Still Eating Spicy Food? Attention Spice Lovers!! Know It’s Worst Side

Attention, All the spice lovers.

Whenever the thought of any of our favorite spicy food hit in our mind, our mouth becomes watery, and our mind starts imagining about all our favorite food which we have eaten, but have we ever wondered how dangerous the spicy food is for us?

spicy food

I know we all love to eat spicy food, but before loving anything we must know its side effects that it will be going to cause on our body. So for all the spice lovers like me, we should reduce its intake and switch to a healthy and nutritional food that is going to help us to live longer a happy and healthy life.

So let me help you to break the illusion we have created.

Side Effects of Spicy Food on our Body

Damage to Stomach Wall

Is it true?

Yes, it is true, eating the high amount of spicy food cause damage to the protective line (gastric mucosal barrier) present in the stomach.

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Gastric acid is produced in the stomach which help our body to digest food particles, but the acid is produced only in the limited amount. The work of protective layer is to work as a cushion for our stomach wall.

A study reveals that the content of fluid in our stomach should be between 20 to 100 ml with pH of 1.5 to 3.5.

But the fact is that spicy food itself is the combination of acid and after the consumption of tangy food the amount and pH level of acid present in our stomach is increased and this causes serious damage to the protective layer and causes stomach diseases like ulcer etc.

Discomfort to Skin

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Spicy food even causes discomfort to your skin. Let’s take an example from our daily life like- while preparing or eating food which has pepper in it, you accidentally touch your eyes then your eyes will start having a burning sensation, which is intolerable.

Even the pepper is dangerous for the wounds also. Burning sensation start immediately after coming into the contact of any of spice like pepper.

So we must use some precautions while eating and preparation of any spicy food. We can apply some lip balm before eating such type of food as it works like a wall for the sensitive skin of the lips.

Impairment to Taste Buds

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Repeatedly consumption of the spicy food causes a lot of damage to the taste buds present in our mouth. This damage decreases the working ability and sensitivity of taste buds. Read here, how to cure swollen taste buds.

If you want to enjoy your favorite food for very long years, then you must reduce the intake of spicy food.


Yes, this is true that eating spicy food cause insomnia. Wait, what? Shocked? I felt the same 🙂

spicy food

Now, It means that if we are consuming spicy food before sleeping that means we ourself are responsible for our disturbed sleep.

In case you are facing insomnia problems due to any other reasons, read my another article on ”Ways to slip into a sound sleep straight away.”

Our body needs to slow down before sleeping but spicy food warms up our body temperature (that is the reason that our body starts sweating after eating spicy food). If a person consumes something tangy, it can upset our power nap. So we must not consume something zesty before sleeping.


spicy food

Spicy food is the food which increases the body metabolism, this leads to produce more sweat.

The tangy food contains a chemical named as capsaicin, this chemical speeds up our pulse rate and the result will be increased body temperature. This is the reason we find yourself perspiring after some time.

Blood problems

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Not all people face this problem, but there is a number of people who face this problem due to overeating and overuse of spicy food and spices.

We already knew spicy food contain a chemical ‘capsaicin’, this chemical cause problem by thinning the blood and lead to problems like blood pressure etc.

Awful odor

Yeah, I know that no one wants terrible smell from their body. But did you know that spicy food is another reason for bad breath and bad odor from the body?

spicy food

Garlic and onion are usually present in tangy food products, which is the main reason for bad odor from the mouth.

Researchers say that spicy food is the main reason for discoloration of teeth and even it also weakens the tooth enamel. So after the consuming tangy food, we should brush our teeth to get rid of the bad odor and protect the enamel layer.

Consumption of zesty food is another reason for body sweating, and this helps them to become production factory of bad body odor.

Things to keep in mind while eating tangy food

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  • Avert the combination of spicy food and oily food as it is the mother of secretion of more acid in the stomach.
  • Avoid eating spicy food before sleeping.
  • We must cover our wounds while preparation of spicy food.
  • We should use lip balm before eating tangy food to save our lips from burning sensation.
  • Drink milk after the consumption of spicy food to counterbalance the acid secreted by tangy food.
  • If you are suffering from some of the digestion problems then take an antacid after one hour of consumption of spicy food.
  • We must not consume tangy food on daily bases as it causes serious harm to our taste buds.
  • People who have issues related to blood make the distance from the zesty food.
  • Food should only be consumed with main meals.
  • We should not consume it on daily bases as it also leads to weight loss.

I know that a coin has both sides, the positive side, and the negative side also. We cannot ignore all the negative aspects of the spicy food.

spicy food

I know spices are good for our body but only up to the limited consumption. If we start consuming anything in the excess then it is always dangerous. We must consume the food in the little quantity only. I am not saying that we should stop eating the food, but my point is that we must consume it in the little quantity only.

The fact is that spicy food is good for the health but not in the vast quantity.

“Eat your food as your medicines, otherwise you have to eat medicine as your food.” -Ratan Tata.

Feel free to write about any suggestions. 🙂

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