Cost-Benefit Analysis of Custom-Printed Car Decals

Outdoor advertising tools have helped businesses promote their brands for centuries. Despite the advent of digital marketing, outdoor marketing continues to be a proven way of promoting brands to large audiences. Which outdoor marketing tools are the most efficient? Billboards, posters, and custom-printed outdoor stickers are the best when it comes to increasing brand exposure.

According to Nielsen, 25% of the population has posted images of billboard ads on their social media profiles. Outdoor billboard ads give businesses amazing exposure. However, not all businesses can afford to set up large, custom-printed billboards. Small businesses need more cost-efficient outdoor advertising tools. That’s where custom-printed car decals can prove to be invaluable tools.

Custom-Printed Auto Decals: The Most Cost-Effective Marketing Tools

Custom-printed decals or stickers are very cost-effective marketing tools. You don’t need huge advertising budgets to custom-print and buy these stickers. Once you stick these decals on your company vehicles, they can collect countless impressions for your small business.

Here are the reasons why auto decals are the most cost-effective outdoor advertising tools in the market –

Travel Long Distances

A billboard or poster will only give your brand limited exposure. These marketing tools are only visible to specific groups of target customers. Car stickers and decals, on the other hand, have no such limitations. If your company vehicle travels 100 kilometers a day, your custom decals can easily register thousands of daily impressions. Plus, brand leaders can target specific neighborhoods with these stickers.

Drive around your company vehicles (that are covered with custom-printed stickers) in specific communities. Advertise your brand, products, services, and marketing ideas to specific groups of target customers. Target a new locality every day. Within a month, your brand can receive incredible exposure.


The best car stickers and decals in the market are made of highly durable materials like vinyl or PVC (polyvinylchloride). These materials are sun and moisture-resistant. They don’t get damaged by pollution, sunlight, or rain. These stickers can easily last for years without picking up any noticeable tears or damages.

That’s why custom-printed car stickers and decals are extremely cost-effective. For very little fees, you receive marketing tools that can easily last for several years. Use these stickers repetitively for several years to make sure you get the right ROI on your marketing expenditure.

Added Car Protection

Company vehicles are important business assets. That’s why brand leaders think twice before attaching stickers or posters on their company vehicles. However, the latest vinyl decals are extremely “car-friendly.” They don’t leave any sticky residues on car surfaces. They can be installed and uninstalled without causing any damage to the car’s paint.

Plus, UV-resistant materials like vinyl provide added protection to the car. Your company vehicle’s surfaces will pick up a lot of damages due to long durations of sunlight exposure. Vinyl decals can protect your company vehicles from this sunlight exposure. Your car’s surfaces will remain shiny and damage-free if you install protective vinyl stickers.

These factors make custom-printed car stickers and decals highly cost-effective advertising tools. These decals don’t cost much, but they offer several benefits to brand leaders.

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