Kesh King Hair oil. Is it really worth trying?

Every girl’s biggest obsession is her hair and we love to pamper our hair.  Most of the ladies out there love to experiment with hair with styling tools, colors and try out different products to keep them healthy, thick and strong.

All the experiments that we do with our hair look trendy but diminishes the hair quality. To all the hair problems like hair fall, hair thinning, split ends there’s only one perfect solution that is hair oiling. Hair oils are necessary for the nourishment of hair and one such hair oil which is quite popular in the market is KESH KING Hair oil. You might be thinking whether it is worth trying or not?  Let’s find out the pros and cons of using this hair oil.

Kesh King Hair oil

Product Description:

Kesh King Hair Oil is an Ayurvedic Medicinal oil with an herbal composition and has no side effects. This Ayurvedic formula is prepared in Sesame oil using 16 selected and rare herbs.

The manufacturing of the product is according to principles laid down in Ayurvedic text books such as Panchkarma and Siddha Medicine. This hair oil helps in protecting and nourishing your hair. It solves almost all the hair problems like preventing premature graying, dandruff, hair fall, split hair and also helps in curing the problems of sleeplessness and headache. This Ayurvedic treatment helps in regrowth of hair.

Kesh king acts on the hair follicles which is the responsible for hair growth and pigmentation. It also works on the hair shaft by penetrating deeply into the medulla (the innermost layer of hair shaft). It works as a tonic to matrix cells which are responsible for removing the weak hair fiber and helps in the growth of new hair fiber resulting in healthy locks.


INR 136 for 100 ml bottle which is easy to your pocket.


Light deep green color with lightweight texture.


It has a strong pungent smell which can be a problem for people with a sensitive nose. Due to herbal composition and rare herbs, it emits a strong smell.


This hair oil comes in deep bottle green see through plastic bottle with a long neck with a flip cap. It is easier to apply and sustain from oil spilling. The packaging is travel-friendly.



Is it effective for curing Hair loss?

If Kesh king oil suits your hair type then you may experience surprising results. Many people have stories to tell which clearly indicates that they experienced excellent results. The oil does work wonders but only for those who use it religiously. It thickens your hair and reduces hair fall but doesn’t stop the hair fall completely. Many people admit it that it solves hair fall problems. There are mixed reviews as well.

Some say that kesh king gave them shinier, longer and dense hair whereas some stated that the oil is good until you use it regularly. Once you stop using it and went back to their usual oil like coconut oil the hair fall is back. Some claim that the product is overpriced as per the quantity provided. The mixed responses will tend to confuse you but yes it is worth a try and if suits your hair type it may work wonders for you.

My experience with KESH KING Hair Oil:

I was always unhappy with the texture of my hair as they are dry, curly and frizzy. I opted hair smoothening treatment and after that chemical treatment, I started experiencing huge hair fall. I tried a lot of hair products to get the density of my hair back but didn’t get any fruitful results.

My grandmother recommended me that I should try out some Ayurvedic products for this problem. There was a great hype in the market about this hair oil called KESH KING. I thought why not give it a try.

I used it for about a month and I would be lying if I say it didn’t show any results. The results were not as great as the product is hyped about. My hair fall had reduced but not completely. My dry and frizzy hair got smoother after every wash.

But I expected better results. After using it for two months I lost patience as I could see a little difference in my hair.

If you have patience and if it suits your hair type then the product is a decent one.

Pros of Kesh King Hair Oil:

  • Helps in hair regrowth
  • Light texture is quite comfortable for head
  • Easy to pocket. Quite affordable
  • Easily available online, offline and on Patanjali stores
  • Herbal composition is quite good as it has no side effects.
  • Makes hair smooth and shiny
  • Safe packaging
  • It is based on Ayurveda which is quite known for curing hair issues.
  • Impressive reviews.

Cons of Kesh King Hair Oil:

  • As compared to the price the quantity provided is a bit less.
  • A Strong pungent smell can be annoying to you.
  • Might not suit your hair type. First, check whether it suits your hair type and then only use it on regular basis.
  • Bit sticky. Can’t be worn in college, work or school.

Tips for using Kesh King Hair Oil and its Mode of Application:

  • Prefer applying the oil at bedtime in the night.
  • Take a small open mouthed container and heat oil at a warm temperature. Make sure the quantity of oil is as per length and density of hair.
  • Make partitions of hair and apply oil with the tips of fingers on your scalp and massage it gently so that the oil penetrates into the hair follicles.
  • Don’t rub with your palms as it may uproot weak hair.
  • Avoid washing immediately after oiling as the oil may not properly seep into your hair.
  • In the morning wash your hair with Aloe vera herbal shampoo to remove the oil. Try using chemical free shampoo when you use KESH KING Hair oil.
  • If you have dry hair oil your hair at least twice a week.
  • People with chronic hair problems are advised to use KESH KING Ayurvedic Medicinal Oil with KESH KING Aloe Vera Herbal Shampoo plus Vitamin capsules along with hair oil to ensure reduced hair fall and hair issues.

Overall the point is KESH KING hair oil is an overpriced product and is only effective for few hair types and only if you are true to it, which means you have to completely follow the massage on regular basis and wash off with chemical free shampoo. You have to be patient and use it for a couple of months to see great results. If you are willing to give it a try then go ahead.


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