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We all know that Cocaine Addiction is the worst dream in every person’s life. Still, some people get addicted to it. Cocaine is a drug that functions to increase the availability of dopamine level in your brain. Dopamine is allied to with the generation of emotions, the regularity o movement or the process of rewarding cues.

Cocaine addiction

Cocaine addiction can be the reason of death. It causes many kinds of diseases or psychiatric disorders. Cocaine is attractive as grand passion stuff for the person, who gets addicted to it. It affects your mood, energy or motivation. Someone misapply cocaine may snore, smoke or intravenously.

If you are facing some symptoms like disinhibition, increased common cold, itching nose, involuntary movements or some more signs, for sure, you are in big trouble that can because of your death. Cocaine addiction can damage your heart muscles. Damaged heart muscles cause heart strokes or heart failure, that means death and some other serious problems.

What is Cocaine?

Cocaine addiction

Cocaine comes in many forms. It can be in the form of white powder or small white rocks. It can be snorted or dissolved. Some drug addicts take it via injection. If you mix it in a flammable or high-temperature solvent, you’ll find that it is separated the intoxicating elements from some impurities. Addicts inhale the vapor after it is created from this process. It goes through a procedure with ammonia to remove some more impurities. The remaining particles are cocaine and can be smoked or dissolved in any liquid to take it by injection.

It is also an expensive and high addictive drug. It makes people spend a lot of money in a short time. The people who take this drug are called a high lifestyle people in the modern generation, but everyone knows it’s terrible effects. It may include in alcohol consumption and prostitution. This drug is not long-lasting, so the addict takes it again and again in a short time. The addicts of cocaine want to be high every time, and they spend a lot of money on it. According to experts, this is the reason for some crimes like robbery, murders or some illegal activities.

Where does Cocaine Come From?

Cocaine comes from a plant named ‘Coca.’ Coca plants are grown in the mountain areas of Peru, Colombia, and Bolivia. Thousand years ago, the laborers used to chew the coca plant leaves to work at a high altitude and with full energy. Nowadays some tiny farms owners are paid to grow the coca plants. Some farmers manufacture the pure cocaine. They mash coca plant’s leaves with ammonia. Then they took it with gasoline and sulfuric acid to get a component that looks like a white paste. Then they sold this white paste to a cocaine processor.

It’s illegal to consume or produce cocaine. That’s why the farmers who grow coca plants and process cocaine were living in Colombian forests. They export cocaine secretly by these forests. Earlier, there were many plants and farms of cocaine discovered in the Colombian forests by the government. Then the cops destroyed all farms and manufacturing plants, but they can’t stop it properly. Still, there are many farms of coca plants and manufacturers that process the cocaine, are producing cocaine in Colombian mountains and forests.

Nowadays the cocaine has become the second most smuggled thing in the world. The fact is that cocaine was introduced first time as a medicine. After that, it became a surgical anesthetic. As every medicine, this became an addiction or an opiate. After that, the countries that recognized this took this to a ban drugs category and declared that it’s illegal to take this or selling cocaine. Today every country has a bunch of laws against taking or smuggling cocaine. But this became a business for many people and corruption is the reason behind the presence of cocaine everywhere. The addict’s number is too higher in every country. That’s why cocaine could never be banned.

Harmful Effects of Cocaine

No one is unknown from the harmful effects of cocaine on your body and life. Cocaine can increase your agitation, that is like a bad dream. Effusive enthusiasm is one of the adverse effects of cocaine addiction. There are some short-term and long-term side effects of cocaine addiction. The short-term side effects of cocaine addiction are intense depression, edginess, and craving you for more of the drugs. If you are a cocaine addict, you can’t sleep and eat properly.

Cocaine addiction

If you are taking cocaine, you can experience significantly increased heart rate. You can feel muscle spasms and convulsions. If you are high on cocaine, you can make people angry, anxious or hostile. There are many cases around us, and we listen about. The risk of getting a heart stroke, respiratory failure or seizure depends on the frequency of taking the drug by you.

On the other hand, there are some long-term side effects of cocaine addiction. These side effects can increase the level of dopamine in your mind. As tolerance, the increases of taking the drug by you, the same quantity of drug you want the second time. It increases without any level, that is the thing to worrisome. Cocaine addiction causes sleep deprivation and loss of appetite. With the processes of the brain, it needs a drug to feel normal. If you are getting addicted to it, your interest in other areas of your life gets low, or you lose the interest in the healthy and happy life.

Its addiction is too worst that if you can’t get the cocaine, the depression of getting it intense to commit a murder or you can commit suicide. You can do almost everything to get it. You can understand that how dangerous this addiction is for you.

Short-term Side Effects of Cocaine Addiction

  • Increased heart rate
  • High blood pressure
  • Imbalanced body temperature
  • Contracted blood vessels
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Disturbed sleep regularity
  • Violent or angry behavior
  • Loss of appetite
  • Hyperexcitability
  • Irritation
  • Convulsions with high dose
  • Intense euphoria

Long-term Side Effects of Cocaine Addiction

  • Permanent damage to heart muscles
  • Damaged blood vessels
  • Damaged brain cells
  • Respiratory failures
  • Sexual problems
  • Damaged reproduction or infertility system
  • Mood disturbance
  • Tolerance or high addiction even after one use
  • Kidney or liver damage
  • Hallucination
  • Apathy
  • Complicated exhaustion
  • Psychosis
  • Delirium

Types of Cocaine

Cocaine addiction

There are two types of cocaine, first is Hydrochloride Salts. This type of cocaine is more powerful and efficient. Most addicts prefer Hydrochloride Salts cocaine because of its density of opiate. It comes in the form of white crystalline substance and looks like the cocaine you see in the TV ads or pictures. While making Hydrochloride Salts cocaine, manufacturers use acid to neutralize it to the form of salt substance. This type of cocaine can be dissolved in the water. It can be snorted or used as an injection. This cocaine effects on addict’s body late and it’s effect last longer. When it sold to addicts, cocaine is diluted so that sellers earn more money per ounce. The people who buy it, call it as coke, flake, C, snow and blow.

On the other hand, the second form of cocaine is Freebase Cocaine. The freebase cocaine is the form of cocaine that does not have acid neutralization. This cocaine can smoke only. This is so high that if you smoke this, you will feel the effect of it just after 10 seconds of inhaling. This thing of freebase cocaine makes it famous and attractive to addicts. There is a famous form of cocaine, called Crack. This name comes from the sound of distinct cracking when addicts smoke this. Crack cocaine has been processed in the form of powdered cocaine into freebase cocaine. Crack cocaine is very cheap to buy. This is the reason for its fame among cocaine addicts.

How to Treat your Addiction to Cocaine?

Cocaine Detoxing

Detoxing means, a body medication that withdrawals many kinds of toxins and wastes from your body. There are many types of a detoxing process like alcohol detoxing, drug detoxing, etc. There is a detoxing process called, cocaine detoxing. If you are an excessive cocaine addict and want to quit taking cocaine, this is the first step to reduce your cocaine addiction. This is entirely a natural process. This process removes the waste from your liver. There are a very less number of the consultants that advice you to choose this process. First, you have to make sure that you want to quit taking cocaine after forgetting your physical dependence on drugs. According to experts, the cocaine detoxing program could be complete in 12 weeks after starting it.

Cocaine addiction

Between 1-3 week, you have to quit taking cocaine. Yes, that is a big challenge for you as your body craves every time for taking cocaine but just think about the benefits of it after quitting. You should make yourself mentally & physically healthy. Cocaine remains in your body for approximately 72 hours after taking it once. You would feel bad after waking up in first three weeks of detoxing program. But once you quit taking cocaine, you will feel good after three weeks of starting the detox program. There are some terrible thing can occur in this cycle like mood swinging, hypertension, and sleeping problems.

When time spends, it will be easy to handle this and craving of your body for cocaine will get low. In the end, it will be over. You should eat healthily and exercise daily to help your body while it’s detoxing cocaine. You may feel high appetite, anxiety, depression and various bad symptoms while you go through detox but don’t worry, just concentrate on quitting cocaine.

Right & Approved Rehabilitation Center.

Cocaine addiction

Everyone knows that quitting cocaine is one of the hardest tasks and there are too fewer examples of quitting cocaine by self but don’t worry about it. There are many rehabilitation centers, you can find around yourself. Just observe some of those and choose the right rehabilitation center. You will find many good consultants there. They will help you much better to get out of cocaine addiction. Still, there are not an approved procedure or treatment by the government of some countries but just observe carefully that they can help you to quit cocaine or not? Quitting crack cocaine addiction is much more comfortable than other forms of cocaine, said by some experts. Anyways taking help from a rehab center and a good consultant, it the best idea.

The rehab consultant will tell you to choose some process to quit taking cocaine like meditation, detoxing, a healthy diet, including some excellent habits in your routine and much more. Be sure that your consultant is experienced and approved. You will face many challenges while quitting cocaine but don’t worry; your consultant will never get down your morale during this. They can prescribe you some medicines to low your addiction to cocaine.

Medication Help

Cocaine addiction

There are some medicines like Disulfiram or Naltrexone, which could help you to quit cocaine but don’t take these without any expert advice. The consultant will prescribe you anti-anxiety pills, that will help you to face the dangerous symptoms after quitting cocaine and reduce your craving for cocaine. Some painkiller pills will help you to reduce your body pain you will feel after quitting cocaine, but these symptoms are not permanent if you never take a single dose of cocaine after quitting it.


They will use their motivational styles of quitting cocaine to reduce your addiction to it. If you take the therapy from them, it will help you to reduce the dopamine level in your brain. Increasing dopamine level causes the craving for drugs. Still, some researchers are finding the easiest and more helpful therapies to make addicts quit the cocaine. There is a great therapy to make you quit cocaine called, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This is a standard method to overcome your addiction to cocaine. If your consultant is having a good experience, he/she will use this therapy on you. This therapy helps you to be mentally healthy. It will also reduce your anxiety, body pain, depression or more symptoms that you face after quitting cocaine.

Cocaine addiction

Now you can understand very well that how lousy cocaine affects your health and life. It can be a reason for your death too. This is the most dangerous drug and the reason for most illegal activities. If you find the people around you, who are addicts of taking cocaine, just tell them about its adverse effects and results. Try to help them at your level to quit taking drugs.

Good Habits & Healthy Food.

After quitting the cocaine, your body cannot be healthy as before you start taking cocaine, but you can make it perform better by some methods. You should take a healthy and proper effective diet. You should use meditation and exercise to make your body perform better. Eat healthy fruits and vegetables, that has a good source of elements, requires your body to perform better.

Cocaine addiction

Quit other bad opiates like alcohol, smoking or any other drugs. Just follow the detoxing diet to keep your body healthy. Use some rich protein drinks and juices. It will never let your body down again. Click here to know how can you withdraw alcohol with herbal treatment.

I hope this article will help you to get out of the cocaine addiction. Thanks for reading.

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