Back Pain Relief- Which Mattress Is Useful

A mattress for back pain should meet certain requirements. It should fit your physique and support you enough without being too hard. In my article about orthopedic mattresses, I have described where the mattress must yield and where it should support. Back pain can have a variety of causes and having a wrong sleeping position can aggravate existing spinal irritation.

In the picture, you can see that the spine has natural curvatures. This natural growth direction of the back should not be changed as much as possible during sleep by a mattress; otherwise, the intervertebral discs are not stored optimally. The back is complex and there are many potential structures that can cause pain, so at night the back should be stored in a neutral position, similar to the principle of the neutral-zero method.

The topic of back pain is very complex and there are different forms. Back pain is always complex and can arise from various causes. The connection between psychosocial stress and the development of back pain is also secured.

How Does the Back Pain Arise on a Mattress?

Pain in the back often occurs on a mattress due to compressions in the area of the spine. If the natural growth direction is disturbed and the back is forced to come to a position that is not relieving, joint-near structures are irritated. The vertebral bodies generate pressure on the intervertebral discs and irritate the numerous small auricular surfaces of the spine as well as the nerve roots. In case of wear on the back, these structures are very sensitive and require relief at night and no pressure for regeneration. Unfortunately, intervertebral discs and cartilage do not grow and send pain signals into the muscles when overloaded.

The tension in the musculature (also called Tonus) increases and the mobility decreases. The pain in the muscles is usually greatest at the approaches to the bone. Therefore, the muscles and connective tissue are often overloaded and irritated. For this reason, the mattress in the relief zones shoulder and pelvis should not be too hard.

Basically, with back pain: As much exercise as possible in the pain-free area. Anyone who thinks that lying or sitting spares the back is wrong. The main cause of back pain is the passive lifestyle with less and less exercise. Activities in which the back muscles react involuntarily to stabilize are lacking in humans today. So you become active and look for an activity that brings you long-term fun. Because rather, more active, which is less goal-oriented, rather than goal-oriented sports break off after a few weeks.

Soft Mattress for A Backache

People with back pain should not choose too hard a pad. Scientists have found that a slightly softer pad will provide you with longer sleep and less discomfort.

If you suffer from back pain you should consider buying an orthopedic mattress. These have five to seven orthopedic zones for the head and neck, cervical and cervical vertebrae, shoulders, lumbar vertebrae, and pelvis. Orthopedic mattresses do not have to be expensive; there are also cheap specimens that serve their purpose. The mattress should be soft to relieve irritated muscle and connective tissue and allow the shoulder and hip to sink. But the mattress should also be firm to keep you in the middle of the body so that you do not hang through like a hammock.

Here are some important tips for a mattress for back pain:

  • The mattress should be as soft as possible and as hard as necessary!
  • The mattress must fit your anatomy!
  • The mattress material should meet your requirements!
  • Have a sleep system measured by an expert!
  • Does not stay too long in back pain!

Keep in mind that your back cannot be healed while sleeping – but you can relieve tension with a good mattress.

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