Exercise – Way to good health and long life!

In the world of technology, we can do all our chores in just snipe of our fingers. By sitting at our place only, we can put orders for not only our home needs but for our daily needs and can get them delivered at our doorstep. In minutes only we can book our train or flight tickets and can execute our travels plans.

Everything has become so easy and convenient with the advance in technology and the revolution brought by the internet. Not only big and multinational companies but we all are deriving the benefits of the technology. So is this the beginning of a new era?

New era but retrograde us

Though we are enjoying this a lot but our body and health have something different to say. With all these joys there are sorrows which accompany them. You may recognise these detrimental effects on our health and may easily refer them as side effects of technology.

But dear friends, we ourselves are at fault. There is not only the technology to blame but we ourselves are responsible for our ill health. Our negligence to our body is the root cause.

Don’t ignore your Health

In this fast-paced society, we are busy making money and get very little time for ourselves. But with a little day to day exercise, you can pay the attention to your body that it requires staying healthy. Someone has rightly said, No wealth without good health.


Also, if there is no health, all the wealth is useless. For example, if you have back pain or joint problems, you cannot even enjoy day to day playful activities with your children. So, it affects your quality of life. But with the inclusion of some exercises in your daily schedule, you can get your healthy life back.

How does exercise help?

Not only taking your health problems away, exercise also has multiple benefits.

  1. Boost brain function
  2. Diminishes stress levels
  3. Reduces risk of heart failure
  4. Lowers the risk of body ailments
  5. Keeps our muscles and bones strong
  6. Helps in maintaining body weight
  7. Release out toxins
  8. Helps fight diseases
  9. Secretes happy chemicals
  10. Provides a glowing skin
  11. Improves sleep
  12. Act as energy booster
  13. Enhances self-confidence

Boosts brain function

not only exercise relaxes our brain it also improves our brain power. As with exercise we become more disciplined and start to remember things more often. Even the studies have shown that exercise boosts brain function.

Diminishes stress levels

Exercise can prove to be your way to tackling work and life stresses. It helps us combat both physical and mental stresses by modulating brain response to stress by norepinephrine, a chemical released in our body.

Reduces risk of heart failure

Exercise reduce the chances of getting major diseases like heart disease, stroke etc. Medical research has shown that daily exercise improves heart function and keep it in a healthy state.

Lowers the risk of body ailments

Medical science has proven that regular exercise can lower the risk of many systemic diseases like Diabetes, cancer, dementia etc. So our all body organs stay in good health and balanced state.

Keeps our muscles and bones strong


Exercise stimulates muscle activity in our body. Bones remain strong and healthy. Even joint and muscle pains and arthritis problem can be reduced through regular exercise.

Helps in maintaining body weight

Exercise is not only a great and natural way to reduce body weight but it also keeps it in check. It helps us maintain the desired body weight as per our age and height.

Releases out toxins

Sweating up daily through exercise releases harmful toxins from the body. Detoxification by exercise is the easy and convenient way of checking toxin levels in the body. This further reduces the chances of acquiring major diseases like cancer.

Helps fight diseases

Daily exercise is usually recommended by medical physicians for people suffering from cardiac diseases, diabetes, arthritis etc. Routine exercise not only helps fight major diseases but also keeps minor diseases like flu and infections in check by strengthening the immune system of our body.

Secretes happy chemicals

Exercise stimulates secretions of happy hormones inside our body. These chemicals called endorphins build up the feeling of happiness. This not only boosts up our mood but also helps fight depression or anxious states.

Provides a glowing skin

Though it may sound little strange at first but it is true. Routine exercise provides us with a healthy and glowing skin by keeping toxins away. Clogged skin pores also open up with exercise and give our skin a smooth and even appearance.

Improves sleep

By improving your sleep cycle, exercise can help you fall asleep easily. Persons who find difficulty sleeping at night can take the help of exercise and can find positive results of good and sound sleep within few weeks of starting exercise.

Act as energy booster

Fatigue can be warded away by some simple and easy exercises. It will build up energy in your body to do your work. If you follow the routine, it can help increase your stamina to do more work in less time thus increasing your work efficiency.

Enhances self-confidence

Exercise not only frees your body of negative thoughts but also improves your self-confidence by equipping you with a physically fit body and mind. It boosts your self-esteem and confidence and thus your ability to not fear difficult challenges.

Thus by making a space for exercise in your daily routine, you will become a master of a healthy body. By that fit and attractive body, you will not boost your personality but may inspire others too!

To a long life, healthy body is the way

To a healthy body, Exercise is the key!

Health All in One