Struggling With Alcohol Withdrawal? Herbal Treatment to Withdraw Alcohol.

Are you struggling with Alcohol Withdrawal, but not able to do so? Don’t worry! As always, I am there for you to help. So, Read the complete article to know about the Alcohol Withdrawal Herbs that is very helpful in alcohol withdrawal and lessen the cravings for consuming alcohol.

There are a lot of adverse effects of alcohol. According to researchers, alcohol is a most common drug that minors consume.

An overdose of alcohol can affect badly on your center nervous depression. There are many cases of alcohol’s bad effects you can see around yourself. The most common organ of your body is liver, and alcohol affects it badly. Mostly the people take alcohol for entertainment, pleasure or enjoyment but the overdose of alcohol can be the reason for your death.

Alcohol is a form of ethanol, that is a sedative or hypnotic drug. It presents in wine, whiskey, beer or some spirits. It is legal to drink alcohol for adults, but in the modern world, the people of all ages consume it. Alcohol is produced by the fermentation of sugar, starches, and yeast and it presents in many foods as well.

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Fermentation is a chemical process where bacteria called yeast, acts upon whole ingredients in the fruits and grains to create alcohol. In ancient time, the alcohol drinks were produced by honey and water. The process of fermentation was found by the Egyptian civilization.


What is Alcohol?

The alcohol used in beverages is Ethyl Alcohol or Ethanol. It produced by the fermentation of fruits & some grains. There are two more alcohol forms; Methyl Alcohol (Methanol) & Isopropyl Alcohol (Isopropanol). The use of these two alcohols is to produce some commercial products and are toxic to humans.

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The people mostly consume beer, wine, and spirits. Beer is brewed by mashing, fermenting, malting and aging grains. Addition of Some hops and flowers is also there to balance the taste and quality of the beer. Most beers have 5% alcohol content.

Wine is another alcoholic beverage and is made by fermenting and different aging variety of grapes. The wine has 9% to 20% alcohol content. A 5oz wine drink is equivalent to one drink. There is spirits alcohol beverage that includes whiskey, rum, gin, vodka, and rum. These beverages are the most higher content of alcohol. In spirits beverages, alcohol contents are between 20% to 42.8%. A 1.5oz of spirits are equivalent to one drink.

Within minutes of consuming alcohol, it is absorbed into the blood vessels, bloodstream, and intestines of your body. Then it travels to your brain and shows its effects. According to experts, if you drink alcohol beverage with some meal, the absorption rate of alcohol will get low, and the results are intoxication and fewer side effects.

Stomach absorbs only 20% part of alcohol you drink, and your intestines absorb the remaining of alcohol. Approximately 5% part of the alcohol you drink, remains in your lungs, skin, and kidney. And the liver removes the rest of the alcohol.

Some Facts About Alcohol

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  • Grapes, apples, and wheat are most common ingredients to produce alcohol beverages
  • The alcohol in its pure form is odorless, colorless and flammable liquid
  • In most of the countries, the legal age to buy, drink or sell alcohol is 21 years
  • Alcohol is the number one drug to consume by the minors in the world
  • Your liver can remove only one drink per hour
  • It is too dangerous to take alcohol during pregnancy even a single drop of alcohol
  • Alcohol is harmful to your brain’s development
  • Taking some medication with alcohol can be unpredictably deadly
  • Mostly 1 of 10 deaths among adult age are the results of excessive drinking
  • The alcohol is a hypnotic and sedative drug
  • Alcohol withdrawal is next to Impossible for some, but not for all.

Side Effects of Consuming Alcohol

Consuming alcohol may have various side effects according to age, sex, and weight. Alcohol can become the biggest reason for your body’s constant illness. Excessive drinking causes slurred speech, distortion of senses, blacking out, drowsiness or an extreme headache.

Consuming much alcohol may increase your cholesterol level which causes a lot of diseases in your body like high blood pressure, insomnia or anxiety, mood swinging, depression, etc.

After a night of excessive drinking, you may continue to feel drowsy that is commonly called Hangover. You may feel some symptoms like a massive headache, diarrhea, racing heart, vertigo, nausea, and difficulty concentrating. The hangover may present up to 24 hours.

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There are some dangerous side effects of consuming alcohol like central nervous system depression, and respiratory system failure. When the level of alcohol in your blood, exceeds a certain level, the respiratory system of your body slows down or may go to failure. Sometimes it happens because of some medication is taken along with or while you are consuming alcohol. This can progress to coma state or sudden death.

If you are an excessive drinker, you may suffer Alcoholism disease. This disease is characterized because of its only symptom, intense craving for alcohol. If you are addicted to alcohol badly or having alcoholism, you would be unable to stop consuming alcohol. If you are suffering from alcoholism, you can not stop drinking without experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms may include insomnia, anxiety, mild tremors, depressed mood. The most severe sign of withdrawal can be a medical emergency called, Delirium Tremens. This condition includes hallucinations, shaking, rotating mental state, confusion or seizure that causes death unpredictably. If you desire to stop drinking, then you should seek a professional and experienced medical consultant. It will help you to prevent delirium tremens.

Health Risks of Alcohol

Alcohol consumption causes over 200 types of diseases and injury-related health conditions. It includes some dangerous and deadly diseases like cancer, liver cirrhosis, and delirium tremens. It could be the reason for unintentional injuries like falls, burns, motor vehicle accidents, drowning, and assaults. So, Alcohol withdrawal is very crucial for living the healthy life.

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According to a study, there are approximately 18,00,000 deaths occur in the world cause of alcohol consumption. This is the third leading preventable cause of deaths. Long-term misuse of the alcohol causes stomach ulcers, brain damage, nerve damage, liver diseases, cardiovascular diseases. It causes vitamins deficiencies. It can be the most common reason for your mental health problem like depression, mood swinging, anxiety, insomnia.

Treatment for Alcoholism

If you are suffering from alcoholism and wants to treat it, you need a variety of interventions and social, medical and family support. Try to participate in some group counseling, medication programs or support networks like alcoholics anonymous. These activities will help you in alcohol withdrawal or overcome alcohol addiction.

Herbs that Can Help with Alcohol Withdrawal.

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You need to choose a detox program to remove all the toxins from your body that causes your craving for alcohol. The program to detox you’re for withdrawal of alcohol called, alcohol detox process. This program works better when it’s entirely natural. According to experts, you can treat your alcoholism by some natural herbs. It would show you best results while you will try to overcome the addiction to alcohol. The herbs are natural and healthy.

Some unusual and rare herbs support your central nervous system, that is too important for your body healthy while you want to go through alcohol detox process. After alcohol detoxing, you can live your life healthy as usual. Try to be strong mentally and appreciate your family’s support. If you are going to take alcohol detox programs, just know about the herbs and their uses that are going to help you with detoxing.

Passionflower [Passiflora Incarnata] or Skullcap [Scutellaria Lateriflora]

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This herb is the most important thing you need to use the alcohol detox program. You can drink it as tea or can take it as a tincture. This herb is known for its ability to relax and tone the nervous system. It can relieve your anxiety and depression. There are some experts believes that it can cool your mind, liver, and lungs. Passionflower increases restfulness of your sleep and calms down your grogginess of following day.

This herb is the most effective in alcohol withdrawal and to reduce your withdrawal symptoms. As you know, when you feel alcohol withdrawal, for sure you will go through stress and depression. This herb will help you a lot to get out of those conditions. Passionflower can also help in getting healthy and restful sleep and also reduce anxiety. It promotes a state of meditation correctly.

Damiana [Turnera Aphrodisiaca]

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It is a fantastic and helpful herb for relaxing and enhancing your mood. One can drink it as a tea. You can take it as a liquid extract or as a tincture. You can even smoke this if you used to smoke. It can make your mood better and can help you to find a better and happy palace. This herb was first discovered in Mexico. It is known as aphrodisiac herb, and this is the only reason for its fame. The people in Mexico believe that it is a traditional and natural medicine for low the level of blood sugar in a person with diabetes.

It also helps to create a diuretic action to your kidney for flush out all the toxins and wastes out of it. According to some experts, the damiana tea is also a replacement for alcohol in social situations. It has also been used traditionally in Brazil to reduce the craving for alcohol. Damiana flowers are now famous around the people who used this to maintain there health and withdrawal of alcohol. According to the people who withdraw alcohol by herbs, the damiana tea is the most helpful among all herbs.

Catnip [Nepeta Cataria] and Lemon Balm [Melissa Cataria]

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These herbs are a gentle and helpful thing to support your central nervous system and digestive system. Catnip is an essential thing while you are treating your alcoholism. The important thing of catnip or lemon balm is its relaxant support to your body. Some people around the world, use it traditionally to cure their cold and flu. According to experts, it helps to clear your head and flush out the fever. This herb has an uplifting quality. It can help you to ease depressive moods while you are going through alcohol detox process and your body is craving for alcohol.

There are two more forms of catnip, Saint John’s wort, and Oat straw. St John’s wort helps you to recover your nerve damage and cure nerve pain. It is also a wound healer and an antidepressant. If you are taking some medical antidepressant, avoid to use it. On the other hand, oat straw nourishes your nerve system and give it strength. Because of the most common role of your central nervous system in alcohol withdrawal, these herbs are the god gift for you in alcohol withdrawal.

Hops [Humulus Lupulus]

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It is another sedative herb that helps you to reduce your anxiety and nervous tension. It can help you to take a restful sleep and can maintain your digestive system correctly. But it is not recommended for the people who are feeling depressed after quit taking alcohol.

The critical part of maintaining your health is your sleep, and it would help you more to take a healthy and helping sleep to your body.

Kava [Piper Methysticum]

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Kava is a mild sedative and muscle relevant herb. It is a potent anti-depression and anti-anxiety herb. It is a mild analgesic, hypnotic and an anesthetic for mucous membranes. Kava has some specialties such as alcohol, but it is non-addictive and safe for use. It can help your craving and nervous tension. It helps to reduce some withdrawal symptoms such as restlessness, sleeplessness, and depression or anxiety. Because of its aesthetic features, there is a ban on it in some countries, and you can’t easily buy the raw plant material, but the kava pills is a good option.

If you are drinking and using kava, it is dangerous and can be the reason for your sudden death. It can increase the risk of drowsiness and motor reflex depression. If you are using it as benzodiazepine or barbituates, the risk of a coma state can increases.

Herbs that Help you During Alcohol Detoxing

Dandelion Root [Taraxacum Offinale]

The dandelion root is not famous because of its flowers or leaves, but it is famous for its root. There are many benefits of taking dandelion roots. Mostly the dandelion plant’s grows at lawns and golf courses. This flowering plant has rich sources of vitamins and minerals, that can cure your weakness cause of consuming long-term alcohol. It can cure your blood disorders cause alcohol and heal your damaged blood vessels.

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It is also eaten as food for thousands of year. Dandelion works as a good laxative and stimulate your appetite, promotes digestion and balances the natural bacteria in your intestine. It increases the production of urine in your kidney and flushes out the salts and wastes from your kidney.

Dandelion root is healthy for your kidney. It grows microbial inhibits in your urinary system and keeps your kidney hydrated, that is too important during alcohol detox.

Milk Thistle [Silybum Marianum]

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Milk Thistle is a fantastic herb to strengthen and cleanse your liver while you are recovering from long-term use of alcohol. The alcohol affects your liver badly than other organs of your body. Milk thistle cures and detox your liver and creates its regularity. This herb also helps your kidney to perform better after detoxing.

Burdock Root [Arctium Lappa]

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Burdock root is a gentle cleanser that starts the light process to cleanse toxins out from your body and blood. If you are taking burdock root, you need to drink plenty of water to cleanse your blood and body perfectly. The alcohol mix in your blood and skin when you drink alcohol for an extended period. Burdock root provides your body a bunch of elements and minerals that renews your blood and skin cells.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Apple cider vinegar is the best way to stimulant your liver and alkalinizes your body perfectly. Mix 1-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in 100 ml water. Drink this mixture of apple cider vinegar and water, three times a day. Remember that you should take it before your meals. Apple cider vinegar is a good alkaliser that cleanse your urinary system and prevents urinary problems.

Click here to know more health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar.

Herbs to Reduce Cravings

Gymnema [Gymnema Sylvestris]

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It is a fantastic herb that regulates your blood sugar. Many people don’t know that their craving for alcohol is secret sugar addiction. With the increasing of your alcoholism, the blood sugar also increases. Alcohol causes imbalanced blood sugar level. According to some researchers, if your sugar level is not balanced, your body craves for something that includes your habit.

Kudzu [Peuraria Lobata]

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Kudzu is one of the oldest known herbs. It is used to reducing alcohol craving traditionally for many years. It can cure hangover easily. Kudzu herb effect on your blood vessels and make them healthy and detox the perfectly, and the results may indicate less craving. As long you take it, your craving for alcohol comes to an end.

Nutrients to Overcome Alcohol Cravings

Mostly the alcohol addicts have low blood sugar levels which we call as Hypoglycemia. To balance blood sugar levels, you should consider these things:

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  • Avoid all sugars like fruit juice concentrates and corn syrup
  • Increase the level of complex carbohydrates in your body
  • Eat whole grains and fresh veggies
  • Avoid refined carbohydrates
  • Reduce the intake of white bread and pasta
  • Eat foods that have rich sources of protein, vitamin C and B complex

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I hope this article will help you to quit alcohol or lessen the cravings for consuming alcohol.

Be safe and healthy and Thank you for reading. 🙂

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