Get Perfect Deltoids With These Deltoid Muscle Exercises

Hey Guys! Hope you are Doing Good! In Today’s article, I am going to write about Deltoid Muscle Exercises without using any equipment.

So, Let’s start with what the Deltoid Muscle is? It is the triangular-shaped rounded muscle over the top and sides of the shoulders which allow the arms to lift, flex, supports the rotator cuff and also helps in twisting.

Deltoid muscle exercises

Many bodybuilders work hard to develop and strengthen these muscles as they contribute to the appearance of a strong upper body which helps in protecting the shoulder joints. However, you can also work on these muscles without using any equipment or weights, and you can achieve this with the body-weight exercises (these require your muscles to overcome the resistance of your own body weight) which you can do to strengthen your deltoids muscles.

To efficiently develop your deltoids, make sure your workout is of appropriate volume and frequency and should include bodyweight Deltoids Muscle exercises such as pushups, pike presses, superman exercise, or pull-up power exercises.

Best Bodyweight Deltoid Muscle Exercises


Pushups are one of the best body deltoid muscle exercises. All you need to do is place your hands shoulder width apart with your legs extended on a yoga mat. Make sure your weight is evenly distributed between your feet and hands. Now bend your arms and exhale contacting your abdominal and gluteal muscles. Bend until your chin touches the ground and keep your back straight while doing this. Now straighten your arms and return to the starting position inhaling keeping your core muscles tight. Repeat twelve times and do a two to three sets of the same. If you find it difficult to do at first place, then kneel at an incline.


Once you master traditional pushups, you can opt for military pushups or Bench Wide-Grip Pushups.

Military pushups are same as traditional pushups, but there is a just small difference. Instead of placing your hands wider than your shoulders, position them directly under your shoulders with fingers pointed straight ahead. Once your elbows bend to 90 degrees, extend your hands to push yourself back up to the position from where you started. This position has the greater emphasis on your shoulders.

In Bench Wide-Grip Pushups, take the pushup position with your hands on the top of a flat workout bench rather than the floor. This angle has the great emphasis on the deltoids muscles. Try to Balance on the balls of your feet and keep your feet to hip-width apart. Now slowly Bend your elbows out to the sides lowering your torso toward the bench. Hold the contraction for two to three counts. Push back to straighten your arms and return to starting position.

Pike Press

Superman Exercise

The pike press up is one of the most powerful exercises that challenge the deltoids, arms, back, and upper sides. Simply Start with forming a Capital A or an inverted V shape with your body by keeping your feet hip-width apart, your buttocks up in the air and your hands pressed on the floor. Exhale when you bend your arms and inhale when you push up back. Make sure you Keep your head down and Lower your body slows down to the floor. Now slowly push back up to starting position.

Repeat till the times your arms feel fatigued. Pike press can either be done from the floor or benches, but it allows a greater range of motion if done on two benches. This position is quite similar to a downward dog position which is a known yoga position in which your arms bear the body weight.

For an added difficulty, place your feet on some raised platform and then repeat the same steps.

Superman Exercise

Deltoid muscle exercises

Lie down on your stomach with your legs straight, arms extended and keep your neck in a neutral position. Now slowly raise your arms, chest, and legs off the ground while squeezing your glutes and shoulders. If you are not comfortable with the position, then you can leave your leg on the floor and just raise your arms and chest. Hold this position for 5-10 seconds and make sure you breathe while you are in the position. After that lower your arms, chest and legs to the floor. Do at least two sets of 15 reps each.


Deltoid muscle exercises

To perform dips, you have to position yourself between dip bars. Hold each bar with a good grip with your hands.

Now Pick your body off the floor and make sure all the weight comes on your hands to create tension in the shoulder muscles. Now keep your arms straight. Keep your shoulders, hips, and knees in a vertical line. Now slowly Bend your elbows down toward the floor. Continue bending until they are bent to 90 degrees and then extend your arms to raise your body up to return to the starting position.

Full Circle

Deltoid muscle exercises

Full arm circle is one of the simplest deltoid muscle exercises which doesn’t require any equipment and also works in strengthening your triceps, biceps and shoulder muscles. Just stand up straight and pull your abdominal muscles close to the spine to relate a stable base. Now lift your arms to sides in a way that they are parallel to the floor. Now move them in quick circles. Stop when your arms feel tired and move them forward and backward. You can switch between hands and can repeat twice or thrice the same way.

Tips & Warnings When Training Deltoid Muscle Exercises:

Deltoid muscle exercises

• Make sure you warm up before starting these exercises. You can walk for 5 minutes swinging your arms along with that. You can also o arm circles or shoulder rolls before beginning the workout.
• Wear loose clothing and athletic shoes with good grip so that while doing pushups or pike press you can get that stability and you don’t slip.
• Do not do deltoid exercises if you have any past issues like shoulder dislocation, problems with your rotator cuff, or another shoulder injury.
• Make sure you take a day off from your shoulder workout sessions so that the deltoids muscles get proper time to heal.
• The most critical factor in stimulating muscle growth is tension. But don’t do improper movements like the shoulders are a complex and delicate structure of bones and muscles which can easily be damaged if the workout is not done correctly.

Follow these simple deltoid muscle exercises without any weights as your body is the best weight ever, and it’s always available!

Through this article, You have all the information you need to build strong deltoids so let’s not wait now. Start it asap and get the best results without any conventional training program.

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