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How should you Pop your Lower Back on your own?

Lower Back Pain is very common these days. And the reason could be anything like sitting 9-5 jobs, fewer body movements or laziness or less exercise, anything. Or, the reason can be a minor or major injury which you are unaware of or maybe it is known to you, but you are not doing anything to treat ...

The Facts and Benefits of Surrogacy in India

You must have heard so many cases where a couple is unable to achieve pregnancy or even carry a kid; in such cases, surrogacy might be a realistic alternative. So, this article is all about Surrogacy in India. Naturally, it might not be that easy, particularly not when the price is a factor in the ...

5 Simple Steps to a Healthy Diet

There is a common misconception I see in dieting plans, whether they are online or in magazines. They mainly require that you change your diet completely from junk foods to more healthy diets. Let’s face it, that doesn’t work out well for most people. Most people struggle with a completely new ...

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