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As being a part of this generation, we might be busy in our life, in our schedule, but we must think that it’s not just our mind and our body but also our spirit integrating and balancing those things. I think meditation is the next layer of that.

Most of the people today can’t sleep because of their thoughts wont switch off, their life has fallen into quick stand of modernity, filled with a whirl of televisions, phones, sirens, email, twitter, noise and bleeps. Switching off all these things may take deliberate efforts. To shut out the world you must have tune to a life that brings changes in you. Let us consider a simple practice that can help you address these common experiences.

Do you want to spend your life a way far from “DOING’’ and experience more ‘’BEING’’? Do you want to live ‘’yourself’’?

If your answer is yes then go ahead and read this article.

Now there is a term that will solve your all problems/queries, that is Meditation.

Let’s know what you want to achieve from meditation? Once if you cleared this out in your mind then you will be ready for meditating. Meditation is a simple but life transforming skill. Let this comprehensive make help for the beginners.

On deeper level meditation is a doorway to unknown. It can help us to get a sense of mystery of who we are. Initially our mind may spend span of time in running painful memories over and over. It is a natural condition but in time we can learn to work kindly and to overcome those thoughts. It can help us to understand our mind.

We tend to equate focus with concentration and while meditation in our mind should be like a concentrated beam of light. Through meditation we learn how to drift our negative thoughts into positive 1, disturbed to peaceful, unhappy to happy. Overcoming negative thoughts and cultivating constructive and impactful thoughts is the main motto of meditation.

Here are some methods on how to meditate.

  • Posture

Our mind and our body are interconnected with each other, so if your body is well balanced, your mind will also be in balance. Make sure that your spine is straight with head up for instance your head is touching the sky.


  • Meditate in early morning

No doubt early morning is an ideal time to do mediation.  It is quiet, calm and your mind is not fulfilled with the usual stress and there is less chance to get disturbed. You should make it habit to get up half hour earlier in the morning.


  • Start with a breathe

Breathing slows down our heart rate, relaxes the muscle and mind and let our mind to be focused. There is no need to regulate our breathe let it be like normal.


  • Eyes

It is not important whether to do meditation with closed or open eyes, it’s up to you. Closed eyes will be more likely to drift away your thoughts and perceptions. Open eyes will allow you to be more present.


  • Thoughts

Don’t restricts your thoughts while meditation, this will only let you feel agitated or frustrated. Just politely ask them to leave.


  • Silence

One of the biggest mistake beginners make is not insuring peaceful and practiced condition. If you already have back in your mind that may be your phone is ringing or whatever else then you will not be able to attain deep relaxation.


  • A scented candle, a bouquet of flowers can be a fantastic little touches to enhance your meditation experience.


  • Turning off the lights may help you to concentrate more.


  • Listening to soft music may help you relax better.


  • Wear comfortable clothes

Avoid restrictive clothing that might create obstacles in your concentration during meditation instance jeans, tight pants etc.


  • Length

Never force yourself to meditate longer if you are not able to do so. You may start with 10 minutes and only sit longer if you are comfortable. In time you might like to extend your meditation time to 25 minutes or an hour. Do what feels right for you.

Meditation is a wonderful practice but it can be very difficult in beginning. You might lose your angriness, depression, insecurity, burden of old ages, the fear of death. If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and only through meditation you have the power to REVOKE at any moment.


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