Treat Alcohol Poisoning at Home with Natural Remedies

Cheering for your favorite sports team, celebrating for a reason or partying and hanging out with your friends, in these situations often include drinking or taking alcohol and a lot of it is mostly a common thing. When you are hanging out or having fun, there are chances of thinking to drink alcohol too much by you. But alcohol poisoning is a dangerous and worrisome thing and even more when you take the drink too much in a short period. It can be deadly or may lead to some other severe problems if left untreated.

alcohol poisoning

Too often, you think that it won’t happen to you, but the reality is that this kind of stuff only happens in movies. Sometimes you also thought that you could handle your drinking or liquor. But this thinking is too far from the reality. If you are continuously drinking alcohol with this thinking, at least you should understand the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal as well treating it too. You should treat alcohol poisoning as soon as possible if you are experiencing some adverse symptoms of alcohol withdrawal or craving. You can easily quit or treat it if you have active willing to do this and go through the alcohol poisoning treatment.

What is Alcohol Poisoning?

alcohol poisoning

If you drink a toxic dose of alcohol in a short period or having binge drinking, the alcohol poisoning can occur. According to experts, a human body can only process one drink of alcohol in an hour. More than a drink in an hour can make the alcohol mix into your bloodstream, and that causes the low performing and less body working.

Mostly college students, adolescents experimenting and people taking medications that do not mix properly with alcohol have the higher risk of developing alcohol poisoning. In some cases, it can develop while younger children accidentally consume alcohol. Alcohol poisoning can quickly develop when your body starts adapting the alcohol. It is the common reason for the excessive craving for alcohol. It is like the poison is attracting you to take more alcohol. Alcohol poisoning can sometimes have lethal consequences.

Adverse Effects of Alcohol Poisoning

  • Alcohol poisoning affects your body’s nerves that control your heartbeat and breathing; it can stop them both.
  • You can lose your sense of balance because alcohol poisoning slows down your brain functioning.

alcohol poisoning

  • It can damage your brain permanently caused by the dehydration that you can get by alcohol poisoning.
  • Alcohol poisoning stops you gas reflex from working correctly.
  • It irritates your stomach that makes you vomit, and there are some risks of choking on or inhaling your vomit into your lungs.
  • Alcohol poisoning may lead to hypothermia because it lowers your body’s temperature.
  • You could have seizures because alcohol poisoning makes your blood sugar level low.
  • It can stop your digestive system from working correctly.
  • Alcohol poisoning develops some bad psychological conditions such as confusion, loss of coordination, the lake of concentrate and stress.

Signs of Alcohol Poisoning

It is crucial to be aware of alcohol poisoning. However, an individual who is suffering from acute alcohol poisoning symptoms could not be able to himself or herself. As I already mentioned that alcohol poisoning could take you to the last stage of your life called death. If you are poisonous from alcohol and don’t know about it, then here are some alcohol poisoning symptoms:

alcohol poisoning

  • Seizures
  • Confusion
  • Low body temperature or hypothermia
  • Loss of coordination
  • Slow or irregular breathing
  • Vomiting
  • A constant headache
  • Pale or blue-tinged skin
  • Sometimes makes you unresponsive even you are conscious (stupor)
  • Unconsciousness passing out
  • Slow brain functioning
  • Overthinking
  • Stomach diseases

If you are facing these symptoms, then there is no doubt that you have alcohol poisoning. Sometimes these symptoms also relate to some other diseases, but if you are alcohol poisonous, these symptoms are common to face. If you find that you are suffering from these symptoms, you should get the treatment as soon as possible otherwise it can put you in more worse conditions.

What Not to Do During the Treatment

Excessive alcohol poisoning can be extremely bad or dangerous. Your good intentions can make it the worst. There are many ideas around about to deal with the people who have drunk to excess, so it’s a good idea to be sure about that what you should not do:

alcohol poisoning

  • Never leave your self to sleep it off. The amount of alcohol in your blood continuously rises even when you are not drunk. This is happening because the alcohol on your digestive system carries on to absorb into your bloodstream. A certain level of alcohol in your blood can stop your body from working properly.
  • Never drink coffee as the alcohol dehydrates your body. Coffee will make your body dehydrate because you are already dehydrated because of alcohol poisoning, and it makes even more so. Sometimes simple dehydration can damage your brain permanently.
  • Alcohol poisoning causes brain disorders and can make you short-tempered. The alcohol is a depressant that slows down your brain functions and affects your sense of balance. In that condition, you can do anything that you won’t like to do. To prevent these conditions, leave alone and in peace.
  • Prevent some things that can make you sick. If you get sick, you could check on your vomit because your gag-reflex is already not working correctly and in this condition, you can swallow your vomit in your lungs.
  • Never put yourself under a cold water shower. As the alcohol poisoning lower your body temperature, that could lead to hypothermia. The cold shower can make you colder than you already are. The hypothermia can be the cause of your death because your body performs low during the fight with hypothermia and may show the wrong results.

Studies on Alcohol Poisoning

For alcohol poisoning, there is not a minimum amount of alcohol. The facts and studies show that the alcohol poisoning caused by binge drinking but not always. Having alcohol poisoning by binge drinking also depends on your age, sex, weight, size, how much you are eating, how fast you have been drinking, the other drugs you had taken and your general health.

Experts advise not to drink more than 15 drinks per week. But if you are drinking in a limit, there are even some more chances to put yourself in some worse conditions such as injuries and accidents. It also depends on how much your drink in a short period. Although, the binge or excessive drinking is always bad for your physical and mental health.

alcohol poisoning

Don’t wait for the alcohol poisoning symptoms before getting help.

The rule for alcohol poisoning is better safe than sorry. If you think that an individual might be experiencing the symptoms of alcohol poisoning or even if you doubt it, just ask about this to him or her and try to help the individual.

Every day, a lot of people are taken into the hospitals who are facing the acute alcohol poisoning. You should quit taking alcohol to prevent these conditions, and it will also be good for your health. If you have binge drinking, its time to kick out the deadly and dangerous habit. Otherwise, you can get alcohol poisoning, and as I mentioned the bad results and the conditions cause by the alcohol poisoning, you know that you can put yourself in those conditions.

Facts about alcohol poisoning

alcohol poisoning

  • According to a survey in England, approximately 35,000 to 40,000 people admitted to the hospitals because of acute alcohol poisoning every year.
  • Over 1 million people around the world, died in 2016 because of alcohol poisoning.
  • There are over 3 million people are taking psychological therapies from psychologists because of the alcohol poisoning.
  • Alcohol poisoning makes your body working slow over the time and takes you to the last stage of your life.
  • There are no effective medications found to treat it.
  • The only person that can help you to come over the alcohol poisoning is you.

Things you Should Do while Facing the Signs of Alcohol Poisoning

alcohol poisoning

  • Drink plenty of water while feeling the symptoms because your body is dehydrated because of alcohol poisoning. Drinking more water will help you to keep your body hydrated.
  • Keep yourself warm as the alcohol poisoning lower your body temperature, and it may lead to hypothermia. Read more about hypothermia.
  • Monitor your breathing and compare it to normal conditions to be sure about the symptoms and the stages of alcohol poisoning.
  • Try to keep yourself sitting up or awake as you can face unconsciousness and may become unresponsive. Become unresponsive is a sign that alcohol poisoning is affecting your brain functioning.
  • Keep control on your mentality and set to mind by thinking positive as it may help a lot to you while suffering the alcohol poisoning symptoms.
  • Take support from your close friends and family. Do not hesitate to explain your condition to them as it will help you a lot during the worse stages of alcohol poisoning.

How to Treat Alcohol Poisoning at Home

If you are experiencing the symptoms of alcohol poisoning, you need a medical help first. It is too important to seek medical help, and you should become before it while facing adverse conditions caused by it. There are rare chances of success of the alcohol poisoning treatment at home but, if you carefully choose the procedure of treatment, you may get the best results and make your self-healthy again over the time.

alcohol poisoning

It is difficult to decide whether you are drunk enough to take medical attention. It is better to use precautions to prevent these conditions. If you find that you can stay conscious, the first thing that you should do is considering it’s treatment at home is to observe yourself all the time. You should stay alert or conscious while using the washroom because in most cases of alcohol poisoning, the individual lost their consciousness while using the washroom.

Although vomiting is a natural way to clear all the substances from your body while you have the alcohol poisoning, you should stay alert while vomiting because there is a higher risk of swallowing your vomit into your lungs and chock on. It happens because it affects your breathing and heartbeat and the results may chock on while vomiting. You may hit your head in the sink while vomiting so keep alert.

While you are getting the alcohol poisoning treatment at home you should consider some things that include:

Avoid Drinking Coffee

alcohol poisoning

Drinking coffee while having the alcohol poisoning is not a good idea. According to an old joke, the only thing that coffee does for you when you are drunk makes you a wide-awake drunk. It is not a bad thing to drink coffee while you need to awake, but the bad factor of drinking coffee is that it dehydrates your body exacerbate.

Coffee has a significant amount of caffeine in it, and the alcohol and coffee do not mix well at the best of times. Not mixing well with caffeine and alcohol may vomit excessively and also dehydrates your body that is already facing the dehydration because of it. The dehydration causes permanent brain damage that is the worst thing that you may ever face. To prevent dehydration drink a lot of water and quit drinking caffeine.

Never Let Yourself Sleep it off.

alcohol poisoning

If you are sleeping after getting drunk, then you have no way to monitor your level of coherence. You may vomit and drown in it while asleep drunk. While you have alcohol poisoning, your gag reflex stops to working. In that condition, if you vomit, there are chances to swallow your vomit and it could chock on your lungs and can be the reason for your sudden death.

The most common reason for the death of an individual that has alcohol poisoning is heart stroke. It occurs because the toxic of alcohol affect your lungs and heartbeat and make it imbalanced that causes sudden death. In most cases, it happens when the individual asleep profoundly and chokes on the breathing. So you should keep yourself awake while you are high on alcohol poisons. You can keep yourself awake by shot yourself or set an alarm that rings after a short period. You may feel that it is stupid logic, but it works and can stop you to went in adverse conditions.

Stop Taking Alcohol

alcohol poisoning

If you want to lower the alcohol poison effects, first you need to stop drinking alcohol. You need to be strong mentally and physically. You also need to make strong your willing to quit alcohol. It does not remove the alcohol poisons and toxins from your body but at least stops drinking alcohol can prevent creating more poisons in your body.

You can take help from a rehab center has become an outpatient to quit alcohol. Choose some brain relaxing methods such as meditations, group discussion and become a part of anonymous groups.

Drink Plenty of Water

alcohol poisoning

Drinking plenty of water can help your body to flush out the alcohol poisons. While your body adapts the alcohol and it craves for alcohol every time, you need to flush toxins from your body which is created because of alcohol or excessive drinking.

Eat Healthy Foods

alcohol poisoning

You need to add some healthy foods to your diet to lower the alcohol poison effects on your body organs. Eating healthy food can make your body healthy while it is poisonous poorly from the alcohol. You should eat fruits, whole grains, vegetables and protein supplements. There are some things that you should quit to taking such as caffeine, drugs, smoking and heavy medications.

Detox Your Body

alcohol poisoning

Detoxing is the best idea if you want to flush out the alcohol poison and relive your body from it’s effects. Choose a detox program wisely. You can find info about a detox program over the internet, or you can find an experienced consultant that helps you to take an alcohol poisoning detox program. To know more about Alcohol Detoxification, Click here.

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