Quit Smoking With Treatments at Rehab Centers for Cigarette Smokers

Tobacco or cigarette is one of the common and most used drugs in the world. Tobacco is a drug that has addictive properties, and it is a resource of a human for centuries. The addicts take it in any kinds of form such as cigars, cigarette and paper rolls. Excessive use of tobacco can be life-threatening or can affect your health severely. In this article, I will let you know about Rehab centers for cigarette smokers.

rehab centers for cigarette smokers

The start of tobacco was used as a tradition, but in the mid-20th, some studies found that it is harmful to human health despite this, people still use cigarettes, and the number of people who uses tobacco is still increasing.

Harmful Effects of Tobacco or Cigarettes

The cigarette is harmful to your lungs because of the frequent method of consuming it, smoking. It may lead to some dangerous and life-threatening diseases such as lung, heart and throat cancer. Smoking cigarettes frequently may lead to some most deadly diseases as chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

smoking addiction rehab

Smoking can make your lungs performing low, and the chemicals of tobacco can enter your DNA, it can lead to some genetic disorders that compound over time. Some forms of tobacco are smokeless but can dip and snuff. These tobacco types are also too harmful to smokeable tobacco. These tobacco types may lead to some deadly diseases such as mouth cancer, halitosis, gum disease or gingivitis and tooth decay. Smoking tobacco causes high blood pressure, stress or a constant headache. This happens because your body organs absorb the nicotine and it can reach to your bloodstream quickly, and results may indicate an imbalanced blood pressure.

Causes of Cigarette Smoking Addiction

People who fell into the addiction of smoking cigarette are often pressured by their loved ones or friends. Most smoking addicts start using tobacco when they were teens. Some teens wanted to try smoking, or they just thought that it is cool to smoke. The tobacco company’s ads and promotions for its products are a big reason to push non-smokers to smoke cigarettes. According to some studies, young people who see the smoking someone in movies is more likely to start using tobacco or want to smoke. An individual when starting to smoke he or she can become an addict to nicotine. Some researchers show that usually, smoking can become a habit during teenage.

smoking addiction rehab

When tobacco is taken in small amounts, it makes individual feel pleasant and reduces unpleasant feelings. This makes the individual take it more. Smoking cigarettes can easily affect your central nervous system and chemistry of the brain that causes swinging mood or stress. Nicotine works as other drugs and floods your brain’s reward circuits with the help of dopamine. It rushes your adrenaline not much to notice, but it can increase your heart rate and blood pressure.

Nicotine reaches instantly into your brain after taking a puff of a cigarette and can make you uncomfortable over the time because of its craving. As the body accommodates to nicotine, you need to increase the amount of tobacco you take. As the smoke increases the amount of taking nicotine, the range of comfort after taking tobacco increases and the addict reaches a certain level of taking nicotine to find the pleasure. This is the reason why individual got quickly addicted to cigarettes. Anyhow, the rehab centers for cigarette smokers is the best idea to kick out this unhealthy and life-threatening habit.

Treatment at Rehab Centers for Cigarette Smokers

A tobacco addiction treatment or rehab centers for cigarette smokers meant to help a tobacco addict to kick out the habit of taking tobacco or smoking through different kind of treatments. The tobacco rehab center also incorporates behavioral discussion to help an addict to break the psychological dependence on cigarettes or other tobacco products while addicts are getting weaker during nicotine withdrawal symptoms. The nicotine or tobacco withdrawal symptoms may too harder to face by a nicotine addict. Most common nicotine withdrawal symptoms may include:

• Tension
• Difficulty in concentrating
• Increased appetite
• Excessively weight gaining
• Nicotine Craving
• Headaches
• Altered sleeping patterns
• Anxiety
• Depression

If you are an excessive or chain smoker and willing and committed to quitting smoking, the rehab center can be beneficial for you. There are many kinds of nicotine rehab treatments and methods they can use to reduce or over the smoking addiction. These treatments and methods include:

Chantix Pill

smoking addiction rehab

Chantix pill is entirely nicotine free and very useful while you are recovering from nicotine addiction and facing the withdrawal symptoms. It can reduce your tobacco withdrawal symptoms and makes you feel comfortable without smoking a cigarette. According to experts, the Chantix pill should be taken for 12 weeks for proper recovery. The Chantix pill gives you satisfaction from smoking.

Cold Turkey Techniques

smoking addiction rehab

If you want to take this treatment first, you must have a strong willing to quit smoking for its success and best results. It is the one-step procedure that calls for nicotine addicts to stop taking tobacco or smoking immediately. It can affect as well because of your craving for nicotine, but as I mentioned already, you need to commit with full confidence for the success of this technique.

Nicotine Gum and Patch

smoking addiction rehab

Nicotine gums and skin patches are the substitutes of nicotine or tobacco and believed as the sources of smoking. It works same as the nicotine, but they deliver a low and less harmless amount of nicotine to your body. According to experts, nicotine gums can also help you to reduce withdrawal symptoms while recovering from smoking addiction; however, the adverse effects may dizziness and nausea. If you are using nicotine patches, you should apply them to the skin for at least 12 weeks to get the best recovery results.

Nicotine Fading

smoking addiction rehab

You can use this method of quit smoking by yourself if you are strongly committed to quitting smoking. This smoking addiction rehab treatment is a step-by-step process. In this process, your rehab health care provider will make a schedule chart of smoking. This will call you to reduce taking nicotine level over the time. Within few weeks, this method will start showing it’s good results. The amount of nicotine you take will gradually reduce.

Nicotine Inhaler

smoking addiction rehab

A nicotine inhaler is the substitute of tobacco or nicotine that gradually deliver the nicotine doses and replace the physical and mental activity of an addict.

Nicotine Nasal Spray

smoking addiction rehab

This is another effective to quit smoking and make the rehab treatment successful. Your rehab health care provider will ask you to use the spray every hour or the time when you are feeling withdrawal symptoms. It can easily reduce the withdrawal symptoms and does not harm your body as tobacco or smoking.

Nicotine Lozenge

smoking addiction rehab

In this nicotine rehab method, your rehab health care provider will advise you to take nicotine lozenges every few hours to reduce the craving for nicotine and withdrawal symptoms. This act can also be managed by yourself if you are strongly committed to quitting smoking. According to some cases of smoking rehab, this method is most effective and show the best results too early.

Behavioral Therapy & Medicational Treatments

There is a range of methods or treatments at rehab centers for cigarette smokers, but most common and essential treatments are behavioral therapy and medications. It is just a combination of both treatments that must be taken as the addict want to quit smoking. As you read above, there is a range of medications to replace nicotine, but while you are entering a tobacco rehab program, you should follow some steps that include:

rehab centers for cigarette smokers


A medication-assisted rehab treatment can easily recover you from long-term smoking addiction. The nicotine replacing therapies also play a critical role while you are taking some other rehab therapies. The NRT and some other smoking cessation medication can relieve your physical stress of the recovery and withdrawal process. There are some other medications available that would not let you depend on some other treatments and recover your long-term smoking addiction, but apparently, they are high in prices. But anyhow, the rehab centers for cigarette smokers will help the best to recover, and they will assist you in your unpleasant nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Intake Assessment

rehab centers for cigarette smokers

In this process, a psychological and comprehensive physical assessment conducted by some trained rehab medical practitioner. The purpose of conducting assessments is to inform the success of the treatment plan that tailors to your smoking triggers and cravings. This treatment can be taken at the very first step of your smoking rehab program.

Treatment Planning

rehab centers for cigarette smokers

The success of a smoking rehab program depends on the rehab treatment planning. There is many rehab health care provider that use many different kinds of rehab treatments but anyhow you need to know about the treatment results, and they should be better and efficient. A rehab expert should know about your symptoms and addiction to study that which kind of treatments will be effective on you anyhow; it may include some nicotine replacing therapies or medications. The nicotine rehab treatment obviously needs excellent and efficient planning before starting it. The success of your smoking rehab process also depends on the experience of the rehab expert or health care provider that you choose.

Medications and Therapies

The rehab process properly depends on the therapies and medications of combining pharmacological support and behavioral therapy that is done by counseling and discussions. Once you enter the smoking rehab process, the only work you have to do is co-operate you rehab expert, but along with this, you should know about the therapies you are getting from a rehab center. Are they right, efficient and healthy? The only ways to recover from a long-term smoking addiction are some NRT medications and therapies such as behavioral therapy and psychological and physical assessment therapies. Medications play an essential role during some rehab therapies, and it makes medications more efficient during the rehab process.

Coaching and Education

The coaching or health education on smoking addiction let you know about the adverse effects, diseases and recovery process of nicotine. The health education on nicotine or smoking addiction is also helpful for you while recovering from smoking addiction or rehab treatment. According to many rehab experts, the education and coaching on smoking addiction are must in the rehab process. It makes the smoking addict more strong and gains willpower of addict to quit smoking. This also teaches an addict about relapse prevention, stress management, and wellness. As the society play a different role in every person as well the addict, the education also helps an addict to relapse after quit smoking. The education and coaching on cigarette or tobacco are one of the essential processes of smoking rehab.

Family Support or Involvement

rehab centers for cigarette smokers

According to rehab experts, the family support or involvement is also therapy, and it is too efficient for an addict like other therapies of the rehab process. Family involvement option will give you during rehab process to make yourself comfortable and strong, and this will help you more to recover from smoking addiction. It also depends on your permission and your family members availability. Rehab center may also invite your family to participate in some specialized training and education sessions with counselors or rehab experts. This will make you more strong and help you to recover soon.

How long does Rehab Centers for Cigarette Smokers take?

rehab centers for cigarette smokers

Smoking addiction rehab can be treated on both outpatient or nonresidential and inpatient or residential basis. Typically, the smoking addiction rehab treatment on inpatient lasting 1 to 3 weeks. However, smoking addiction is a part of a larger group of mental health issues and nicotine dependence that needs an effective treatment, and sometimes it can last longer than three weeks.

According to some approved researchers, the longer you are co-operating with smoking addiction rehab treatment, the higher your quit smoking or addiction recovery rates will be. The constant time of rehab treatment can create the better chances of not relapsing. Efficiently changing your lifestyle to live without smoking can also change your significant behavior. The lasting you commit to positive changes, the lasting you will avoid tobacco or smoking and remain sober.

Things to consider after Recovering from Rehab Centers

rehab centers for cigarette smokers

There are some other things you have to consider after adequately recovering from the rehab centers. These things are as important as the recovery treatment and should also be considered to keep successful the rehab process. Things to consider after quitting smoking include:

• Don’t be impatient
• Don’t worry about the future
• Eat a Well-Balanced Diet
• Don’t neglect yourself
• Don’t be Negative
• Drink plenty of water
• Get more rest
• Take a daily-multivitamin
• Exercise daily
• Eat only healthy foods
• Don’t drink alcohol
• Don’t overdo it while facing withdrawal symptoms in a little amount
• Quit yourself taking seriously
• Don’t hesitate to ask for help
• Don’t think about smoking just a single cigarette
• Remember why you wanted to quit

Famous and Approved Rehab Centers for Cigarette Smokers

rehab centers for cigarette smokers

As the rehab center for cigarette smokers plays a significant role to overcome an individual’s smoking addiction, there are a lot of rehab centers for cigarette smokers in every country.

Click here to check the rehab centers for cigarette smokers in India.

Here are some approved and leading rehab centers for cigarette smokers:

• Aton Center – California U.S.
• Malibu Beach Recovery – Pacific Palisades
• Sabino Recovery – Arizona
• Aqua Recovery – Utah
• Greenhouse – Texas
• Tranquility Woods – Maryland
• Canadian Addiction Rehab – Canada
• Elisad – Europe
• McLean Hospital – Massachusetts

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