Best Ankle Braces for Ankle Support

An ankle brace is not just worn while playing sports but it is a garment which is worn around the ankle for immobilization so that it can heal. Ankle braces provide heat and compression to bones and works for injury rehabilitation. You can wear it while walking, running, while doing your regular cardio or for recovery from sprain or ankle injuries like Peroneal Tendonitis, ankle tendinitis and inflammation of ankle.

Listed below are few of the best ankle braces available in the market for regular use in walking, running, recovering from injuries and gymnastics.

Best Ankle Braces for Walking

These are super comfortable braces which are designed to support your ankle while walking. If you are prone to injuries and have a weak ankle or have the problem of ankle dislocation then listed below are the ankle braces which can be worn while walking to prevent injuries of ankle and provide required support to your foot.

Donjoy Maxtrax Rom Air Ankle Walker

Maxtrax ROM air ankle braces are designed to decrease oedema and pain and increase stability to the foot. This ankle braces as cushioned outer/inner soles which are designed in a way to absorb shock on heel strike and improve the comfort levels for the foot while walking.

The ankle braces have a rocker bottom which reduces plantar pressure on the foot and promotes natural gait (which is the pattern of steps we take while walking at a particular speed). It provides a protected range of motion and has settings between 30 degrees dorsiflexion and 45 degrees plantar flexion. It has 7.5-degree increments and uprights look at fixed positions of 0, 7.5, 15 up to 30 plantar and dorsiflexion.

Features And Benefits Associated To This Brace:

  • It has a wider foot bed which provides increased levels of stability.
  • It has medial and lateral shells for compression.
  • Anterior/posterior shells are there for accurate support.
  • Pediatric sizing is provided.
  • D-rings around the axis are there which allow parallel or criss-cross strapping.
  • Cushioned soles are there to absorb shock upon heel strike while walking.

Price: $174.99

Donjoy Maxtrax Air Ankle Walker

The Donjoy Maxtrax Air ankle walker is designed to increase stability and comfort to the foot while walking. Its design is quite similar as the Maxtrax ROM ankle walker. The additional features are that it has adjustable air chambers which are capable of accommodating changes in oedema. It also has an integrated pump design which makes liner simple to adjust and inflate.

Price: $89.99 cheaper as compared to Maxtrax ROM Air ankle walker.

Pro-Care Lace Up Ankle Brace

The Pro-Care Lace up ankle brace is an ideal choice if you want an ankle brace for yourself for daily use, especially while walking. It comes with a canvas stirrup design with removal plastic medial/lateral stays which provide support to ankle ligament. The support helps in fighting injuries like sprains and chronic instabilities. This ankle brace easily fits in any athletic shoe so that you can enjoy your morning walk/jog without any worries of getting injured.

Price: $22.99

Best Ankle Braces for Running

Running is one of the cardio workouts which need strength and endurance. Any mistake while running can lead to injuries to fall in place. So when you’re running it’s very important to protect and support your foot in order to avoid unwanted injuries.

Ankle braces also enable you to move faster as you are no longer worried about any sort of injuries. If you are an athlete or a fitness person who loves to go for running then ankle braces are a must. There are a lot of ankle braces which are available in the market for running. Choosing the best one for yourself can be challenging so that you are not disappointed in the future.

Listed below are few of the best braces available in the market for running. This list will surely help you choose the perfect one for yourself.

Bracoo Breathable Neoprene Ankle Support, One Size, Black

This is an exemplary ankle brace for running as it comes with open heel design. This allows a wide range of activity and motion and also provides support to joints and ankle tendons at the same time. This ankle brace is an ideal choice for speeding.

It also has a contoured design for adjustments so that you can fit it to your ankle shape and feet arch accordingly. Moreover, it is made of breathable neoprene material which allows proper compression levels, retains heat and prevents irritation of the skin. It is size compatible as it fits both your feet.

Zensah Ankle Support

This is a compression lightweight ankle sleeve which provides best ankle support for walking, jogging, running and other cardio activities. It is an ideal choice for everyday wear. It is a gorgeous looking ankle brace which comprises of 25% spandex and 75% nylon.

It gives you support where you need it the most that is gives your feet pinpoint compression. The superb features like thin design to give a full range of motion, ultra-breathability and moisture wicking makes it best ankle brace for running as it gives you the best fit.

This is made in the US and imported to give you best quality product.

Ortho Sleeve FS6 Compression Foot Sleeve Pair

This ankle brace is great for running as aide recovery, eases heel pain and also relieves plantar fasciitis. The major component is of micro nylon and also comprises of 24% spandex. It not just offers you wearable relief but also therapy. It comes with a soft moisture wicking fabric and gives you a tight fit for best compression and support to the foot.

Vital Silver Germanium Bamboo Charcoal Ankle Sleeve/Brace(1PC)-Opening)-Large)

This Ankle sleeve has a unique composition of Bamboo charcoal and germanium fiver which not only uses oxygen to recover cells, restore energy to your body and relieves chronic fatigue but also release negative energy and release far infrared. It helps in increasing muscle endurance, gives your ankle required stability and also helps in preventing injuries. You won’t feel uncomfortable wearing it is as it is super comfortable and suitable for long hours of wearing.

Copper Joint Compression Ankle Brace

This ankle brace has copper infused support and has a guaranteed recovery single sock which is easily wearable. This product comes with 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product you can return it any moment and get your money back. This ankle sock improves blood circulation, reduces muscle fatigue in the foot and also reduces the pain and discomfort in the foot. It is quite easy to wear, promotes faster recovery and is anti-odor as it very effectively eliminates odour from foot.

Kunto Fitness Ankle Brace

This phenomenal ankle brace gives great protection to your ankle joints and ligaments. This compression support sleeve is perfect for athletics, joint pain and promotes faster recovery from injury. It is great for any activity which involves ankle movement and hence has amazing utility. It comes with superior support, comfort, and relief. Its incredible construction does not comprise with mobility and easily fits your ankle regardless of its size. You will get guaranteed satisfaction and can use it for regular use.

Elasto Gel Hot /Cold Wrap, Foot And Ankle Wrap

This ankle brace comes with a Hot/Cold wrap which gives your feet cold and hot compressions. It is highly durable and hence can be used repeatedly. Most important thing about it is it won’t leak even if it is punctured. It is microwavable and hence you can always increase the temperature for higher levels of heat. It stays soft even at low temperatures and is latex free which makes it an excellent choice for you.

McDavid Classic Lightweight Ankle Brace

McDavid’s is one the leading brands for ankle braces and this ankle brace is one of the best-selling laced ankle braces. This ankle brace is highly recommended for runners, trainers, coaches, and athletes. You can replace tape and use this ankle brace to prevent common injuries associated with running. Further the high quality, known brand and perfect fit to both feet make it a perfect choice for you.

If you are looking for the best ankle brace for your daily running routine then don’t look further and choose one from the above list. These products are best suited, selectively chosen for you. You will never go wrong with these as they are as per your specific needs and gives you the best fit. Make an ideal choice and enjoy running.

Best Ankle Braces For Gymnastics And Dance

Be it dancing, cheerleading or gymnastics an ankle brace is equally important as in sports as the tough moves that you do can also lead to twisting of your ankle or also lead to tearing of muscle ligaments. Protect your ankle with the listed below ankle braces which can be quite fruitful for you while doing those extravagant dance moves. Don’t stop your feet and keep grooving with these best ankle braces.

Brace Ability Elastic Foot And Ankle Support For Gymnastics & Dance Support

As we know feet have a lot of pressure on them and hence it is very important to take good care of our ankle and feet while performing an athletic activity. And we can ensure the safety of our feet by wearing a brace as it reduces the pressure which our body puts on the feet. People who participate in dance, cheerleading or gymnastics are quite active with their feet and many times deal with a lot of issues.

Brace Ability offers the easiest to use the elastic wrap, foot braces and ankle supports which deal with issues like ankle or foot injuries, ankle sprains, swelling, tendon injuries and other ankle related issues. This flexible ankle brace is an ideal choice for those who dance and are into gymnastics as it perfectly supports your ankle and gives the required levels of compression to foot. It prevents injuries associated to dancing such as tearing of ligaments, tearing of tendons, stretching of muscles, swelling due to extravagant moves and spraining of the ankle while doing difficult steps.

Detailed Description Of The Product:

Brace Ability Ankle brace offers the best and the most flexible elastic ankle brace for those who are on their feet most of the time as this brace provides maximum compression and support to ankle and foot region. It is a simple one piece material which is wrapped together and gives your ankle dual degrees of tension. This elastic brace is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a simple bandage while dancing and doing gymnastics to prevent injuries.

This ankle sleeve is designed for those who participate in yoga, tumbling, gymnastics, dance and other athletic activities as it is effective deals with tendon tears and ankle sprains. Users can wear this ankle sleeve and it does not hinder the movement of feet due to its flexible material. It perfectly applies pressure to feet and eases the pain due to small injuries. The comfort while wearing this elastic sleeve allows you to wear it all day all night.

It is made up of elastic material which is latex free and this composition makes it thin and easy to wear with any type of shoe. The slip of style of this stretchy bandage makes it easy to apply and remove as well. The flexible spiral fabric allows the adjustment of placement on the foot and the sleeve easily conform to the ankle and foot.

This ankle sleeve comes in beige color and can be worn with or without shoes and socks. It comes in a good range of sizes that are from S-XXL. In order to get the perfect size for yourself measure the circumference around your ankle in inches. To apply find the bigger opening on the end of the ankle brace. Slowly slip into the sleeve on the foot and pull up till heel. For maximum compression go for tighter fit.

The best part about this ankle sleeve is that you can wear it and protect your ankle while being just as mobile and flexible as your ankle was before.

Price: US $18.29                                         

Donjoy Deluxe Elastic Ankle Support

Donjoy is again one of the most popular brands when it comes to manufacturing of high-quality ankle braces. The deluxe elastic ankle brace is designed in a manner that is suitable to be used by dancers and people who do high stretch ability tasks or has higher mobility. This is constructed of heavy duty cotton elastic material which is an alternative of neoprene. This is one great for people who are allergic to neoprene, has arthritis or mild soft tissue injuries. This ankle support is great to use in warm weather as well.


  • It is made of heavy duty cotton elastic.
  • Breathable and good to use for those who have a problem with excessive feet sweating.
  • “J” shaped buttresses (a structure to support ankle) for providing added compression.

Price: $59.99

Best Ankle Braces for Sprain

Whether you are walking, running, dancing, cheerleading or participating in gymnastics you are likely to get ankle sprains. This is a common issue which we all may have faced. Ankle sprains are mostly because the ankle does not get the required support. Due to excessive body weight on foot, there are always chances of getting the ankle rolled and we are prone to those painful ankle sprains.

Listed below are some of the best Ankle Braces especially designed for faster recovery from ankle sprains and reduce the pain due to injury.

Donjoy velocity ankle brace

If you are into sports or other athletic activities and you never want to sprain your ankle again then this ankle brace should be your first preference. The Donjoy Velocity Ankle Brace is one of the top ankle braces when it comes to dealing with ankle sprains, preventing them and recovery due to sprains. This braces not only provides extra support to ankle joints, it is very comfortable at the same time and also helps in preventing ankle sprains in future. This Brace is perfect for those who are either healing from some existing injury or never ever want to sprain their ankle again.

This brace is designed to treat and protect eversion ankle sprains, inversion ankle sprains and unnatural rotation/twisting/rolling of the ankle while playing.

Features and Benefits of the Product:

  • This brace is a lightweight product which easily fits into your shoe and gives you that extra support without any sort of bulkiness.
  • It has bilateral hinges and gives you the natural experience without any restricted motion while wearing this brace.
  • It has a custom fit as it has moldable foot plates to adjust to different shoe sizes.
  • This ankle brace comes with R3 technology that is Rapid, Rigid and Ratchet which helps in maintaining the proper compression for foot and ankle joints which helps in preventing swelling.
  • It has rigid uprights which give extra protection and support to your ankle in case of sudden impact to feet.

Instructions to Use While Putting On Your Donjoy Velocity Ankle Brace:

  • Step1: First of all loosen all straps and place your ankle in the brace. Make sure you position it at 90degrees.
  • Step2: Wrap the brace around your ankle and secure the calf liner.
  • Step3: Open the opposite calf ratchet and insert the other calf ratchet strap end through the opening on another strap.
  • Step4: Pull and lock both the calf ratchet straps properly. Make sure it does not impair the blood circulation.
  • Step5: Align the tongue of the brace with the centre of the forefoot.
  • Step6: Pull and wrap the ankle straps and you are done.

Price: $74.99

Air-cast braces for ankle sprain

Air-cast is the one of the known and number one ankle brace brand which is always recommended by most of the doctors. So if you are choosing Air cast for yourself as you can be assured that this brand understands your injury.

Whether you need a brace for support to your ankle, for any levels of ankle sprains, need a brace for the foot injury, need extra comfort while playing or need walking boots for broken ankle Air cast has a brace for your every need.  Air-cast offers a list of therapy products which help in speedy recovery from injuries.

When we talk about ankle sprains it comes in 3 degrees depending on the severity of ankle sprain. It is very important to buy the correct one for your ankle sprain as it provides the level of support as per your injury.

Listed below are some of the best Ankle braces from Air-cast for all types of ankle sprains that is based on mild, moderate and severe injuries. .each brace is uniquely designed to support ankle in different ways.

Air-cast Braces for Mild Support

This type of support is required for the first degree of an ankle sprain. This sprain basically occurs when ligaments are not torn but are been overstretched as ankle has taken past its normal range of motion. The major symptoms associated with this sort of ankle sprains are joint instability, mild pain, difficulty in walking and stiffness in joints.

Air-cast A60

If you want a great combination of comfort, protection of ankle and support for your injured ankle then this brace has got everything you need. It has a sleek stabilizer on both sides of the ankle and is moulded at 60 degrees to guard your ankle against injury. The most significant feature about this stabilizer is that your ankle sits at angle 60 degrees whereas most of the other braces are positioned at 90 degrees angle. When you are playing or doing any activity your foot is mostly positioned at 60 degrees angle so this is the position you are most likely to twist your ankle. Air-cast 60 which gives a 60 degrees angle to your ankle prevents an ankle injury at that time when you are at this position especially during sports.

Air-Stirrup Ankle Sprain Care Kit

Alternate to Air-cast 60 you can also try this full care ankle sprain kit. This kit comes with ankle wrap, instruction booklet, old pack, elastic band for rehab exercises and last but not the least Air cast Air-Stirrup. This complete kit is a great care for a mild ankle sprain.

Air-cast Braces for Moderate Support

Moderate support ankle braces help you heal from second degree ankle sprains. A second-degree sprain is one of the most common ankle injuries and occurs when there are partial tears in the ankle ligaments.

The symptoms of moderate ankle sprains include moderate pain, trouble in walking, severe swelling, loss of use of ankle and some loss of motion.

Air-cast Air Sports Ankle Brace

This ankle support brace is a great solution to moderate ankle sprains as it provides support and comfort to the ankle and has clinically proven features of Air-Stirrup Ankle Brace. It gives your ankle fast recovery, very easy to put on and quite convenient to wear.

Air-cast Braces for Maximum Support

This ankle brace helps in healing the third-degree ankle sprains and provides maximum support to the ankle and feet. The third-degree sprains are not so common but if it happens it requires a proper medical aid as it is a total tear or rupture of the ligament. The common symptoms are severe pain, extreme loss of motion, severe swelling and instability of joint.

Air cast Air Stirrup Ankle Brace

This is the number one ranked ankle brace and is always has been the favourite choice of doctors. They mostly recommend this brace in case of third-degree ankle sprains. Each brace has special shells designed and these shells are set up with Duplex Air cell system. The system used is patented.

Air-cast Air-Stirrup Plus

This brace contains clinically proven Air-Stirrup Brace with an ankle wrap. All the features of Air-Stirrup are there and these are combined with ankle wrap for additional benefits so that additional swelling can be controlled and faster recovery is promoted.

Trust All These Air-Cast Ankle Braces to Help You Heal

No matter what is the degree of ankle sprain you have Air-cast has all kinds of braces to help you and make you recover faster so that you can be back to the pavilion and play your sport or do what makes you happy. All you got to do is select a brace of your choice which meets all your needs and bring comfort and healing to your foot and that too by the best ankle brace provider in the world. Along with the ankle brace always make sure when you are treating some injury always follow the PRICE therapy which stands for Protect, Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate. You can also use ankle sprain infographic to get a visual understanding of how to protect and treat your ankle sprain. Resting helps in recovering faster, ice reduces pain and inflammation, compression reduces swelling and elevation helps in bringing down swelling.

Tynor ankle brace

This ankle brace by Tynor is designed in a way that it limits the range of motion of ankle joint, stabilize and support the ankle at the same time. This brace uses the triple action of laces, straps and has rigid lateral anatomical splints which provide optimal ankle support.

Features of Tynor Ankle Brace

  • Triple Stabilization: This ankle brace ensures strong immobilization because of splint structure, it has lace which offer regional tightening, has a good fit and gives your ankle a firm grip.
  • The figure of eight: The straps are of figure eight style which provides additional stabilization and binding providing extra protection to lateral ligaments.
  • Lace pull Mechanism: This ankle brace has an ergonomic design which has single pull loosening and tightening mechanism.
  • Easy to wear: This ankle brace easily fits the left and right feet and is quite easy to wear and remove. Its sleek design makes it wearable for all day.
  • Bilateral Symmetry: Bilateral symmetry stands for that this brace can be used for either of the ankles.
  • Rigid Anatomic PP Splint: This splint design ensures immobilization of both plantar flexion and dorsal flexion, enhances grip, comfort, enhances compliance and also provides room for lateral malleolus( bony projection at each side of the ankle and has a shape like that of a hammer head).
  • PU lined fabric: This ankle brace is made up of polyester matter fabric which makes it appealing for aesthetics, provides better comfort, has high cushioning coefficient and enhances durability.

Best Ankle Brace for Peroneal Tendonitis (Ankle Tendinitis)

Peroneal Tendonitis which is also known as Ankle Tendinitis is an injury in which either one or both the peroneal tendons around the ankle are overused and get inflamed due to injury. Due to extreme swelling, inflammation, pain and nature of overuse injuries, it is always recommended to go for the RICE treatment which is Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. The compression which is required for the ankle is provided by the ankle braces and ankle sleeves in order to reduce pain and inflammation.

Listed below are few of the best braces which provide compression where the peroneal tendon lies and these braces target the injured areas for faster recovery.

Make sure the ankle brace provides support laterally and along peroneal tendons (which lie under the ankle bone) when you are a choosing a brace for ankle tendonitis.

Donjoy Performance Tri-zone Ankle Support

This ankle brace is designed to protect your ankle and treat any sort of ankle problems like an ankle sprain, ankle strain, and instability of ankles, plantar fasciitis, inflammation, swelling and conditions like ankle tendinitis as well. Tri-zone Ankle sleeve is a product by a known brand Donjoy Performance. The tri-zone line of products offer mid-level support to athletes and it combines warmth, heat, compression, and protection to ankle. The ankle brace is a low profile product which allows you to wear it all day long for games, training sessions, while recovery period and also ensures as well as maintains peak performance.

This is a unique hybrid ankle support which is available in two colors that are black and orange. This product fits either ankle and comes as a single product. You can simply wash it by hands with mild soap or detergent.

Features and Benefits of the Product

  • Lightweight:

This is a low profile sleek product which fits in easily and is comfortable to be worn with all shoe types.

  • Medial/Lateral Support for Weak Ankles:

For those with weak ankles this one is a perfect choice as there is silicone banding provided which is built directly into the ankle sleeve to provide support to unstable ankles and sprained ligaments.

  • Provides Three Zones Of Compression:

This ankle brace offers three levels of compression that is mild compression at the arch, medium on the top of the foot and maximum compression on outside and inside of the ankle.

  • Has Anti-Bacterial Properties:

 This ankle brace has anti-bacterial properties which keep the odors away and also regulates warmth as this is made of natural carbonized bamboo.

  • Reflective:

The best part about these braces is that they keep you visible in low light conditions as well like for evening walks, run or late night practice sessions.


Price: $49.99

Is this ankle sleeve suitable for you?

This tri-zone ankle sleeve is an ideal choice for sportsperson who need mild or medium support for swelling, inflammation, weak ankles or general ankle stability. If you are still not sure then you can check the Brace advisor which helps you with personalized product recommendations to meet all your needs.

Air-cast Air heel Arch and Heel Support

This product effectively deals with ankle issues like plantar fasciitis, heel pain or Achilles tendonitis. This ankle brace is one of the best solutions for foot pain. This ankle brace applies pulsating compression to the ankle with every step you walk and helps effectively in reducing swelling/inflammation and enhances blood circulation. This ankle brace by Air-cast is best suited for all activity levels. It is constructed of lightweight breathable fabric and is quite easy to apply. All you got to do is slip it in like a sock and adjust the fit with one strap.

How it works

The Air-cast Air heel brace has two interconnected air cells which are located at the back of Achilles tendon and under the foot arch. When you take a step, the first air cell under the arch begins to collapse and hence helps in reducing the stress on the plantar fascia.

After this air is forced into the cell surrounding the Achilles tendon and then it begins to reduces strain on tendon as the inflated Achilles chamber applies compression to tendon to shorten lever arm.

Features and Benefits of the Product

  • Streamlined Design:

This brace can be worn in all activities and is a multi purpose brace. It easily fits in all sort of shoes.

  • Universal fit:

This brace can be worn on left or right ankle.

  • Latex free:

The composition of this brace is great as it is made of a latex free material, compression spandex with air cells, waterproof nylon material and adhered together with a Velcro Strap.

  • Air cell technology:

The air cell technology is main USP of the product as with every step you will feel like your feet is a getting a relaxing massage due to the pulsating pneumatic compression. This compression not only soothes pain but also enhances circulation and minimizes swelling. Air cells are capable of holding up to 1000lbs of pressure which is good as when we jump and land in running our foot can withstand that pressure easily.

  • Gives complete comfort:

This brace is made of breathable and lightweight components which make this brace extremely comfortable for the person wearing it.

  • Extra support:

The extra support is provided by 2 small plastic stays in sides of ankle. These stabilizers are optional and easily removable. In some conditions like plantar fasciitis, these stabilizers are not necessary and you can remove them accordingly.

Price: $39.99

So these are some of the best-handpicked ankle braces for you for activities like running, walking, gymnastics and also some medically proven braces for ankle injuries like ankle sprains or ankle Tendinitis. Pick the best one for yourself and be carefree about any sort of injuries while playing. Protect your ankle well and do whatever you feel like dancing, running or anything of your interest.

Brace yourself and never ever get a Sprain!!!


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