown and burgundy undertones instead of red. The pigmentation is excellent and can be used as an eyeliner using a small brush; it will go on as opaque as a liquid liner would. The texture of this shadow is quite stiff, and one may have to scrub at it to get a reasonable amount of color off of it. The color looks powdery and patchy even after blending nicely.

Use these shadows with an eye primer to extend their wear. After using these shadows, you won’t notice much creasing or fading and lasts for about 7-8 hours for me.

Pros of Tarte tartelette 2 in Bloom Palette:

• This is a Beautiful palette with a generously sized mirror
• This one is very Easy to carry, travel ready and is very Lightweight.
• It Has a perfect mix of matte and shimmery shades.
• Almost all the shades have great pigmentation.
• The texture of matte eyeshadows is very smooth and silky to use and touch. Due to an excellent texture, it’s quite easy to apply them and blend them.
• There are a lot of warm tones which are simply appealing and flattery.
• There is no sort of harsh chemicals. Absolutely cruelty-free and paraben free.
• The shadows have a sweet chocolate scent in them which is very attractive.

Tarte Tartelette 2 in Bloom Palette

Cons of Tarte tartelette in Bloom Palette:

• The shades “Charmer” and “Flower Child” are not that well pigmented and has a dusty and chalky texture.
• The shade “Smoke show” and “Activist” are almost alike reducing the variation of shades.

Final Verdict:

You will surely love this palette more than the original one because of some excellent reasons. The recommendation and you people buying it or not depend on the choice of color family and undertones you like. But personally, I am more inclined to it as it has warm shades and the shimmery shades make it more versatile to use. The original one lacked this versatility.

Be it the original Tarte or this one; you won’t be disappointed as the quality of shadows you will get is something fabulous. There are some fantastic shades that the original Tarte offered in the past palettes, but in this new one, the variations of shades are good with no exact duplicates or similar shadows. Few of them, are real standouts like firecracker and flower child.

The mattes by Tarte are super silky and are truly fabulous, and the game-changing that is the reason ladies love Tarte this much. If you are a self-proclaimed shimmer lover, then Tarte has these three shades for you that are Rocker, Firecracker (metallic satiny shade bronze-copper), and Funny Girl which is a frosty shimmer. You will love working with this matte shadow formula of Tarte. The original palette’s eyeshadows were dense whereas in this one they are bit silkier and powdery. But don’t worry as this does not make your eyes look dry or chalky. You can use shade “Leader” to draw crease with an eyeliner brush “Jetsetter” as a transition shade, mix of “Rocker and “Funny Girl” on the lid, “Activist” on the outer V and “Charmer” to highlight. Trust me after this the look you will get will be nothing less than that of a star.

Tarte Tartelette 2 in Bloom Palette

Even if you own the original Tartelette Palette, don’t hesitate to consider this one as this is different from the previous one and you will like it. The original was cooler, sheerer, and fresher whereas Bloom Tarte is more about combining, mixing matching and creating warmer nude looks. So it’s not an extended version of the original and stands on its own. If you love nude looks, then use bloom tartelette as you can try out different finishes by combining matte with metallic shades on lids making your eyes look exquisite. You can also use them for contouring and stand out from others with these marvelous shades.

All in all, Tarte Tartelette 2 in Bloom Palette features an extended shade and texture range that’s sure will please you if you are a makeup lover. All you are getting is good quality shadows with a durable packaging and beautifully decorated palette. Carry it with you always and create looks with the warm, natural nude shades of eyeshadow. The Tarte Tartelette 2 in Bloom Palette can be purchased at Ulta, Sephora and most of the stores where Tarte products are sold.

We believe it is entirely worth a try as you will love the layout, the color selection, the beautiful packaging, the sweet scent almost everything. It is appealing to all its fan and buys one for yourself.

Stay beautiful by creating those gorgeous eyes using Tarte and don’t forget to send us your reviews on the product.

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