My hands look manly! What to do?

Every girl dreams of soft, beautiful, feminine and delicate hands. But unfortunately everyone is not blessed with beautiful hands by birth and some are so busy in everyday work that they are not able to take care of their hands. Especially ladies doing household work are not able to maintain their hands due household works like cleaning using cleaning solutions, washing clothes, dish washing and etc. these daily activities dry out the skin of hands and make them look manly, tired and messy. Ladies are more concerned about their facial beauty and won’t leave the house without apply kajal or lipstick. But they don’t give a second thought on how their hands and nails are looking.

However our hands are equally noticed. Suppose you have a cute face, sweet voice and a great toned body but manly hands it won’t give a good impression. Sometimes small details of your body reflect your overall personality and can make a huge difference. Onecan’t change the structure of our hands but definitely we can work on them to give them a more feminine look.

If you are wondering that how to get those girly hands when you have manly structured hands?

Well it isn’t much you can do with the shape of hands but definitely work on the appearance of your hands with daily care and proper grooming of hands and nails. Just invest a little time weekly to manicure your hands and few efforts to take care of them to make them look pretty and beautiful.

Ways to keep your hands look more feminine:

Invest in right grooming tools

Hands and nails should always be neatly groomed so that hands look clean. We are constantly using our hands for every work so it’s essential to keep them groomed.

Grooming of hands and nails don’t take much time if we are using the right tools.

Here are some grooming tools you can use to get those feminine hands:

Hand cream

You should invest in a good hand cream and check for its ingredients as they should be thicker in consistency and should offer good hydration to hands and nails. Hand creams prevents hand drying out and also prevents peeling off of skin near nails.

Nail brush


It a tool used for cleaning nails from inside. If you have long nails you need to clean them regularly at twice a day so that they don’t look shabby and dirty.

Glass nail file

Glass nail file

Nail file is used to give a proper shape to nails in order to avoid any distortions in the shape of nails. One should invest in a glass nail file as it is gentler to nails as preferred to a Emery board or a metal nail file.

Nail buffer

Nail buffer

We don’t always have time to polish our nails. Nail buffer gives your nails a shine without using a nail polish. It gives nails a natural look and even without polish your hands and nails look beautiful.

Go for regular manicures


Go for regular manicures for hands in order to make them soft and give them a more feminine touch. Either do it at home or go to a salon. To make it easy to your pocket and to be regular you can prefer doing manicure at home on weekly basis.

Here are few home-made manicures you can try to get those beautiful gorgeous looking hands.

Nails manicure: 

Things you’ll need

Good moisturizing lotion, Nailbrush, Emory board, Nail buffer, and cotton balls/swab, Nail polish, nail polish remover and top coat polish.


  • Dip your hands in warm water and massage soap on hands and nails. Now clean nails using a nailbrush and scrub underneath your nails. Rinse your hands under the running warm water in order to remove all the dirt.
  • Now dry your hands with towel and massage the hand cream/lotion into your hands especially between the fingers and broken cuticles.
  • Now file your nails into whatever shape (round, pointed or square) using Emory board. Use a glass nail file and run it in one direction across tips of nails to get the desired shape. Don’t keep the nails too short or too long.
  • Use a nail buffer and rub it back and forth across your nails to get smooth looking nails.
  • Now apply nail polish of your choice. Apply two coats and use a topcoat polish of transparent color to achieve a well-manicured look. Finish the procedure with a cotton ball dipped in nail polish remover to remove the excess nail polish around the nails cuticles.

Exfoliating homemade manicure :

Things you’ll need

Moisturizing soap, bowl, olive oil, one tablespoon sugar, towel and petroleum jelly or hand cream


  • Use a moisturizing soap and warm water to clean your hands in order remove excess oil and dirt.
  • Take a small bowl and fill it with warm water. Add drops of olive oil into it and dip your hands in the bowl for 10 minutes.
  • Put one tablespoon of sugar mixed with warm water on your hands all over front and back and rub your hands together for few minutes.
  • After the exfoliation using sugar rinse your hands with warm water and using a hand towel pat dry your hands.
  • Apply hand cream/lotion or petroleum jelly on your hands and allow it to penetrate deeply to hand skin so that skin can absorb it completely. Don’t resume to your normal activities for at least 25-30 minutes until it deeply hydrates your skin and smoothens it.

Don’t make manicure mistakes

A manicure is an essential part of hand and nail care. Either you do it yourself or make it done from a salon if you want beautiful feminine hands this is the must procedure.

But one should avoid few manicure mistakes while it at home:

  • Avoid nails to either grow too long or too short as both these lengths of nails don’t look good and make the fingers look stubbier. The best nail length is about 1/8″-1/4″ above your fingertips. Shape them well and your hands are good to go.
  • Avoid applying too bright nail colors as if you have manly structured hands they won’t suit your hands. Avoid bold colors and stick with neutral color tones which can perfectly blend with your hands and beautify them. Try colors like soft pink, ivory, nude shades or subtle colors like light purple. Choose the bold ones for your toes. 

Shave the hairy knuckles

 If you already have manly structured hands and on the top of it hairy knuckles makes it is quite obvious that nobody will like hairy hands on a girl. So if you have hairy knuckles, don’t forget to shave them on regular basis or get them waxed along with hands so that your hands can look presentable as a woman. This is one of the most important point to keep in mind and can’t be ignored if you want perfectly impeccable feminine hands.

Wear jewelry to make hands look more girly

Wear jewelry in hands

If you adorn your hands beautifully with some exquisite jewelry definitely your hands not just look feminine but makes a statement and people are forced to praise your hands. Rings and bracelets definitely make your hands look pretty and eye catching but there are few things you need to keep in mind while you invest in a jewelry for your hands:

  • Small pretty rings and dainty bracelets are feminine but don’t suit every hand type as they make your hands bigger comparatively. So avoid delicate jewelry instead go for chunkier jewelry that suit your hands and beautify them.
  • Don’t just fill up your hand with innumerable rings and bracelets as it call attention to area which you maydon’t want to showcase. Keep it low classy that is just one or two pieces is all you need to wear on hands to make them look feminine. And if you have manly structured hands you can wear a statement necklace or beautiful earrings in order to seek attention on face rather than hands.
  1. Keep a good quality moisturizer for hands

 moisturizer for hands

 We all are aware of the importance of moisturizing the skin. Same goes with hands. We wash them a lot of times a day, perform day to day activities with them so they are ones who need that extra care. Use a good quality hand moisturizer or a hand cream.

  • Always keep it in your bag so that you use it often.
  • Go for a moisturizer which contain emollients (like jojoba oil, lanolin) and humectants (like glycerin, urea) to lubricate your hand skin, transfer the moisture from environment to skin and make them soft to touch.
  • If your hands are cracked, chapped or sore then just a regular moisturizer is not enough and it has to be treated overnight. To do so make sure at bedtime you apply a lot of petroleum jelly, cocoa butter or beeswax on your hands and wear cotton gloves so that the skin of hand can repair throughout night.
  • You can also use natural moisturizers like coconut oil or Aloe Vera gel. Simply apply coconut oil on hands and wear gloves on it. Aloe Vera is more effective in treating sores and cracks and is less oily as well.

Know how to wash hands

Know how to wash hands

One must know the proper technique to wash hands so that they don’t dry out and are properly cleaned.  Here are some tips:

  • Don’t use hot water.Instead use warm water to clean your hands.
  • Use a mild cleanser to wash your hands.
  • Use mild moisturizing soaps instead of soaps with fragrances, preservatives and which are drying.
  • Avoid using hot air dryer to dry hands instead use towel or paper towel to pat dry. Apply moisturizer immediately after washing hands.
  • People who are in a habit of washing hands 12 times a day should use moisturizing wipes or sanitizers instead of using regular drying soaps. Alcohol sanitizers are drying so avoid them.

Exfoliate your hands

Exfoliate your hands

Exfoliate your hands only if your hands aredull. It’s optional if you have too dry and chapped hands. Exfoliate your hands to get bright and glowing hands to remove all the dead skin from hands. Do this twice a week and be sure to moisturise your hands immediatelyonce you are done.

  • You always need to check how your hands respond to exfoliation. If condition of your hands is becoming worse reduce the number of times you exfoliate your hands. If still the condition doesn’t improve discontinue the exfoliation.
  • You can prepare an exfoliator at home by simply mixing two tablespoon of brown sugar with olive oil. You can also use coffee powder mixed in olive oil.
  • If your hands have dead skin you can also use pumice stone to clean them up. Just an exfoliating cream is not enough in this case. 

Give your hands an oat bath

hands an oat bath

Oat bath is great for treating dry, cracked and rough hands. Simply grind oats in a mixer and sprinkle them into a vessel filled with warm water. Soak your hands for atleast 15minutes. You can do this in a bath tub and take a oat bath for entire body as well.

To add onto its benefits you can mix olive or jojoba oil in the vessel along with oats and warm water. Simply soak your hands into this mixture for half an hour and you will find your hands much smoother and soft due to the moisturizing properties of olive/jojoba oil.

Take good care of your nails

good care of your nails

If you will keep your nails clean and well maintained then naturally you can get those feminine hands. Nails are essential part of hands and are a very important feature which determines the beauty of your hands. Improper care of nails may also be a reason why your hands look manly.

Here some tips for nail care so that you can beautify your nails and hands at the same time.

  • Use a soft bristled nail brush to clean your nails. Don’t forget to clean underneath your nails.
  • You have dirt stuck under your nails; use a metal file to scrape it out. Be careful while doing this.
  • Instead of cutting your nails file them. Learn how to file nails and file in just one direction and moving it back and forth can break your nails. Get a smooth nail file as a rough one can break and tear your nails.
  • Don’t cut your cuticles. It may give your hands a ragged look.
  • Don’t forget to apply a hand cream to moisturize your nails and cuticles. Put oil like olive oil, coconut oil around cuticles as it is a great way to prevent them from drying off and get torn.
  • Never use nail polish remover comprising of acetone as it makes nail brittle and may irritate the skin around nails.
  • While applying nail polish always keep in mind to start with protective base coat and then follow it up with a top coat so that the base color is retained.
  • Prefer nail shellac instead of nail polish as it lasts longer and boosts hydration.
  • Don’t keep your nails polished all the time as it also contains toxins which can be harmful for nail health.
  • To make your hands look more feminine and if you have short nails you can fake nails.
  • Try out interesting nail arts and pattern to make your hands look interesting and glamorous. 

Wear gloves


In order to keep your hands soft, smooth and prevent them from damage then don’t forget to wear gloves. Wear gloves when you out in winters, wear rubber gloves while doing the household activities like washing dishes, cleaning the house or washing clothes. Wear gloves when you are driving a two wheeler in order to protect them from sun damage.

Any activity that dry out your hands like dying hair, gardening etc. one should always keep in mind to wear gloves.

Go for cotton or leather gloves as they are the best options. Don’t use vinyl gloves as they may dry out your hands.  If you want to wear waterproof gloves then go for disposable vinyl gloves.

If you have sensitive skin then wear cotton gloves for daily household chores.

Your hands may not be as important for you as your face but they make sure they don’t look manly and distract from your feminine look. Apply these ways suggested above to blend in your hands beautifully.

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