Calisthenics VS Postural Issues

Our Sedentary lifestyle has blessed us with hunched back, muscle imbalances, and so many other issues and aches that need your immediate attention. Thus, it is time to rely on calisthenics and trust the magic it carries in ending all these issues from their roots. Yes, you heard us right! So, keep reading this guide to know the exact steps that will help you gain your best shape with no issues and pains.

Common Issues with Posture

With WFH (Work From Home) on the rise, the sedentary lifestyle is causing issues in the overall posture of the body of people. Rounded shoulders and pelvic tilt (anterior & posterior) are the most common issues that are common for people who are indulged in a desk job for a major portion of their time. Besides this, teenagers and millennials indulging in the Instagram mobility app, YouTube, etc., and other digital games are facing the same issues.

These issues further lead to several aches, pains, and injuries that cause discomfort in the daily routine. However, there are some exercise routines in calisthenics that you can follow to correct your posture and get rid of these issues.

How Calisthenics Can Help In Tackling Postural Issues?

Muscle imbalance is one of the root causes of all postural issues, and the calisthenics routine focuses on tackling the imbalance in several ways. The best thing is that by following the correct routine consistently, you can get rid of these common postural issues without looking for any further aid on them.

Calisthenics build the overall strength of your muscle and promote high flexibility, which can help you manage and fix issues.

Common routines for postural issues

Pelvic Tilt Postural Issue

  1. Leg raises: Raise your leg by lying down on your back on the ground. Don’t opt for any jerking motion while performing the exercise.
  2. Bodyweight squats: Perform a traditional squat that will use your body weight to strengthen your muscles.
  3. Plank: Lie down on your stomach on the ground and then lift your body using your elbows and toes of the feet. Balance your weight on your elbows and toes and maintain the position for 30 seconds. You can increase the time as you progress further.
  4. Pelvic Tilts: Lie on the ground on your back and bend your knees. Now press your back into the ground and lift the pelvis in the upwards direction. Hold the position for 15 seconds and repeat it 4-5 times.

Rounded Shoulders

  1. Plank: Hold the position of the plan for as long as you can and perform it daily.
  2. Pull-up: Grab a bar and pull your body in an upwards direction. Perform as many reps as you can easily in the beginning, and then increase the reps with time. Perform on alternating days in the week.
  3. Handclasp: Clasp your hands behind your back while holding your arms up in the air. Now pull your shoulders back and hold the position for 20 to 30 seconds. Perform it daily.

Calisthenics Worldwide offers ample knowledge on all the calisthenics exercises and offers excellent programs to tackle postural issues. You can follow them to perform the exercises correctly to avoid facing any injuries.

The Key Takeaway

Calisthenics has got you covered to rectify all types of posture issues and muscle imbalances in no time. Thus, when you follow a Calisthenics workout routine for a given time, you will start witnessing a visible difference in just a few months. We also suggest that you consciously monitor your posture during the day and get yourself checked by a doctor even if the pains don’t go away after a few months.

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