Swarna Bhasma – An Incredible Ayurvedic Product For Overall Well Being

From ancient times, Ayurveda has proven itself for every treatment. Whether it is the cure to any disease or increasing immunity, the instant relieving allopath took it over. But due to their significant side effects, allopath is considered harmful. From the past five years, considering all the consequences, people are fascinating more towards Ayurveda. Ayurveda not only provides medication to disease but also eliminates its root cause. But recently in these CoViD times, Ayurveda has played a significant role in boosting immunity. One such Nootropic Immunomodulatory Ayurvedic preparation is Swarna Bhasma. Let’s have a look over how and wherever it works?

What is Swarna Bhasam?

Swarna Bhasam is an ayurvedic preparation made from pure gold. It acts as a great immune booster. This gold ash is a highly effective treatment for a wide range of disease. You can take this ayurvedic preparation along with various adjuvants. When mixed with other medicines and herbs, it boosts their effectiveness. In ancient times it was highly used for detoxification and as anti-venom.

Ayurvedic procedures prepare it; firstly the gold is purified by using lime juice or other decoction. Then along with mercury powder, it is heated deep in a pit for about ten times. This leads to conversion of gold plates into ash or powdered form. Swarna Bhasam is a boon to Indian medicine provided by Ayurveda.

What are the benefits of Swarna Bhasma?

Swarna Bhasma is a drug with numerous benefits. It has antitoxic, anti-viral, antibacterial, anti-microbial, nervine toxin, anti-rheumatic and immunomodulatory properties. Collectively, it works on all body organs and improves their overall physiology. It, along with another adjuvant, can be used to treat various diseases. It can be prescribed in the following conditions;

High Fever and Tuberculosis (T.B.)

Swarna Bhasam acts as a potent antibacterial agent. It works against the bacteria tubercular bacilli, which is responsible for T.B. disease. This is highly effective to revive the patient in the first two stages of the disease as it reduces the symptoms caused by it. It cures the high fever, muscle loss, and weakness. On the other hand, it increases immunity to prevent it from other aggravating factors.

It is recommended not to give high doses in case of high fever. As the killing of T.B. bacteria releases toxins which leads to high fever. So this slow process will keep the temperature high during its action.


Swarna Bhasma has been proved an anti-cancerous drug by several research types in tumours and cancer cases. One can consume it before surgery, after surgery and post radio or chemotherapy. This ayurvedic drug deprives the growth of the cancer cells. It increases the immunity to fight against the unwanted body tissues. Modern medications have done further researches to use gold for this treatment.

Anaemic disorders and purification of blood

Due to its antitoxin properties, Swarna Bhasam is used for purification of blood. Several toxins are released in the body by the digestion process and other body systems. Microbial infections also release such toxins in the human body. To get rid of these toxins, ayurvedic physicians recommend Swarna Bhasam to cure. So, Swarna Bhasam purifies the blood and maintains blood productions, thus curing anaemic disorders. Also, read about an ayurvedic tonic for females; Dashmularishta here.

Heart-related disorders

Swarna Bhasma is also advisable to cure heart disease like Angina Pectoris and cardiac weakness. It strengthens the heart muscles preventing the heart from myocardial ischemia. This drug also improves the blood circulation and reduces atherosclerosis or any spasm of coronary arteries. This reduction of obstructions will cure Angina Pectoris.

Mental disorders

Swarna Bhasam reduces the inflammation of the brain. It also works as an antidepressant. It is advisable to take along with Mukta Pishti in such problems. Its antioxidant properties relieve you from mental stress. This product helps increase memory and concentration. It retards the growth of Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease.


When taken with Punarnawa, this drug becomes best for the eyes. Inflammation of Conjunctiva of the eye leads to conjunctivitis. This leads to watery discharge, redness, itching and burning sensations in eyes. It cures conjunctivitis and also improves eyesight.

Men’s health

Swarna Bhasma improves the physical strength and endurance of the body. Thus also increases the musculature. It also strengthens the muscles of reproductive organs in males and prevents impotence. When taken with Bhringaraj Swaras, it improves the sperm count and motility, curing infertility.

Women’s health

When taken along with Ashwagandha Churna, this drug works as a uterine tonic. It cures the uterine weakness by strengthening the muscle of the uterus. It is also beneficial to cure infertility in females.

Skin related problems

As this drug purifies the blood and improves its circulation, it leads to glowing skin and enhances its complexion. It reduces wrinkles, blackheads and acne, leading to a beautiful face. Additionally, you can use it to cure skin disease like Psoriasis and Eczema.

Are there any side effects of Swarna Bhasma?

No, there are not any side effects of the drug. It is one of the safest drugs to be used against modern gold salts. But if you take inappropriate doses of the drug, then it may cause problems. It can cause abdominal pains and bloating if taken in excess. Its higher concentration in the body can also cause damage to body organs. So you should consult its duration and doses with the doctor.

On the other hand, keeping the dose aside, the drug consumed should be pure and prepared by suitable ayurvedic technique. The raw and impure drug will have opposite actions. It may cause damage to the physical strength and endurance of the body. This will lead to the origin of another disease.

Is it safe to take Swarna Bhasma every day?

Answer to this most common question is a big yes. As this is an immunity-boosting drug, you can consume it daily. But always take care of the doses, you should consume the appropriate dose. Its duration of the course is different from different disease. But its general intake can be regular. But it is always advisable to consult an ayurvedic physician before its use.

How long does it take for Swarna Bhasma to work?

Swarna Bhasam is a metal mineral-based medicine. It works on the mechanism of ion absorption by the body and blood. So it depends on the dose of the drug given. It starts working as soon as it dissolves into the blood. You will feel well from the day you start consuming. But to get the visible results, you should have to consume it minimally for one week. It will increase your physical strength and immunity.

When should you take it, in the morning or at night?

One can consume Swarna Bhasma both in the morning and night. It is advisable to take it at breakfast time, in the morning or before bed, in the night. But you should take it at least 30 minutes before the meal or 2 hours after the meal. Its dosage frequency is twice daily. You can consume it two times a day. But one should consult an ayurvedic physician to get a suitable course of the medicine as its dosage frequency can vary according to a specific problem.

But according to classical Ayurveda texts, the use of Bilwa (Aegle marmelos) fruit during this course is highly prohibited. Click here to read about an unbelievable health drink which boosts your energy and stamina.

Dosage of Swarna Bhasma?

The dosage of Swarna Bhasam depends upon the body strength and weight of the individual.

  • As per the classical ayurvedic texts, its dosage lies between 8th and 4th parts of 1 Ratti (125 mg). So, effective dose lies from minimum 15.625 mg to maximum 31.25 mg.
  • As per body weight, its lowest effective dosage is 0.05 mg per kg to 0.1 mg per kg of body weight (Twice a day).
  • Maximum possible dosage for adults is 125 mg per day in divided doses.
  • For children, it varies from 0.5 mg to 1 mg per kg of body weight.

Anupan (adjuvant) to take Swarna Bhasma

For specific disease, Swarna Bhasam should be consumed with a specific adjuvant to get the best results. You can take it with honey, cream, milk, ghee, trikatu churn, and sitopaladi churn.

Specific adjuvants for specific purposes are mentioned below;



Milk strength and endurance, anaemic disorders and as an antitoxin
Ghee anti ageing purpose and for immunity
Matsyapitta anti burning
Bhringaraj swaras for sexual problems like infertility and low sperm count
Punarnava for eyes, i.e. conjunctivitis
Vacha memory and brain-related problems
Kumkum Skin glow and other benefits

Therefore, several specific products are also made using Swarna Bhasma like, Swarna Prash tablets, Swarna Vasant Malati etc.

Various brand of Swarna Bhasma

Various brands manufacture this highly beneficial drug. To help you choose the one for you, I am listing here the best brands. So buy yourself a one and see how miraculous this ayurvedic drug is?

DABUR Swarna Bhasam (500 mg)

Swarna Bhasam

Dabur has its well-established name in the Ayurveda industry. Whenever you think about an ayurvedic product, the brand you go for first is Dabur. Dabur provides you with this product in two 500 mg and 125 mg Packs. This product will help you best in improving strength and immunity. It will also give your face beauty and glow like gold.

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Baidyanath Swarna Bhasma 

This brand provides this efficient drug in 125 mg pack. This product is made up of pure gold. It helps in curing joint pains or disease related to them. It gives you a healthy stomach and intestine curing all digestive problems. This product keeps you away from the common illness by improving your immunity. It is helpful in case of muscular cramps, muscular dystrophy etc.; it improves your beauty by providing you with the perfect glow.

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GUAPHA Ayurveda Swarna Bhasam 

Swarna Bhasam

This brand provides you with organic and 100% natural ayurvedic products. This product is best in curing anaemic disorders and purifies the blood. Its anti-ageing properties provide strength to your bones and muscles. This product cures chronic fever and is helpful in the case of tuberculosis. It improves skin complexion, dark circles, wrinkles and dullness of skin. This nervine tonic keeps the mind relaxed and prevents mental disorders. Its constant use of boosts immunity and eradicates chronic diseases. This product is available in 500 mg and 125 mg pack.

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Dhanwantri Swarna Bhasma

Swarna Bhasam

This Gujarat based brand provides you with pure ayurvedic products. It manufactures Herbo-nutritional products and organic agricultural products. This brand manufactures Swarna Bhasam in a 100 grams pack. This product boosts immunity and provides resistance against various diseases. It gives the best care to your skin. It has anti-ageing functions and provides strength and endurance to the individual. Also, it is beneficial for sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction, infertility and low sperm count. This product is also helpful for digestive problems.

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Lama Swarna Bhasma

This brand provides this drug in 125 mg pack. This product is beneficial in the case of nervine disorders. It purifies the blood and also cures kidney disorders. The doctors prescribe this product for lung troubles and T.B. like a chronic disease. You can also consume it to cure sexual debilities. This Swarna Bhasma is useful in curing dry cough and to improve strength and immunity.

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How to buy this product online?

You can go to all the products mentioned above online on Amazon. These products are available on Amazon in different packs. Several discounts are also available on these products. You can also buy these products from local markets and Ayurveda pharmacies.


As for now, you know the benefits, side effects, and all the needful information about Swarna Bhasma. You can also go for the one and improve your health. Especially in this corona time, you can improve your immunity and prepare resistance against it. For specific disease, consult an ayurvedic physician and get your course for this drug. But it is always recommended to take this drug with special precautions. Various research on Swarna Bhasam is being made and is also needed to get the most out of this miraculous drug.

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