Types of HIV Test | Causes, Symptoms, Risks & Treatments of HIV/AIDS

I hope, we all are aware of HIV/AIDS disease. This disease is the most dangerous and deadly according to the people. There are a lot of deaths occur because of HIV AIDS. In this article, I will share enough information on HIV/AIDS along with the causes, symptoms and three different types of HIV Test.

HIV means Human Immuno Virus. The name of this disease is the reason for the virus that affects your body’s immune system severely. This disease is a spectrum of a condition caused by the deadly virus. Earlier it hasn’t any symptom. But at the time, the human immune virus affects your immunity system that causes constant illness in your body like skin infections, constant cold, and flu, slow recovery in any disease.

Tuberculosis, opportunistic infections, and tumors that affect your body’s immunity system badly. Sometimes continually losing weight may also become the primary symptom of AIDS. It is a long-term disease and results may death. This is very surprising that still there is not an approved treatment for HIV. Many researchers declared that it’s rare to survive this disease with good performing immunosystem. When a human immune virus enters your body, it affects your body’s primary part called, immunosystem. Immuno system is so essential for your body because this is the reason for the recovery of any disease. When this virus affects your body’s immunosystem, your immunity system gets slow in the work, or it starts performing wrong, and that causes a lot of diseases and low recovery.

HIV Test

It’s rare to prevent or cure this virus, once it enters your body. HIV AIDS main cause is unsafe sex. There are many sexual diseases, but this is the most deadly sexual disease and the most of evil repute disease. According to researchers, needle exchange is also a reason for HIV AIDS. According to a survey in the year 2016, there are 1 million deaths occur cause of HIV. If a mother that is suffering from AIDS, gives birth to a baby, it can become a significant risk for the baby to prevent AIDS. Currently, no vaccine is discovered for a baby to prevent aids during the birth time.

In most of the cases, the human immune virus enters patient’s body because of unsafe sex. Unsafe sex means, sexual activities without using safety or presentations. If you want to prevent AIDS, you should use a condom during sex. If you are not using a condom during sex, there is a risk of having the deadly disease AIDS. In most of the countries, government and NGOs support people having AIDS. There are a lot of disease control and prevention centers, working under government. This disease has a substantial economic impact too. It has attracted political attention and medical science on a large scale of funding.

What is HIV/AIDS?

The AIDS causes a virus called, HIV. This virus can transmit into your semen, vaginal fluids or blood. Once it enters your body, you will suffer from some flu symptoms or fever, fatigue, and sore throat. This virus often attacks your body’s immune system’s essential cells, called T cells and destroy it. If your AIDS is untreated, there are the risk of more T cells damage. This virus makes your body harder and harder at the time to fight infections and diseases.

HIV Test

There is no effective treatment found, but with medical care, it can be controlled. The medicine to control HIV is called ART or antiretroviral therapy. If you use this medicine, this may dramatically control the infection of the human immune virus. This can help to keep your immune system healthy and significantly lower the risk of infecting others. If you have AIDS, there are clear chances that you could progress in this within few years.

The constant illness cause of human immune virus or aids is called opportunistic infections. If a human immune virus enters your body, you can’t recognize or face some symptoms of AIDS because of some common symptoms that you often face. This is most deadly and dangerous thing of having AIDS. If you get in the touch with this virus’s infected flood or tissues while having sex without a condom, the virus can quickly transmit from infected person’s body to your body. This virus shows it results slow, but this can severely damage your immune system’s cells.

The transmission of human immune virus increases the risk of sexually transmitted infections or genital ulcers. AIDS is the evilest and deadly faced disease in every society. But anyhow it is making a massive number of patients in world’s every country.

What Causes AIDS?

As I mentioned above that the reason behind AIDS is the most deadly virus i.e, HIV. It affects the T cells or white cells of your body that helps the most in fighting the diseases. This happens when semen, vaginal flood, tissues and blood from an infected person’s body, enter in your body. Mostly it happens when you are having sex or intercourse with the infected person. This is why it is called a sexual disease. It occurs when a needle injects you after injected the other person who is infected with the human immune virus.

HIV Test

Sometimes the mother who is giving birth to a baby and infected with the human immune virus, it’s rare for a baby to prevent AIDS. According to experts, it is also a genetic disease. If a baby infected during birth, he has the AIDS for whole life. It can also be transmitted during breastfeeding by an infected mother.

When an infected person’s blood or semen enters your body or bloodstream, the human immune virus starts its work to affect your immunosystem. Because of the human immune virus’s special and dangerous tendency, it affects your immune system and the T cells of your body. Because of immune system’s importance, your body starts performing low and gets irresponsible to prevent diseases and does not work correctly. This is why it’s difficult to cure AIDS.

The government uses every possible way to inform people how to prevent AIDS. They educate people and let them know about the adverse effects of this deadly disease.

In many countries, there are a lot of disease and AIDS prevention centers powered by the government to help people who are infected and suffering adverse effects of AIDS. They do this for free and provide a lot of facilities to AIDS patients.

HIV Test

HIV test shows whether a person is infected or not with the human immune virus, but it can’t tell that how long you have been infected with HIV or you AIDS. As we know that HIV causes AIDS. Acquires Immuno Deficiency Syndrome is the stage that is most advanced of HIV infection. Some symptoms of AIDS are not considered because they are common as always, but at the time, these symptoms become dangerous. As it’s too late to control this, but you need to go for HIV test to be sure about it.

HIV Test

HIV test is essential because you need to continue using presentations. If you think that you are at high risk of having AIDS or getting infected, then start taking the medicines or therapy. The medicine to prevent HIV is called pre-exposure prophylaxis. If you are HIV negative, you should continue taking steps to prevent HIV such as using condoms.

Consult with your health care provider and take the steps as they advise. You should be sure that health care provider is experienced and approved. Start taking antiretroviral therapy. Antiretroviral therapy does not cure AIDS correctly, but it can control the human immune virus. If you are HIV positive, you need to start ART as soon as possible. Your consultant would advise you better that which medicine should you take if you are HIV positive.

According to the AIDS prevention centers, 14 to 65 years old get tested for HIV at least once. Sexually active and bisexual men often go for HIV Test for every 2 to 6 months. Experts advise that every pregnant woman should go for HIV Test infection as soon as possible. If the HIV Test shows positive, she must take HIV prevention medicines to reduce the risk of mother to child HIV transmission.

Types of HIV Test

There are three primary HIV test. These are divided into three types because of their window time and the procedure.

1. Antibody Tests

HIV Test

This test checks for antibodies in fluids of mouth and blood. The antibodies are the central part of the immune system and prevent the diseases. These are also called disease-fighting proteins. Some HIV antibodies in the human body only respond to the human immune virus. Mostly it takes 4 to 15 months for a human body to make enough antibodies to conduct an HIV antibody test to detect HIV. It means, the most critical time to conduct an antibody test to detect HIV is 4 to 15 months.

2. Combination Tests [Antigen Test]

HIV Test

This HIV test also detects HIV antibodies but HIV antigens too in the human body’s blood. This combination test can detect infection before an HIV body antibody or antigen. It can take 3 to 6 months for a human body to make enough antigens and antibodies to conduct this combination test. This combination test is now recommended in labs to done and become the most common test to detect human immune virus infection.

3. Nucleic Acid Test [NATs}

NATs can detect HIV only in blood. But it can be conducted within 7 to 28 days after getting infected with the human immune virus. Nucleic acid tests are expensive and not used in routine to detect the human immune virus. But if the person had a high risk of getting infected with HIV, it has conducted. This test can detect the earlier symptoms of HIV infection, and this is the reason behind its high cost.

HIV Test

There are some more procedures to detect HIV, but they are not approved yet. But you have already three good ideas to detect HIV infection. A procedure name CD4 T-cell count is also an alternative to know that person is infected or not. This procedure does not check the human immune virus’s presence, but according to the cell count of T cell, an expert can guess the presence of HIV. The CD4 T cell count procedure is used to monitor immune system in HIV positive patient. A normal T cell count is 500 cells/mm3 to 1000 cells/mm3. When this count drops below 200 cells/mm3, this means the person is HIV infected and can have AIDS. The lower T cells in the infected person’s body can be the cause of cancer or another permanent disease.

If you are HIV positive or you feel that you are at high risk of getting HIV infection, the right time to take an HIV test is 3 to 12 weeks by NATs testing system. This test will screen your immune system and blood cells. If you are HIV positive, it can show the accurate results after seven weeks. Sometimes the person chooses the test before seven weeks then it is not sure that it will show the right results or may create a problematic condition.

Symptoms of HIV Infection

According to experts, the HIV infection’s symptoms are to slow to show their results and get high over the time. But if you are HIV positive, then you can experience a long-term infection or illness that is taking much time to recover than usual. Opportunistic illness is the clear sign of HIV infection. You will feel the symptoms related to flu.

HIV Test

Some Early Symptoms of HIV infection

• A constant headache
• Tiredness
• Fever
• Muscle and joint pain
• Genital ulcers
• Ulcers in the mouth
• Swollen lymph nodes
• A sore throat
• Diarrhea
• Night Sweats
• Constant common cold

There are not any fixed or approved time of HIV infection’s arise symptoms. They can arise in 2 months although in 2 weeks. Over the time it progresses. These symptoms are common that you had in your daily life so usually, a person does not consider it. Over the time, its process it’s deadly stages.

Symptoms of stage 3 of HIV infection

• Rashes
• Chills
• Excessive night sweats
• Severe weight loss
• Genital sores
• High fevers
• Regular fatigue
• Pneumonia
• Memory loss
• White spots in the mouth
• Yellowish or white tongue
• breathing problems
• skin infections
• persistent coughing

How can you Reduce the Risk of getting HIV?

Now you know about the unfortunate results of HIV and the effects on your life. Everyone should take some steps to prevent HIV infection. HIV can infect any person, but if you try to prevent this, you can save yourself from its infection.

HIV Test

Get tested, and you should know about your partner’s HIV status. Ask your partner for HIV test if he/she never gets tested. Be sure about your partner’s HIV status before having sex. HIV spreads by having risky sex. It spreads by having vaginal or anal sex. You should use a condom whenever you have sex or take medicine to prevent HIV. A condom is the main part of prevention of HIV. Limit the number of your sexual partners because the more partners you have, the more you conduct a physical activity with them. Without know about your partner’s HIV status or your partner’s HIV may not control well.

Whenever you visit a doctor to take an injection remember, you have to consider the needle that is going to inject you. Mostly HIV infection spreads by the needle that injects your body. Whenever you have to inject yourself, take the unused and sterilized needle.
Take some routine HIV checkups. Be sure every time about infection of HIV. You have to be sure about your partner too. Consult your healthcare provider about pre-exposure prophylaxis. The PrEP procedure is used to be sure that you are preventing HIV or not. Some people who have a high risk of getting infected can also use this process to prevent HIV infection. Just consult your healthcare provider about this and to prevent infection. If you are using a condom while having sex with your partner either you or your partner has HIV infection, you can prevent AIDS.

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