Common Food Items to avoid To stay safe from False Positive in a Drug Test

Imagine taking all the necessary precautions so that you can pass a drug test either for a job or sports, only to find that you have convincingly failed! Take your imagination to this other scary situation: You have no memory of you ever abusing drugs in your life but you have tested positive in a pre-employment drug test! It is conventional for you person to think that the Human Resource Manager or the athletics committee was malicious or simply framed you so that you miss the opportunity to shine. Of course this can be true for corrupt drug test administrators.

Here is another thought. Has it ever crossed your mind that your daily diet can lead to a false positive in a drug test? Well, it is good for you to know that the fate of your drug tests results is not entirely on the type of drugs you abuse but also on the food that you consume prior to the particular test. Here are some of the common food items that can lead to a false positive in a drug test.

Supplements for Vitamin B

The synthetic nature of most commercial supplements for vitamin B2 (riboflavin) can make a drug test to have a false positive for Cannabis sativa conventionally know as marijuana. Commercial supplements especially for vitamin B2 are manufactured by fermenting the natural plant containing it, or can simply be produced from hempseed oil. The best thing you need in order to pass your drug test is to avoid taking any vitamin B supplements as they may cost you dearly.

Quinine water

This is also known as Tonic Water and was originally manufactured as a medium of transporting quinine from Latin America. When you drink this water, chances are that you may test positive for opiates. Consuming even a few milliliters of this water 24 hours before the drug test can lead to a false positive. Now that you have been enlightened, don’t be ignorant. Avoid tonic water if you want to pass your drug test.

Hemp Seeds

A range of hemp seeds products including the seeds themselves, hemp seed milk or oil will in no doubt lead to a false positive of marijuana. This is because the seeds contain minute traces of THC and the tests are not developed enough to differentiate between the THC in marijuana from the one from hemp seeds. Of importance to note is that the THC is stored in body fats meaning that it can be traced any time within 30 days after consumption. You don’t want to be crucified because of false positive for THC and you know what to in regard to hemp seed consumption. If you simply can’t get through without the hemp seeds, you can try almonds.

Cough/cold syrups

Most of the cold remedies contain pseudoephedrine which is of course an amphetamine (synthetic). In large quantities, pseudoephedrine is used to manufacture meth. Sudafed is also commonly mistaken for illegal drugs just because it contains traces of pseudoephedrine. The presence of amphetamines is detected through saliva drug tests. Sudafed is a common treatment for cold or allergy. . Before a drug test, kindly avoid cold medication or you stand a chance to test positive for amphetamines.

Poppy seeds

These are mostly used to add flavor in bagels and muffins. What most people do not know is that poppy seeds contain opiates and this renders them vulnerable to have a false positives for codeine and opium. They remain in the body system for as long as 48 hours hence avoid them if you have a pending drug test within that time. In the meantime, enjoy sunflower seeds or sesame seeds.

Granola Bars

Granola bars contain hemp seeds. By now you clearly know that hemp seeds lead to a false positive for marijuana. Granola bars that contain honey mustard, smoke flavors, jalapeno and Thai sweet chill are the common culprits. They might taste like heaven to you but can also be hell when they lead to a false positive for cannabis in your drug test.


This product is consumed by the people with urinary tract infections for an immediate relief. Azo has also been widely used to fool urinary drug tests because it changes the urine color to either yellow or red. After this was discovered, the drug test administrators have been using such changes as red-flags and the results can be treated as positive simply by implying that you are trying to cover up something!

The above substances can also be deposited some cookers. It is therefore advisable that you thoroughly clean them after cooking.

By now, it is clear to you that drug tests detect traces of substances contained in the illegal drugs. The tests however are unable to distinguish between the substances contained in food or those in the drugs of interest. This leaves most people vulnerable to false positives simply due to their diets. It doesn’t matter where the traces of illegal substances came from: repercussions are the same. It is therefore wise to avoid consuming any of the above food substances for a considerable time before taking a drug test!

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