Periods can actually be considered to be quite different for women. But, in some situations, the period might become irregular and inconsistent. You are bound to mess up the entire week, if you can’t control the periods. So, even though you have not been taking steps for birth control, you can go through the ways compiled below.

Take A Birth Control Pill

Take A Birth Control Pill

If you have got in touch with the doctor and have been taking birth control pills, then you can change the time when you’ll get your period. But, in case you wish to get a period much before the date, you can consider taking placebo pills.

If you want to skip periods, then you can switch to hormonal pills instead of placebo pills. Think about such kind of pills only when the week is about to arrive.

Drink Parsley Tea

According to experts, Emmenagogues certainly help to stimulate the blood flow in the pelvic region and the uterus. So, to be on the safer side, you can go for mild Emmenagogues such as rosemary, ginger, sage, parsley and yarrow. Doctors recommend taking a concoction of three herbs in at least two cups for a day.

Even though these herbs are non-toxic, you still have to be wise while you taking them. But, before moving a step further, you should consult the herbalist and check for the recommended dosage.

Indulge In A Sexual Intercourse

Once you are with your partner, the vagina gets stimulated and blood starts flowing from the pelvis. Soon, after those special moments, the woman would observe the uterine lining passing through the vaginal opening.

Apart from everything, the semen softens the cervix and may cause early menstruation. But, when you think about this method, make sure that the partner has undergone tests and is monogamous. Ultimately, making love is a great way to divert your attention and drive away worries.

Alleviate Stress

Enormous stress can actually delay your periods by days or a few months. So, in order to stay on the track, you should try reducing the stress.

The best way to get rid of anxiety would be to avoid working late at night. In case you have some time in the morning, then you can go for yoga sessions or practice meditation. Applying hot compresses around the abdomen would also help you attain a relaxed state.

Exercise Regularly

When you visit the gym for a high-intensity workout, then the endorphins can always relieve you from stress and reduce the estrogen level. However, you should never overdo the exercises because they might delay the period.

If you hardly have time to spare, then you can enroll for a Zumba class. The dance form synonymous with aerobics would certainly help you stay energetic and induce the period earlier.

Drink Juices

Drink Juices

Drinking papaya and orange juice can surely help to get period before the usual time. While these tropical fruits help to increase the body temperature, they would also help in menstruation.  The Vitamin C would definitely trigger the period way before it’s expected to be.

Among the home remedies, you can also drink three glasses of pomegranate juice every day. Alternatively, you can eat fresh carrots at least twice or thrice during the entire day.

In case fruits are not available in the market, then you can mix a little bit of turmeric powder in warm water, and drink it every morning. But, be careful because the remedy is effective 15 days prior to the expected date.

Some Home Remedies You Must Consider

Before Taking Any Step, The Homemade Remedies Listed Below Would Always Induce Periods Faster.


If you are thinking about an inexpensive way, then you can consume Jaggary with sesame seeds just before breakfast. Besides, you can think of drinking ginger juice along with Jiggery early in the morning.

Carom Seeds

Drinking extract from carom seeds can be effective for making the periods come soon. As an alternative, it’s also a good idea to drink fenugreek seeds juice well in advance.


In order to increase the heat within the body, you can think about eating slices of pineapple. Always make sure to take the fruit in huge chunks because it would help you get periods in a natural way.

Castor Oil

Since castor oil is capable for increasing the blood circulation, it can be used as a remedy. For observing the results in two days, you must first moisten a cloth with castor oil. Later, you need to place the cloth on the lower abdomen along with a hot water bag above the cloth. Soon after you have left the area undisturbed for 10 minutes, you should finally wipe off the moisture. For effective results, you should repeat the steps at least two times in a day.

Coconut Water

When you want the uterus to contract naturally, you need to consume 300 ml of coconut water on an empty stomach. This would surely induce period in a day or so. Afterwards, you should remember to drink the water again soon after breakfast and just before evening.

Soy Milk

Due to the presence of estrogen, Soy milk can actually induce periods faster. But, in order to get away from the irregularity, it’s better to take milk two to three times in a day. Ultimately, this is one of the best remedies if you are a vegetarian.


Popularly known as Dong Quai, Angelica has the ability to contract the uterus and induce periods earlier. But, to perceive the results, you should consume the substance only after 14 days have passed since the sexual intercourse.

Radish Seeds

Apart from helping to induce periods, Radish seeds also restrict the capability of being pregnant. So, as you plan ahead, you should first prepare a paste of seeds with butter or milk. Later, you need to consume three spoons of the paste till you get the periods.

Fennel Seeds

If you are thinking to take fennel seeds, then you should soak the seeds in water throughout the night. Once you wake up in the morning, you should strain the mixture and drink it immediately. If you wish to observe the difference, you shouldn’t skip taking the mixture regularly.


Since Cinnamon is rich in Hydroxychalcone, it regulates menses and the insulin level at the same time. So, as you mix a tablespoon of Cinnamon powder in warm milk, you must drink it instantly.

In case you want to increase the dose, then you can season cuisines with Cinnamon powder. Whenever you are free, you can also chew the sticks and add some powder to herbal tea.

Dried Apricot

If you are suspicious about getting periods, then you can take 100 grams of dried apricot and mix it with honey and half a liter of water. Soon after you have boiled the mixture, you should try drinking the syrup twice during the day.


When you use thistle, you should immerse the plant in a bowl filled with boiling water. Once you have strained the mixture, you need to drink it two times at instances during the day.


Consuming celery can be safe to induce early period. Initially, you need to take a handful of celery and prepare a juice using a grinder. Later, you should drink the thick slurry two times in a day after adding pepper.

Finally, when you think that there would be a delay, then you should avoid taking items that may cause allergy.

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