Easy & Quick Incredible Remedies to Remove Water From Ears

It is a common thing for most of the people that the water stuck in their ears often after going for a swim or taking a shower or bath, mostly in the summer months. If the water stuck in your ear, then it can simply be unpleasant. If you don’t drain out or remove water from ears on its own, you may face irritation, inflammation or infection in your ear canal or outer ear, this condition of infection is also called swimmer’s ear.

remove water from ears

In case you are having some volume of water in your ear, it is not a big issue, and luckily it is to easy to drain the water out of your ears easily with few quick tricks. If you are treating it at home without any advice of an expert and feel pain in your ear then you should just visit an ear specialist doctor as soon as possible; otherwise, you may face some more bad conditions. However, there are some approved and harmless tricks for draining the water out of your ears, and it works correctly, but you just follow the instructions wisely to make the trick harmless for your ears.

Homemade Solution to Remove Water from Ears

White Vinegar & Rubbing Alcohol

The solution or mixture of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol can quickly remove water from ears, and it also keeps your ears safe from any infection and protect your canal during water draining out. You can make the solution simply by taking a teaspoon of white vinegar and a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol and make it as an ear drop solution. You can pour some drops of this solution by cotton or use an ear dropper to use this solution. After pouring some drops of the solution, carefully drain it out by facing the ear downwards for few moments. You can take help from an adult to drop the solution into your ear.

Remove water from Ears

When you prepare the mixture of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol, it becomes an acid mixture that behaves as a solid acid but it is harmless and break down the cerumen or earwax. The cerumen is the reason behind the water stuck in your ear. When the solution breaks down the cerumen or earwax, it releases the water that it is holding in the ear canal. Alcohol dries quickly and takes the water with it.

  • The alcohol plays a critic role in evaporating the water that is holding the earwax in your ear canal.
  • If you are prone to getting swimmer’s ear, this method will work the best for you.
  • You should not choose this method if you have a punctured eardrum because the alcohol or white vinegar may affect your inner ear badly.

Tricks and Tips to Remove Water from Ears

Creating a Vacuum in Your Ear

To create a vacuum in your ear, place the affected ear on your palm and use your palm to push the ear gently inside. Keep pushing until the water starts to come out. Remember, you should do this after facing your affected ear downwards. If you mistakenly do this with facing your affected ear upwards, it may drive the water into the canals and can damage the internal ear severely. The palm works as a vacuum pressure maker and create suction and helps the ear to drain the water out.

remove water from ears

You can also move your finger inside out rapidly after facing the affected ear downwards. Placing and moving the finger inside out also creates a good vacuum pressure in your ear and can quickly drain the water out of your ear. There are also some risks of this method, while you push the finger in your ear, it may scratch your ears canal and can be the reason for a critical infection of your ear. If the palm method isn’t working and you want to create a vacuum by your finger, make sure that your finger is clean and hygienic, and your nails are short.

You may also put a finger in your ear lightly and rotate it clockwise to remove water from ears, or you should gently massage your ear, it takes some time to drain the water out of your ear, but this method reduces the risk of having an ear infection. When you gently massage your ear by your finger or when you rotate the finger in your ear, it helps the moist wax to irrigate and free the moisture a little. It can also help you to impair your hearing and can make your hearing experience better

Blow Air in the Ear

remove water from ears

When the water stuck in your ear after taking a shower, blowing air in your ear and make it dry is a good option for reducing the unpleasant feeling. This method works the best for most of the people. Simply, you can use your hair dryer to remove water from ears. Just set your dryer on the lowest heat or even on cold and hold it at least 30 cm away from your ear and blow the air with low speed in your ear until you feel that the water is draining from your ear. Make sure that the air of the dryer is not so warm and dryer is away enough from your ear to avoid some risks.

You can blow the warm air to remove water from ears, but you should blow the warm air across the opening of the ear instead of into it. When the warm air of your dryer passes your ear’s opening, it pulls away from the water vapor and makes your ear dry.

Wiping Ear With a Cloth

remove water from ears

You can wipe your outer ear with a soft towel or cloth to get rid of some water that stuck in your ear. Just wipe your outer ear gently and make it dry properly. After that, tilt your affected ear onto the dry towel or cloth and again wipe it slowly as the water get rid off slowly and keep wiping it until the last drops drain out of your ear. Just remember that you should not pull the cloth into your ear otherwise it will push the water further back in your ear. You should use a hygienic and clean cloth for wiping your ear to prevent inflammation or infections in your ear canal.

Use Medicated Ear Drops.

remove water from ears

You can visit a chemist shop and look for a 95% isopropyl alcohol solution, such as Auto-Dri or Swim-Ear. You can find these products easily at the pharmacy near you. Add 2 or 3 drops of the solution in your affected ear as recommended and tilt your ear down and wait for draining the affected area. You can use the solution twice or thrice in a day if the solution doesn’t show the expected results in first use.

If you made a home solution for draining the water from the ear, you could take help from an adult to drop the solution into your ear.

Tilt Your Head to Affected Ear Side

remove water from ears

It is just another trick that you can try to drain out the water from an ear and mostly it works perfectly. All you just have to is that stand on your foot and tilt your head to the side so that the affected ear faces the ground. You can try this trick by standing on one foot. However, this trick works and quickly drains the water out from your ear. You can toggle your earlobe to open the canal wider or pull the side of the ear to another side to help the ear to drain the water out. After tilting your head, you should wait for 2 or 3 minutes while water is coming out because it takes time to earwax releasing the water.

Hopping is not necessary to drain the water out from your ear. Simply tilt your head and wait for water coming out on its own.

Chew Something

remove water from ears

While you eat or chew something, your jawbones move around the ears, and it helps to create a movement into your canal that can release the water that stuck in the ear. Simply, imagine that you are gnawing or chewing something and move your jawbone around your ear. While moving your jawbones, tilt your head to another side from the affected area’s side and then quickly tilt your head and make the affected ear facing down. Remember, while you are tilting your head to both sides, you should keep moving your jawbones to drain the water out from your ear quickly.

You can also use gum while you want to chew and move your jawbones. You can see that it dislodge the offending water. When you take a shower or go swimming, the water stuck in your ear’s Eustachian tubes, and while you chew something and move your jawbones around your ears, it helps the Eustachian tubes to release the water. Chewing motion can quickly drain the water out of your ear even if it reaches to eardrums.

You can chew continue while tilting your head to the offending side for an added effect.

Lie Down to the Affected Ear Side

remove water from ears

When the water stuck in your ear, the gravity can help you a lot to drain it out. Simply, lie down to the offending ear facing straight down to get the most impact; otherwise, you want a pillow for a bit of comfort. Keep staying in that position for few minutes. While waiting for water draining out in this position, you can watch TV or can find another way of entertaining yourself if needed.

If you are experiencing that water stuck in your ear at the evening time, then try to lay down for the rest with the offending ear facing down. This will increase the chances of water draining out on itself own while you are sleeping. This can be the best remedy to Remove Water from Ears.


remove water from ears

Yawning is a good idea to remove water from ears. While you yawn, it may pop the bubble of water. If you make any motion around your offended ear, it helps to ease the tension and drains the water out of your ear. While you yawn and feels a pop or some moving of the water, it is a positive effect and water is draining out on itself own. Chewing gum helps free up the Eustachian tubes and releasing the water by earwax.

Take Help from a Doctor

remove water from ears

If the water stuck in your ear for an extended period, then it may make you feel pain in your ear. In that condition, you need medical help and visit a doctor as soon as possible otherwise it may lead to an infection or inflammation. When you get the infected cause of the long-term water stuck in your ear, it may also feel like that water is shifting in the middle of your ear, this will be treated as well and should be considered with the priority.

When the pain in your ear accompanies, it may be a clear sign that water caused an infection or irritation that is also known as swimmer’s ear. If the water stuck in your ear for an extended period and if you are facing the following symptoms then you should visit a doctor immediately:

  • When you pull out the ear, the pain increases
  • Green or yellow pus-like or fluid draining from the ear
  • Foul smelling fluid drainage from the ear canal
  • A loss of hearing
  • A constant itching of the ear or ear canal

Prevent the Future Problems by These Steps

Dry Your Ear After Taking a Bath or Swim

remove water from ears

After you get in a shower or bath or go swimming even in a pool or ocean, you should attend to keeping your ears dry. After taking a bath or getting into the water, wipe the water off with a clean and hygienic cloth and the area near the canal and outer ear too. Make sure by tilting your head and face your both ears go down to shake out the excess water in your ears.

According to some experts, some people are more prone to getting the water stuck in their ears than other people. Basically, it depends on the shape of your ears. If you find that the water stuck in your ears a lot, you may be a special vigilant.

Say No to Cotton Swabs

remove water from ears

You may think that a cotton swab could help you to excavate your ear or remove wax, water or a foreign object but it has the opposite effects, and it can push the wax or water deeper in your ear. It can also scratch your inner ear or canal that can be the cause of excessive pain. Using a tissue to clean your ear can also scratch your inner ear and canal as well. If you want to clean your ear with safety, you should use a few drops of baby or mineral oil. It loses your ear wax and other wastes of your ears, and you can wipe them easily. Just wipe the waste of your ear gently with a damp cloth and do not use cotton swabs to remove water from ears.

Avoid Using Earplugs

remove water from ears

Using Earplugs when sleeping at night can show the similar results of using a cotton swab if the water or any other substance stuck in your ear. The earplugs and cotton balls also push the water and other substances deeper into your ear. If the water stuck in your ear or you are feeling a pain in your ear, then you should not use these nighttime raids to remove water from ears. You should avoid headphones until the ear pain clears up.

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