Saw Palmetto Medicine for Acne

Acne is among the most typical skin conditions that change girls and men. Acne happens when your pores become clogged, and while the severity of symptoms can change, generally the indications contain inflamed development, whiteheads and blackheads. If you happen to be interested in taking control of your skin problems without using artificial substances then you definitely might be interested in using saw palmetto, although acne treatments usually include applying external medicines to the skin.

Saw Palmetto Acne

What’s Saw Palmetto?

Saw palmetto is understood for saw palmetto skill to help treat BPH in men; yet, the main active ingredients within saw palmetto may help reduce the severity of acne. Based on the University of Maryland Medical centre the main elements of this herb contain flavonoids, fatty acids and plant sterols.
Saw palmetto features a high concentration of polysaccharides, which are used by the body to improve the immune system in addition to work as an anti-inflammatory. Among the main advantages of saw palmetto is the way it can hinder the transformation of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone.

While the studies regarding acne and saw palmetto are restricted, several studies have discovered the oral ingestion of saw palmetto may help reduce the severity of hormone-driven acne in guys and girls.

Saw Palmetto Medicine for Acne
Many people have been proven successful for by using saw palmetto for acne treatment. Possible has been reported by this herbal nutritional supplement to treat various ailments, including hormone imbalances, which might additionally be responsible for some instances of acne. Saw palmetto works isn’t completely comprehended, and its medicinal qualities aren’t scientifically established. The effectiveness of saw palmetto for acne is so questionable.

The saw palmetto tree is not large with long, palm leaves that are narrow. It’s native to the eastern shoreline of America and is found especially in the southeastern areas. Saw palmetto creates a fruit. Now, those deep red berries in many cases are sold commercially in capsule, pill, infused tea varieties and liquid infusion. Many people take saw palmetto supplements for its healing properties, considered to treat numerous ailments to hormone imbalances from urinary illnesses.
Hormones may become imbalanced at distinct points throughout a man’s life. Menopause, pregnancy and puberty, menstruation periods are crucial times for these changes. Some health care professionals suppose that the exact cause of acne is linked to hormone surges, while it is basically unknown. Androgens like testosterone are male hormones within the bodies of men and girls that might create an oil excess that clogs hair follicles and spurs bacteria growing, so resulting in acne.

A rise in pimples’ cause is because of the overproduction of sebum within your oil glands. This overproduction clogs your pores, which leads to pimples and inflammation.

Oral nutritional supplements of saw palmetto are easily accessible, and girls must not worry about taking what’s usually called a male nutritional supplement unless pregnant.

One dermatologist has created an external application that unites the most productive elements of saw palmetto with other natural acne-fighting materials. He indicates that saw palmetto holds promise as an acne treatment.

How safe if is saw palmetto

Medicine for Acne


Oral use of saw palmetto is usually considered safe. Based on one report of excessive bleeding during operation in a patient, a concern is that it might have anticoagulant properties.

Since saw palmetto seems to inhibit androgens, it could interfere with the estrogen in hormone therapies or oral contraceptive drugs. Saw palmetto should not be used by pregnant or nursing women. Any use of saw palmetto should be discussed with your physician prior to taking it, and particularly if you’re taking other medicines.

More especially, DHT production is suppressed by saw palmetto in the body, which is a powerful hormone generated by testosterone. This means that saw palmetto is frequently advocated to treat enlarged prostate in men, and it’s also believed in order to modulate unusual blood pressure and excessive hair development in girls.

For the many folks out there that consider that acne is only hormone-established, saw palmetto acne treatment is frequently recommended by them as a means to modulate hormones and minimise breakouts in the skin. Nevertheless, I must point out that there’s certainly no scientific support to this theory. The truth is that acne is due to a chain of events that is known, resulting in several different kinds of acne and all beginning with poor dietary customs.

Digestive problems that cause hazardous overload in the body, that will directly result in an imbalance of hormones are triggered by these poor dietary habits. Bacterial overgrowth will be created by this hormonal imbalance on the skin that causes acne, along with excessive oil production that also causes acne, and it’ll weaken the immune system to allow it to be hard for the skin to cure itself and resist acne.

From this example, it’s clear to view how critical it’s to attack acne at its source by first of all.
Yes, it might be potential for an alternative like a saw palmetto acne treatment provide temporary help to acne and to modulate some hormones, but would you trust in an acne treatment that doesn’t have scientific proof? This will ensure that your acne isn’t due to a hormonal imbalance in the first place, meaning you can not need a saw palmetto acne supplement.


Saw palmetto was taken by me as a substitution for spironolactone for a very long while. I found that it wasn’t ineffective for my acne. Spironolactone worked within a week or two for me.


Beta-sitosterol which is the active ingredient in saw palmetto was taken by me. It undoubtedly does what it’s assumed to at least for me. I’d no sex drive whatsoever as well as other strange stuff.


Did not have any changes in libido or my breasts either, though I did have regular headaches that are moderate. Changed to Generic Benzac and found IMMEDIATE effects, as I’m seriously allergic to BP as well as using Generic Azelex. Generic Azelex and perfect skin have worked wonders on my adult acne.


I’ve been taking 3 to equal 1800mg I may cut as it appears everyone requires lower to taking 2 pills. My acne has entirely ceased. Last week was horrible with reddish spots that are inflamed and new cystic acne regular, now it’s not red and totally smooth in any way. It is really amazing. Spearmint tea regular too as it is an anti-androgen is taken by me.


I am 24, female and I have suffered from acne since I was 12. I’ve tried everything to treat my acne (except Accutane). I had a horrible acne flare up when I came off of it since to heal myself and I have been trying everything. I’d read it might help with acne in girls that have polycystic ovaries and a lot about saw palmetto. I purchased a bottle of the variation that was standardised by Swiss vitamins. Myself took it for 3 months but it never actually changed my skin any.

Saw palmetto side effects

Few serious side effects of saw palmetto are noted in the published scientific literature. The most common complaints involve the stomach and intestines and contain stomach pain, bad breath, nausea, vomiting, constipation, and diarrhoea. Stomach upset may be reduced by taking it with food. Some reports suggest that there may be less abdominal discomfort with the preparation lipid stearolic extract of Serenoa repens (LSESR). A few reports describe ulcers or liver damage and yellowing of the skin (jaundice), but the part of saw palmetto is unclear in these instances. Similarly, reports of chest pain, headache, dizziness, insomnia, depression, breathing problems, muscle pain, high blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythm, and heart disease have been reported, but aren’t definitely brought on by saw palmetto. Caution should be used by people with health states including the stomach, liver, heart, or lungs.

Caution is advised in individuals scheduled to get who have bleeding disorders, some operations or dental work, or who are taking drugs that may increase the risk of bleeding. Dosing adjustments may be crucial.

Some men using saw palmetto report difficulty with erections, testicular suffering, breast tenderness or enlargement, and changes in sexual desire. Saw palmetto may have effects on the body’s response to the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone, but no particular effect has been nicely illustrated in humans. Women or guys taking hormonal drugs (for example finasteride/Proscar(registered company)/Propecia(registered company) or birth control pills) or who have hormone-sensitive states should use caution. Tinctures may contain high amounts of booze and need to be avoided when driving or operating heavy machinery.

Consequently, there may be a delay in diagnosis of prostate cancer or interference with following PSA levels in men with known prostate cancer during tracking or treatment.

The mixed product PC-SPES(registered company), which includes saw palmetto and seven other herbs, has been found to include prescription drugs including warfarin, a blood thinner. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning not to use PC-SPES(registered company) for this reason, and it is no longer commercially available.

Maybe the reason that so many acne sufferers are willing to jump on the saw palmetto acne treatment bandwagon is because we all are seeking a gentle and natural treatment to clear up our skin!

However, making healthy changes in your diet to remove foods that contain chemical ingredients that are processed will enable you to encourage healthy digestion, flush your body of toxins, and keep all hormones in check. This is a completely natural and effective way of modulating hormones that don’t have any side effects, and you may also have the long-term advantage of improving your overall well-being as you clear up your skin.

Saw palmetto allergic reactions

Few allergic symptoms have been reported with saw palmetto. A study of people requiring the blended product PC-SPES(registered company) (no longer commercially available), which includes seven other herbs and saw palmetto, reports that three out of 70 individuals developed allergic reactions. In one case, the reaction comprised difficulty breathing and throat swelling.

Saw palmetto options for acne treatment

1) Generic Benzac (Pernox, Benzoyl Peroxide) contain a Acrylates Copolymer/glycerin complex. Acrylates Copolymer is miniature beads that are highly porous. Acrylates Copolymer beads soak up specific liquids efficiently, but they’re selective about what they’re able to consume. They could rapidly absorb oils, however, they can’t absorb water because water has a very high surface tension.

What does this mean practically in the treatment of acne? The beads come in contact with lipids, like sebum, that have a high affinity for the, when a topical product featuring Acrylates Copolymer/glycerin complex is applied to the face. The sebum is then absorbed by the beads.

Benzoyl Peroxide (Pernox) is an aid in treating acne. It’s recommended to begin treatment with 2.5%.

2) Generic Azelex (Azelaic Acid creme) is a mild emollient and moisturising formula suggested for the topical treatment of mild-to-moderate inflammatory acne vulgaris. Aziderm is believed to work with dual ways of action – antimicrobial activity and normalisation of keratinization (the process by which epithelial cells develop as they go toward the skin surface then slough off) – which attacks two of the major causes of acne.

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