Just thinking positive treated her cancer! How to inculcate such power of Positivity?

Over the last few decades when anxiety and stress is taking over us the power of positive thinking and attitude chasing the psychologist compelling them to conduct a detailed study about the impact of positive thinking and how it can bring a change in our mental and social health.

Positive thinking is the idea that can change your perspective of how to take things and how you react to it. Research shows that optimistic approach changes the way you feel about yourself and other sand it can have a huge impact on our well-being as well.

Positive thinking helps human beat mental illness, unwanted addictions and improves the abilities to cope up emotional difficulties and helps in productive life.

A small Example to depict the power of positivity:

Louise Hay claims in her book “You can heal your life” that she cured herself of cancer by positive thinking. This might be a subject of mock or surprise to some people that how can just thinking positive make such a huge difference. But that’s a fact psychologists are working on. As per recent medical research intense stress can trigger irregular cardiac rhythms. Positive thinking has a powerful link between mind and body.

Cancer patients are bring given tips on optimistic approach to see if it can help fight the disease. The Placebo effect approach is used in clinical trials in which a sugar pill is given to patient instead of genuine tablets or medicines to check whether it is just the psychology of the patient which can help him cure. Brain power not only eases mental traumas but also stops diseased cells spreading. In chemotherapy patients, they are offered to learn ‘relaxation’ and ‘guided imagery’ techniques.

Doctors have reviewed cases in which they investigated a link between cancer survival and psychological coping styles which include optimism, fighting spirit, hopelessness, denial and avoidance.

Another patient Terry Thorley, 62 who has undergone chemotherapy, radiotherapy is convinced that guided imagery and positive attitude helped him fight cancer for 15 months and recent tests showed that there are no cancerous cells in his body now.

Positive thinking may not cure cancer in itself but makes life easier to manage, reduces anxiety, your sense of helplessness and helps you regain control of your life events. And these are the most important things to help you recover from serious diseases.

How to inculcate this power of positivity in your life? Here are few ways by which you can achieve the sense of positivity in your life.


This is one of the best ways to inculcate and practice positive thinking on a daily basis. It is a proven fact that people who meditate on a regular basis are more positive thinkers than the ones who don’t. Meditation not only helps you strengthen thinking skills but also enriches your inner soul and inner peace.

In mediation, people train their mind to promote relaxation, build internal energy and develop love, patience and forgiveness. The people who meditate are considered to be more mindful and have the ability to live in present. Meditation brings in single point concentration in your life so that you can focus and live the life to the best.

Practice your optimism

Practising a positive attitude can help you learn optimistic approach. People with optimistic approach handle things directly and are less likely to give up. They always look for a viable solution. Persistence, motivation and self-confidence are of supreme importance and practising these ones may be able to shape their outlook in more positive direction.

The presumption that everything will work out we can affect how we feel, how we respond and how fast we recover from the failures. You have to take the ownership of what you do instead of blaming other and have to understand that you have to steer the boat by yourself.

Practice self-trust and have faith in yourself

You can conquer everything if you have self-trust and complete faith in yourself. Instead of waiting what’s going to happen next, believe that you are going to create your destiny on daily basis. Every person is unique in their own way and if you are proud of your uniqueness to hone it so that you stand out from others.

Your inner belief will always motivate you and will help you excel in whatever you do. Self-trust and faith are more significant than intelligence and education.  Never hesitate in trying something new or the things you never tried. Just give everything a chance and your new moves will surely make you win.

Spread optimism around you

Positive thinking is like a contagious disease it spreads from person to his circle and friends. One should always find positive people around them and without even knowing you will start practising positive approach. If you have a positive approach then it’s your moral responsibility to spread it among your group and vicinity.

Chase specific goals and visualise success

Instead of waiting for how things might fall apart start chasing your specific goals by defining them as per your wants, creating a plan of action to execute them and you can begin taking positive steps towards achieving them.

Even if you are aiming for the smallest thing be it learning a new language or a job, you should have a sense of hopefulness and a good attitude while approaching every single step. Have more visualisation about reaching your goal, anticipate success and you will find yourself one step closer to achieve it.

Determine the outcomes, have set goals and set your focus to get more precise end results. Visualise success by constantly thinking how you would be successful by following positive thinking and motivate yourself by talking to yourself. Self-interrogation is the key to visualising your plans. Work hard and believe in your capabilities that you deserve success.

Organising your tasks by the help of mobile widgets such as reminders, calendars to keep a track of everything.

Don’t cry over spilt milk and find out the silver lining from the cloud

Stop crying over whatever happened in the past. When you look back in past things generate negative thoughts and take you one step backwards. It simply disturbs your life and you cannot change the past either. Let go the things and let bygones be gone forever. Live in your present and look for the silver lining in every cloud.

Find opportunities out of the worst situations and you would be able to defeat the so-called impossible. Take a lesson from every failure and get ready to face the next challenge. It’s just you who can stop yourself or make yourself take one step ahead. Nobody else can control your life.

Enjoy every moment and count your blessings

Stay relaxed stay positive and enjoy every single moment of your life like there’s no tomorrow. Life is beautiful and it comes with so much we can cherish. All you need to do is see everything with a positive frame of mind and enjoy life to the fullest.

Thank God for giving you this life and always learn to count your blessings. Instead of crying over what you have learned to be satisfied and happy with whatever you have and be thankful for all that you have been blessed with.

Release your stress by recreational activities like Practice Yoga

Plan your day with some recreational activities in order to release your stress and mental tension. If your mind is stress-free then only you can think positive and react optimistically to situations. Life is dynamic and we should take it as it comes. Getting stressed only makes things worse.

Recreational activities like Yoga or any sports, music or any hobby that makes you feel good should have a definite slot in your day. Practice yoga as its power is acknowledged by the whole world and it gives you a healthy living.

Don’t be negative about things instead practice possible thinking

Never let negative thoughts cloud your mind. Try to accept things the way they are and even in slightest of things stop thinking negative. Sometimes bad things happen and you feel bad about it. It’s ok you need not pretend. Don’t tell yourself life is perfect instead recognise what has gone wrong and correct it.

Tell yourself yes I had a bad day but tomorrow will be better.  Think of a solution to the problem and come out with something positive out of it. This is also termed as possible thinking. This is the best approach to recover from the most difficult situations.

Read inspirational stories, quotes and the like

Last but not the least is inculcate the habit of reading inspirational stories as many people get motivated by such stories.

Read some inspirational autobiographies of famous personalities and try to inculcate their approaches towards life to make yours a better one. Read motivational quotes and watch videos, movies that drive you to face hardships of life and come out as an established and successful person.

Walk at your own pace in life but never look back, keep walking with positivity.

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