Best Office and Gaming Chair – Which is Best for Your Health?

We usually have to sit for long hours these days – all thanks to our long work schedules. A correct sitting position along with a correct chair is mandatory to sustain all those stresses. Even if you like to play games on the laptop for long hours, you may require not only a good but comfortable chair for yourself.

Why is good sitting position important?

When you have to sit for long hours, it may have harsh effects on your health, your neck, spine, muscles and bones. So, employing a correct posture and position will not only help you maintain good health but a valuable experience working at your computer.

How to achieve a good sitting?

• Sit straight and tall with feet flat on the floor.
• The back of the chair can be adjusted to reclining position with 100 to 110-degree angle.
• Support your upper and lower back well.
• Relax your shoulders and elbows on the armrests of the chair.
• Keep your hands and wrists straight with a rest on the table.
• The keyboard should be centred at the level of your body.
• Adjust the height and tilt of the keyboard.
• Position the monitor or laptop screen in a way that you can look straight into it.
• Keep your neck in neutral and relaxed position.

Why is chair selection significant?

There are different kinds of chairs available in the market which can be used for long sitting schedules. A good, comfortable and correct chair as per your sitting requirements is the ideal choice for you.

Also, a good chair will serve you for long thereby reducing the need for frequent buying or changing of chairs. It also makes your experience of working or gaming on your computer more comfortable and enjoyable. Thus it is very important to select and buy a good one for you. The available options are as follow

Chair for gaming – Office Master OM5

It is a great chair with self-weighing ability as it responds to different body sizes and weights. It has adjustable height, front seat and armrests. This will help you to curl in the forward direction or slide back and forth with an extra space to accommodate your thighs.

You can lean back comfortably to push the seat to move forwards and reclining of armrests. You can swiftly shift your positions from gaming to resting.

Budget Chair 1 – Lorell Executive High-Back Mesh Chair

It is an ergonomic budget option chair with multiple features.You can adjust this chair in multiple ways you want to. It has a seat back which can be adjusted up and down to simulate your spine ’s curvature.

Lorell Executive High-Back Mesh Chair

The good quality fabric and mesh of back gives it durability and comfort to work for long hours respectively. Also, the angle of the seat can be adjusted to shift it into either a straight or working forward position. It provides you with good seat height from floor and armrest position to line up with that of your keyboard.

Budget chair 2 – ProGrid Back Manager Chair

It is a chair with comfortable seat and back in a limited budget. It is a chair with features comparable to high-end chairs but within the good budget. The height and tilt of this chair can be adjusted with the levers provided.

ProGrid Back Manager Chair

The seat can be shifted forwards and backwards as per your position. Armrests and backrest can also be back and forth and up and down respectively to give you a comfortable sitting.

High-End chair Recommendations 1 – Herman Miller Aeron Chair

It is a chair which seems little expensive but it comes with a warranty of around 12 years. Its quality mesh and graphite frame in back seat give it high durability. It is designed as an ergonomic chair which allows different adjustments for the position of your body with its PostureFit back support.

Though Sorrell chair may not fit every spine, Herman Miller Aeron has that advantage. You can rotate and swivel your arm rests. All in all, it is an ergonomic chair in with features like durability, comfort, posture fit and warranty in a good price range.

High-End chair Recommendations 2 – DX Racer

It is a chair which looks sporty to match your gaming zone but comes in high-end category. It has black, grey, red black and blue black, colour options to choose from. It also comes with many adjustable features for armrest, backrest, height and tilt of chair. It is a great and comfortable chair to serve you for long gaming hours.

DX Racer

This chair is a good option for average size but may be little narrow for big gamers. If you are looking for a stylish, sporty, comfortable chair with a little increase in your budget option, you can surely go for this one.

High End chair Recommendation 3 – Humanscale Freedom Chair

This is another chair in the high-end category with a price that may be higher than Herman Aeron. This is a chair which comes in around 50 types of textures to match different rooms and workspace interiors. It has a good self-relining mechanism based on the body weight. It has an option of with or without a headset to buy from.



The headset option allows you to support your neck also along with your head in the reclining position. A comfortable chair with fit for almost all body sizes is what we can say for this chair.

High End chair Recommendations 4 – Steelcase Gesture

It is the newer version of Steelcase Leap which has been considered as best office chair a few years ago. This newer Steelcase has a number of quality features to crown it as the best high-end chair. Gesture following is the feature which allows you with the myriad of easy options on this chair.

Not only it is stylish and has an excellent built but everything can be adjusted from your seat position to your armrests, backrests, knees with your gestures making you feel as if you are sitting in your dream chair. It is little expensive but the bonus is it comes with a lifetime warranty.

High Back Executive PU Leather Chair

If you are looking for a chair with good leather feel but your budget is not big then this is your option. Its features include thick cushion at back, reclines and a lumbar support.

There are colour options of black, brown and white. Though it does not come with great durability, it is a comfortable chair in budgeted option.

Merax High Back Options

It is a good option for those who are looking for a chair with a great look but inexpensive. It is a new chair in the market with features especially designed for gaming.

Merax High Back Options

It has varied options to choose as per your primary requirement like for gaming, for the high back, for mid back and leather back. The high Back option has lumbar support and is adjustable in its height and tit. It is a good chair for gamers with average body size.

Herman Miller Sayl Chair

It is a chair with features little bit similar to Aeron but the price being half of it. But you may still find it as an expensive option to use it as an office chair. It is a comfortable chair but has little limitations like fixed arms and not much relaxing for your back.

Herman Miller Sayl Chair

It can be recommended as a budget chair option for average size and height persons. Do not go for it if you have spine problems.

Ergohuman Office Chair

It is a nice chair in good price range. It comes with around eight ergonomic adjustments to shift from one position to other to suit your needs. This is aided by its adjustable seat tilt, seat height, seat depth, back height and angle, back lock, arm height and synchro tilt.

Ergohuman Office Chair

It is a comfortable chair with good breath feel provided by its mesh back. It is a great option for average size to tall people for work and gaming for long hours.

Chair recommendation for heavy and tall gamers-Flash Hercules Chair

Heavy gamers require good cushioning and wide sitting zone for long sitting. This chair serves the purpose very well. There are no armrests to remove the hurdle for the specific persons for whom this chair is designed. So you can comfortably sit without ant restrictions if you are a heavy and tall gamer.

Simple Tips for long sitting

Following small tips can serve you a long way. These can be:
• Take small breaks in between your schedule.
• Walk a little bit during breaks.
• Give ample rest to your eyes by closing them for some time in between.
• Neck, hand and leg exercises will help you relieve muscle fatigue.

When making a budget for your gaming or work chair, it is good to look for the available options and choose the one which is ideal for you as per your needs.

A great chair coupled with some simple tips can help you a good and enjoyable work and gaming experience for long.



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