Cleanse Your Body With Detoxification Process

About Detoxification

Detoxification is a process that cleanses your body. Everyone wants the body to work perfect and clean from inside. In this modern world, every food product is not pure. In some of the foods, some chemicals present which is harmful to our body and affects our liver, amylase, intestines or metabolites. These chemicals are harmful and can be toxic to our body.


There are many types of detoxification processes like alcohol detoxification, drugs detoxification, skin detoxifications and many more. Detoxification is about how to cleanse your body inside out. It can help you to avoid disease and renew your body’s ability to maintain average health, and it makes your immunity system strong. Then your body can prevent many diseases easily.

Detoxification means a healthy life that everyone wants. This process removes impurities from your body. When you start this process, your body starts eliminating toxins from lungs, kidneys, intestines, skin, etc.

How Does it Work?

If you want to start this process, you have to quit some bad habits first like drinking alcohol, smoking, junk food, etc. Then it will be easier and more efficient for your body. These things are the real toxins in your body even when these things are relaxing you by drinking or eating them. You have to take a proper diet program that includes some green vegetables, salad, healthy natural shakes, plenty of water and much more.detoxification

After cleansing these toxins from your body, it’s important to feed your healthy body nutrients, proper diet plan, etc. Some workouts and exercises are helpful too in this process, i.e., yoga, meditation.

Things to Consider if you are going to start this process:

Make a Healthy Diet Chart

If you are going to start the detoxification procedure, you have to make a diet chart first, and in that, you should include full and healthy food. You can find many of prepared products at your nearby grocery store, but it would be better if you add some healthy food like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meat or fish.


You can consult your healthcare practitioner or naturopath to make a full diet plan. Generally, your naturopath will advise you to add whole food only in your diet plan. Instead of depending on the grocery products, the natural diet will help you more. You should know what your body needs the most to relieve all the toxins from your body and their organs.

Increase the Fiber in your Body

Increasing the fiber in your body is the main process of detoxification. Fiber comes from the natural foods, and a healthy diet is most important to boost fibers in your body.

There are two types of fiber that help create regularity.

First one is Insoluble fiber, it can found in green vegetables or fruits such as broccoli and apple. This fiber helps maintain regularity of your intestine that means a healthy and well working body. The second and most important fiber is Soluble fiber, which comes from wheat, beans, and pears. It helps to bulk up the contents of many important enzymes and acids in your body. It helps to make your skin detoxifying too.


The insoluble fiber moves into your digestive system and removes unusual toxins and waste. Eliminating toxins from your body depends on the level of fiber existence in your body. Whether soluble fiber’s main sources are Brown rice, Beans, lentils, Oats and some other grains. Soluble fibers are absorbed by most of your body organs. It is dissolvable, and it maintains your cholesterol level. Click here to know more about fiber-rich foods.

On the other side, insoluble fiber does not dissolve; it moves in a block format. This fiber is a force that pushes your food through your digestive system and helps to digest your food.

This helps to prevent constipation. This is the reason for a healthy and toxin free stomach.
These fibers control sugar level in your body. It stops the sugar to reach your bloodstream and controls your cholesterol level. Now you can understand that how much fibers are important for your body and detoxification process.

Drink Plenty of Water

If you want to boost your fiber, you need to stay hydrated. It will help your bowels to work properly. But drinking too much water is also not healthy. You have to determine that how much water your body needs, you should divide your body weight in half and convert that number to the ounce.



A female body needs 2-liter water each day according to a survey of usually their weight is about to 140 pounds that means 70 ounces means 2-liter water per day. An average male body needs double of female body’s ounce.

It is also called water detox diet; it is as useful as another detox diet. Even will be a most important part of your detoxing diet chart. It eliminates the wastes and toxins through your urinary system. If you are going through the detoxification program and taking a water detox diet, you have to choose between the water varieties. Like there is mineral water, tap water, hard and soft water. Mineral water plays a big role in your water detox diet. Hard water has rich minerals and calcium and magnesium than soft water.

Drinking hard water has more benefits than drinking soft water. Hard mineral water has rich calcium and magnesium components that pay off a huge amount of your water detox diet. You need to be hydrated properly when you are going through the detoxing process. That’s how can you take a good and proper water detox diet.

Say No to Extra Sugar

Sugar is not toxic, but if you eat something that has a higher sugar level, it’s not made for you when even you are on detoxification. Sugar does not dissolve in your stomach and remain in your digestive system or absorbed in another organ of your body that the organs can’t eliminate that on its own.


Whenever we eat carbohydrates, it breaks down into some big particles. Most of them eliminate by fibers, but some particles remain inside our body. If you consume fewer sugar things, it will be healthy for your body. But over-consuming sugar became toxins in our body. You should stop eating sweet stuff. If you consume grains and other food products that include in diet chart, the sugar stuff you ate could be dissolved easily then without diet.

Sugar is a cause of you feel everytime tired. You can reduce your addiction to eating sugar stuff by taking high proteins in the morning. You can drink some protein shakes or have eggs or bulk of walnuts.

Now you can understand well that what is the role of sugar while you are going through detoxification program but it’s not recommended by a naturopath that you should properly quit eating sugar or sweet stuff, but you should quit eating sweet stuff that has a higher level of sugar or carbohydrate. Carbs are good for our body but not during the body detox program.

Avoid Alcohol, Smoking & Drugs

If you consume alcohol or tobacco stuff, this is not healthy for your body. Everyone knows this, but during the detoxification process, it’s your biggest enemy. Alcohol is not healthy for your liver, and it affects it badly.


When you know that you are already trying to eliminate toxins from your body, then how can you be so irresponsible during the program. Alcohol causes mental and physical problems too. If you are addictive about it, just decide to avoid it and think about your body’s health. Do not take this lightly. It’s a thing that you should consider if you want to make your body healthy and toxin free.

On the other hand, smoking is deadly dangerous for you. It causes cancer and other harmful and deadly disease, but if you quit smoking, you’d never have to go through the detox program. Smoking affects your lungs badly and damages them like they can’t recover again. But according to researchers, if you quit smoking, within one month your body starts to improve. Now you can understand well that why all the society admit that it’s a very bad thing. You can reduce your addiction to this stuff, only by your mind power and dedication to quit it.

Get your Sweat Outside of your Body

Getting the sweat out of your body eliminates any kinds of toxins. It has a lot of benefits, and you can experience those benefits on your skins. By the way, your body is already designed to take itself your sweat out, but we can help it to perform better. Most of the work of detoxing is handled by our liver and kidneys but when these organs overcome than your body has to manage this. That’s when the body starts to push your sweat out of your body.


Sweat comes out of your every part of the body. You should start body brushing or soap and water bath water h during the detox program. It would help to open and clear the micro-holes that you can’t see clearly in your skin. It helps to come sweat out of your body in a huge amount.

Having some exercises is the best idea to make your sweat come out by your body. Just add some exercises in your detox plan chart or have some tips about exercises from your naturopath or practitioner health consultant. Your skin face pollution all the day and this becomes a reason of skin toxins. Read my another article on Exercise – Way to Good Health and Long Life.

If you start this sweat detox program, you can experience that your skin is improving and having more glow then before. But you should just keep your body hydrated because sweat detox program consumes many types of your body fluids, which are made of water. You should just keep drinking water. Sweat detox many kinds of toxins from your body.

Find an Experienced Consultant

Observe and investigate first that which consultant would be better for your detox program. If you choose the right naturopath, you will get better experience a
Nowadays there are many naturopaths around us, but you should and have a proper and healthy detox program.


You can find the best naturopath in your city. If you are not able, there are many experienced and good naturopath around the internet. You can consult them online. A good naturopath is needed as you need to make your body healthy and how much you want to detox your body.

Make Some Good Habits

Even after the detox program finished, you should make your habits good and healthy. Then you would never need to go through detox process again. You should quit alcohol and smoking and other bad habits that affect your body organs. You should be on a diet even after the detox program. A healthy diet will make your body organs work properly and perform better. As mentioned above, the fiber food, fruits, vegetables, etc. Are good for your health and make your body to eliminate toxin by itself own.

Always eat healthy stuff and exercise. Reject to eat unhealthy foods like junk food, fast food, etc. Drink protein shakes and healthy juices. A balanced and healthy diet makes your body organs. Feed your body some healthy nutrients, minerals, rich carbs, vitamins, etc.

The Foods to Avoid During & After Detox Process

Detox program’s results depend on what you eat during and after the process. During detox program, you have to avoid some foods to make the process successful. Most toxins in your body absorbed by the food you eat. You should quit eating high sugar stuff; the reason is already mentioned in the article. Quitting alcohol and smoking is already specified.


Except this, you should quit drinking coffee. You can have coffee but not more than a cup each day. During the detox process, you should avoid dairy products like milk, cheese or butter. Because these products are hard to digest and you should avoid pesticide residues food, MSG, packaged foods, red meat, starches, refined carbs, trans fats, gluten wheat.

Once you get these stuff out of your body and organs that already absorbed them, your body starts eliminating toxins and wastes itself. Remember that you should not add these things to your diet to maintain your health.

Add Healthy Drinks & Shakes to your Diet.

By adding some healthy drinks to your detox diet, it will be more easy for your body to eliminate toxins. Because of the liquid state of these healthy drinks, these can be easily absorbed by your organs and make toxins out of the parts easily. You should add some lemon drinks to give your body a healthy bulk of Vitamin C, that is the most important thing for your body while its eliminating toxins out.


Some healthy soluble protein shakes that can be digested and absorb easily by your body organs. Green tea and lemon tea is also a good option or drinks that includes fibers. You can find this easily in any grocery store around you.

You should drink some fruit juices and shakes. And, you can consult your naturopath about which drinks you should add to your diet. Blueberry shake, banana shakes, green tea, lemon drinks and other natural shakes and drinks.

How Would you Know that your Body is Screaming for Detoxification?

Detoxing your body is a good and healthy idea. But how can you know that your body needs a detoxing program? Here are some symptoms, if you feel any of them then you need to go through a detox program.


First one is a clear sign that you need to detox your body. Your tongue gets yellow or white in color. And you start having bad breath or a bad odor in your mouth. If you are getting fat or you feel that your belly is increasing then no doubt that you really want a detoxing program. Sometimes you got the excessive sweat out of your body or feels too much heat comes out of your body.

If you are doing any exercise to prevent some disease and you are not getting better results that means your body organs are not working well. You need to detoxify them. Sometimes you feel that you are suffering from mood swinging, this is also a reason for toxins exist in your body. Meditations, yoga, and medicines do not show the right or as expected results on your body. Insomnia, headache weight loss resistance, high blood pressure, increased cholesterol level and constipation is also a sign that you need to detox your body. If you are facing these symptoms, just be alert and have detox program.

Here are Some More Symptoms that you Need to Go through Body Detoxing:

  • Bad breath and mouth odor
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Low performing digestive system
  • Weakness
  • Not getting results of medicine or exercises
  • Yellow or white tongue
  • Increasing belly size
  • Yellow urine
  • Constipation
  • Stomach pain
  • Acidity
  • Skin infection
  • Pimples


It’s my personal advice that you should choose detox program once to live a healthy and disease-free life. If you are going to choose this, just concentrate on a healthy diet and do exercise daily during and after the detoxing.

I hope this article will help you to get better results in your detoxing process. 🙂

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