Soft Drinks or Soda Drinks – A Boon or A Curse to Your Health?

Soft Drinks, a Curse.

SHOCKED??? I was also shocked when I came to know that soft drinks are anathema to our body. But first of all, the question arises, How? The companies claim that they are very good for our health, then how they can be dangerous for our body?soft drinks

There are a lot of questions arise in our mind by this. So let me help you to answer these questions one by one.

Here we go… I will tell you some points which will clear all your doubts and answer your questions.

Effects of Soft Drinks

Gave fruit of diabetes

Yes, this is true. The excess use of soft drink helps us to become the best friend of diabetes. Do you know, that diabetes is served to us in a decorated and delightful soft drink bottles.?

soft drinks

Consumption of more than one bottle of soft drink can lead to type 2 diabetes in women’s. Even men are not safe from the effects of diabetes as they are also affected by the same disease that is type 2 diabetes.

It is true that soft drinks give your body instant energy, but do you know the real reason behind this? The reason is that it contains a high amount of sugar which produce the high amount of glucose instantly, but after some time we will feel fatigue and tired. So we should reduce the use of soft drinks in our daily life to keep diabetes away from us.

Gift of heart disease

We know that soft drinks are too good in taste, but have you ever thought that how much unhealthy these drinks are even for our heart?

soft drinks

Whenever we consume the soft drink, we skip the intake of nutrition and fiber-rich fruits and vegetable which is good for our body. We only consume sugar and harmful chemicals in the form of soft drinks.

We know that soft drinks contain a lot of sugar in it, which cause an imbalance in our body and this lead to heart diseases.

A study says that the person who consumes soft drinks on regular bases are more likely to get the gift of heart diseases and heart attacks.

Loss of your beautiful smile

What? Yes, drinking such soft drinks can also help us to lose our beautiful smiles. We know that the soft drinks contain sugar, whenever these sugar substances came in the contact of our tooth, the bacteria present in our mouth react to that sugar substances and produce acid on our teeth. This acid reacts with our tooth enamel and causes tooth decay, which helps us to take our beautiful smile from us.

soft drinks

These drinks also contain some preservatives, which lead to make the drinks highly acidic and cause more harm.

A study found that some drinks have pH of 2.3. These acids remove the enamel layer which protects our teeth from the bacteria, by which these bacteria can harm our teeth easily. So we must brush our teeth within 30 minutes after the consumption of such drinks.

The Trouble in the kidney

The Kidney is one of the organs which helps us to remove toxins from our body. But do you know that these soft drinks contain phosphoric acid.? This acid can make the blockage in the urinary system.

soft drinks

Thus consumption of soft drinks may cause chances of kidney failure, the formation of stones in it, and many other diseases related to the kidney. Drinking two glasses of these drinks every day increase the risk of kidney diseases two times.

Increase in body weight

soft drinks

We all want a fit and healthy body. But with the excess use of these drinks, we are losing this dream. But how?

Due to the high amount of sugar available in it, leads our body to make more reserves of sugar, which produce fatty acids, and that is the root of weight gain. So we should be thankful to ourselves for drinking more soft drinks and increasing our waistline.

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The Reward of Cancer

Soft drinks contain artificial coloring in them which rewards us in the form of cancer.

soft drinks

The plastic and cans used in packaging of these drinks are coated with the layer of chemical that is bisphenol A (BPA), which cause high blood pressure.

The coloring which is used in these drinks is made by reacting two chemicals 2-methylimidazole (2-MI) and 4 methylimidazoles (4-MI) under high pressure and temperature which cause liver, lung and thyroid cancer in mice.


soft drinks

Due to the high amount of sugary substances it reduces the amount of water in our body which cause dehydration.

Dehydration is very dangerous for our body. It causes serious diseases. Sometimes even dehydration can cause lack of supply of blood to our brain, and this causes severe brain damages. So we must keep ourselves hydrated if we drink such soft drinks.

Lack of sleep

soft drinks

The study reveals that caffeine is also found in soft drinks.

Well, it is suitable for those who want instant energy as it works as stimulate. But we cannot ignore the fact that it is also unhealthy for us. If we consume these drinks on our daily basis, these will disturb our sleep and will be the root of another new and dangerous diseases.

How much sugar our favorite drink contains?

There are a lot of soft drinks available in the market, but I am going to tell you the presence of sugar quantity in some of our favorite drinks like coke, Pepsi, mountain dew, etc.

soft drinks

  • 9.75 tablespoon or 39g of sugar is present in one can or 355ml of coke.
  • 10.25 tablespoon or 41g of sugar is present in one can or 355ml of Pepsi.
  • 11.5 tablespoon or 46.5g of sugar is present in one can or 355ml of mountain dew.
  • 16.25 tablespoon or 65g of sugar is present in 590ml or half a liter of the bottle of coke.
  • 27 tablespoon or 108g of sugar present in one liter of a bottle of coke.

soft drinks

So, we must think of what we drink, as poison is served in beautiful and decorated bottles nowadays.

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